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so not all chapters here are finnished. dont complain about it.

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Small intro

My story plays in World of warcraft with as the main charicters The members of DaJoint. in this small intro ill place explain a few things.

sometimes i might add a map or a other picture to help explain somethings. there will be a link @ the chapter where it is used.

in the first chapter i talked about it that it was allrdy tolate to rezurect the guards at the northshire gate. i took a 6 hour max ressurect to be anable to kill some people who leave the guild/clan or piss me off. i took 6 hours couse when you die your spirit will automaticaly leave your body after 6 min.

also in the first chapter VW suddenly feel his strenght return. that was lay on hands. in the game it is a pala skill that recovers the same amount of the pala's life to the player you cast it on in exchange for all the pala's mana. at rank 2 the target also regains some mana. in my story its a special traid some pala's have. (dont worry all the pala's in dajoint have it) they still dont know how it works but they are as far as knowing what triggers it mainly a reason. for VW it was his strong sens towards his mission. he couldent accept failing his mission and with that failing his friends. for evry paladin its different. but as nice as a skill like this may seem its a dubble egded sword, the paladin gains a temp life recovery but its just temp. after 30 min it drops down again at a rapid rate. 5 min after the 30 min he will be back on the amount of HP he had when he used it. leaving him without energy and HP.


a list of clas and lvl of evry 1 in the story till the last realese and people who i intend to put in soon.


Chapter 1: Trouble at the abbey

chapter 2: Invasion of Stormwind

Chapter 3: A run for the loggin camp.

Chapter 4: Horde in IF! Is dajoint to late?

Chapter 5: A strange black box

Chapter 1: Trouble at the abbey

DaJoint had bin granted a base, after clearing out the head of the defais brotherhood, in the dwarven district in stormwind. It was a large hall that hadn"t bin used since Stormwind was rebuilt. Right now in the hall was the whole guild gathered for an emergency meeting about horde pushing the front harder then ever. Little did they know that horde rouge"s had already made it past the checkpoints in duskwood and were coming for elywen forest. We join in as this meeting was about to begin.

Horde has bin pushing at our borders harder then ever, began jointzzzz. The Advisors of the king has asked us to help the guard at the borders for enemy invasion. To do this. A messenger came running trough the door preventing zzzz to continue. North shire abbey is under attack heavy horde attack! Yelled the messenger. The king himself has requested that you take care of this. You heard the man. Said zzzz after talking to the messenger for a min. The horde at northshire abbey is about 3 men strong all around lvl 40. I want jointVW (lvl 45 protection paladin), JointGeK (lvl 32 retribution paladin) and JointHans (lvl 45 holy paladin). I trust that you 3 will fully handle the situation there. But sir isn't Gek a little bit too low lvl for this mission sir? Protested VW. It will be good mission experience for him and I trust that you 2 will take care of him. Replied zzzz. The 3 made there way to the exit when harm said a mocking tone, May the light be with you.

After reaching the gates of Stormwind a nice cold breeze came from the direction of the water fall a little southwest from the gate. VW, who was still not happy that GeK had to come, walked up front followed closely by Gek and a little behind was Hans. Don't get in our way Gek. Said VW with an agitated voice while they were walking towards northshire abbey. They had to walk the long way around the mountains because help failed a little experiment with some solid blasting powder and red wine, blowing up half of the mountain between stormwind and northshire abbey, creating a rockslide blocking the way through the forest making them walk to golshire first and the back to the abbey. Gek only nodded not willing to argue about it. In 10 minute's time they reached goldshire and walked straight to the abbey. 2 minute's after they passed goldhire hens said, didn't you think it was abit empty in golshire? Goldshire was always blooming with new adventures who were trying to make a name for themselves. But now it was empty they didn't even see the usual guard that walks around goldshire. Now that you mention it, it was a little quiet replied VW. It's prolly nothing to worry about. We better get going to the abbey before it's too late. Changing the walking pase to a running they got to the gate's of northshire abbey. Seeing the corpses of the guards they immediately pulled there swords. Gek tried to rez 1 of the guards but it was no use. After he tried 3 times VW hit him with the back of his sword on the head saying, it's no use stop wasting your energy. But how can it be that it's not working. It can't have bin 6 hours since they died. We only got the message 2 hours ago, protested Gek. I think they noticed too late that something was happening here. Said Hans after taking a look at the bodies. They have bin dead for 8 hours. And as you know we paladins can rez people who have bin dead longer then 6 hours. Lets move on, said VW, before more people die!

Running through the gate into the valley they saw Marshal McBride getting backstabbed by 1 of the rouge's. Cloaking right after Marshal McBride died. Did you see that, said Hans. Yup sure did, replied VW. Seems like Intel was wrong again. Gek was looking confused at the 2. He was lvl 35, said VW. Gek if you keep him distracted I will try to rez Marshal McBride. VW you stand lookout for the other 2. VW only nodding pulled Gek with him while he ran to the abbey. When he saw the rouge sneaking towards them he let go for Gek who almost fell down by the sudden release. He pointed at the rouge. 2 sec after he got a hard hid on the head. An lvl 47 rouge had sabbed him from behind while he was busy pointing out where the lvl 35 rouge was for Gek. Hans, who was moving towards Marshal McBride, noticed that VW had bin sabbed and casted a blessing of protection on him nulflieng the sab affect. Gek who had used his perception skill saw the lvl 35 rouge and ran straight for him but jumping up and turning around while casting his seal of the crusader got right behind the rouge getting the first hit. He used the judgment of crusader on the rouge, increasing all the holy damage done on the rouge, and casted Seal of command, doing his weapon damage in holy damage, while the rouge was running in circles around him. Backstabbing and using sinister strike on him whenever he got the chance. After 30 min of fighting the rouge died leaving Gek badly injured with out any energy. VW who was fighting the lvl 47 rouge that sabbed him was having more luck then Gek. After using hammer of justice on the rouge he got stunned and went down after a few nicely placed hits on the head. Leaving VW with just a few scratches. Hans who rezed Marshal McBride went to Gek to heal him. After helping Gek he started rezzing the guards and merchants who died by the rouge's.

After all the people who could be saved were saved VW still looked a little troubled. What's wrong VW, said Hans. We saved most of the valley. Well, Gek killed an lvl 35 rouge and I killed the lvl 47 rouge, but didn't the messenger say there were 3 horde attacking the abbey? Said VW. Right after VW was done talking Gek felt a dagger being trusted into his back. An ambush of an lvl 50 rouge hit him. Falling to his knee's he could only let out a sight. VW and Hans turned around and saw Gek falling down to the ground not knowing what happened till they saw the undead rouge standing behind Gek. Full of anger VW rushed at the rouge striking his sword straight at the undeads head. He missed completely and gets gouged by the rouge. The rouge turned to Hans who used hammer of justice on the rouge. The rouge resisted it and used a kidney shot at Hans leaving him open for a backstab. VW who got free of the gouge after a few sec rushed at the rouge and casted his hammer of justice on him. It hit leaving the rouge open for an attack. Hans and VW used a full assault on the rouge. After a 30 min of fighting the rouge gave the finishing blow to Hans with a backstab. Leaving Hans falling to the ground with an empty look on his face. The rouge had sustained an enormous amount of damage but so did VW. It would be an impossible fight for him. Thinking about everyone who he would let down by failing this mission he started feeling his energy building up. In a matter of seconds he was full of energy again. After a 10 min battle with the badly injured rouge VW was enable to deliver the finishing blow with a Hammer of Wrath, making the rouge fall to the ground. Without a second thought VW started rezing Hans, after Hans got to his feat again they turned to Gek realizing his body was missing. Small trails of blood lead to the wall of the abbey. Hardly being enabled to sit against the wall was Gek. Gek, hang in there will get you patched up in no time. VW pulled out his first aid kit and stated patching Gek up since his man had run out. Sorry guys, it seems I did get in your way. Said Gek passing out right after he said it.

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Chapter 2: Invasion of Stormwind.

After 3 days of resting and waiting for gek's wounds to recover they left for the valley's gate. The moment when they reached the gate they saw half a dozen horde around lvl 45 standing guard at it. All 3 jumped for cover in the hope they hadn't bin seen. The horde didn't move. Seems like they didn't see us. Said Gek. What are they doing here? Replied hans. Not moving an inch VW kept watching the horde and said: I don't know, but they are in our way. So what's the plan replied Hans on his turn. We wait till they leave, we cant possible beat them. Said VW.

2 days ago in Stormwind: Race and side just left for duskwood to help guard the borders. said help against zzzz. They should be there in 5 hours. Good. Replied zzzz who was looking at some documents that were on his desk. We just got word from Hans, they completed there mission in northshire abbey and will be returning here shortly after geks wounds are healed. His wounds aren't to serious I hope. Said help. He will be fine in a day or 3, but lets get down to business, the expression on zzzz face turned dead serious. The horde are pushing a little to much, could they know something that we don't. right after zzzz was done talking a messenger came running into the room. Emergency! Yelled the messenger. Horde has begun to invade stormwind! They already made there way into the trade district! The king as asked for DaJoint to be summoned to the keep! Not wasting a moment of time zzzz, help and rob ran to the keep.

Arriving at the keep they saw the entire Stormwind elite guard standing in the hall. Its bin a while since I saw this view, said help. That's a good thing to, we got enough problems as it is. Replied zzzz. When seeing the king they slowed down to a walk and kneeled down infornt of the king. You summond us sire, said zzzz. Yes. said the king. As you should have heard from the messenger, the horde has invaided stormwind. I can only trust DaJoint with a task as this, stop stormwind from falling again! Hearing this zzzz said: Rob get evry1 ready for battle in front of the keep. Rob turned around and ran for the dwarven district to inform all the members of dajoint who were not on a mission.

Standing up and walking towards the the gate of the keep they saw rob and the rest of DaJoint coming form the dwarven district. Lined up infornt of the keep were 13 people all part of DaJoint. The King just informed us that The Horde has begun to attack stormwind and already made to the trade district. Started zzzz. As you all know is our job to defend stormwind and protect the king at all cost! We move in the usual groups of 5! We need to secure the bridge from old town to trade district and chathedral square to trade district. The stormwind guard has the other bridge covert! Now move! yelled zzzz. Evry1 ran to there post at the tunnels. only ones still standing at the keep were Help, Rob, Luck, M1k and zzzz. After a brief minute they started walking towards the king. Still standing in the hallway where the Stormwind elite guard. Reaching the king the kneeled down again. Sire we should secure a way to the deeprun tram. Said zzzz. If Stormwind should fall we should at least have a safe way to evacuate you sire. Said zzzz. What are you getting at. Asked the king. If the horde made it to the keep, a brief moment of silent, then not even the elite guard can help you. Said zzzz. It's a dead end. I would recommend to spread them along the way to the deeprun tram. We can escape to ironforge if it becomes to dangers. The King thought for a moment and then walked to 1 of his guards and whispering something in his ear. The guard ran to the hall and disappeared from sight.

At the tunnel towards oldtown: Before Goud, Suus, Buur , Hell and luke could get to the tunnel the horde already came running through it. This is pointless! Said Hell. Lest pull back to the keep! Running back to the keep they saw more and more horde coming there way. When they reached the keep they saw horde coming from the Cathedral Square aswell. Luke, yelled hell, inform zzzz about the situation.

At the bridge to Cathedral Square: Before tom, woejoe, rev, chil and kat could get to the bridge leading to trade ditrci they saw horde coming from Cathedral Square. We cant take em all down ! Yelled kat. Lets hold em at the bridge. Well hold em off there! Woejoe go and inform zzzz about the situation! Woejoe ran back to the keep while the rest made there stand at the bridge to Cathedral square

At the keep: Luke and woejoe came running to zzzz who was planning the counterattack with Help, Rob, Luck and M1k. they got past old town. Said luke. Hell and the others are holding them off in front of the keep. They won't hold out to much longer. Zzzz looked a little frustrated by the news. what about kats team? Asked zzzz while looking at woejoe. They got over the bridge to Cathedral Square, kat is defending the bridge from dwarven district to cathedral square. Said woejoe. This is looking hopeless, said zzzz. Zzzz turned to the king and said: I hoped it wouldent come to this but It looks like we should retreat to ironforge and plan an counterattack there. It seems that way said the king. Not realy surprised by his answer zzzz turned to woejoe and luke and said: inform your team that they should help with the retreat to ironforge. Don't leave anyone behind! Before zzzz was finished they both ran to there teams. Turning back to the king zzzz said: Lets move out of here. Not waiting for an replay he started moving to the hall closely follow d by the joints and the king.

When they got out of the keep they saw hells team holding of the horde while slowing moving towards the dwarven district. Hell, get a ready to run for it, yelled zzzz. Hell looked towards the keep and saw Help, Rob, Luck, M1k, Zzzz, The King and a few gaurds running towards the tunnel of the dwarven district. Waiting for them to get to the tunnel hell yelled: okay lets move! Goud, Suus, Buur and luke turned around and ran to the tunnel while hell stood in the middle of the bridge and slamming his sword right in the middle. The bridge started to crack, right before it collapsed hell jumped back and ran after the rest. That should buy us some time. Said hell. Waiting at the tunnel to the deeprun tram Help, Rob, Luck, M1k and Zzzz saw hells party coming. Not waiting for them to to get close zzzz yelled: you guys take the king to Ironforge, ill go and get kats group. Blinking past them zzzz made his way to kats party. KAT! Zzzz yelled. We are moving out of here! You know what to do. Kat started to charge his icebolt while the rest made there way back. He fired it the middle of the bridge making a frozen spot on it. Before kat turend around zzzz fired a fireball at the same spot. White a hard cracking sound the bridge collapsed into the water below. Lets move! When they made there way into the dwarven district they already saw horde coming from the direction of the keep. Keep running! Yelled zzzz. When they made there way to deeprun tram zzzz pointed up to the wall. Kat understood what he was trying to say and charged his icebolt again. Firing it on the roof of the tunnel creating a frozen spot again. Zzzz who blinked inside charged his fireball, and shot it right on the frozen spot making the roof collapse. Being the last survivors in stormwind they jumped on the tram. It seems like we made it said woejoe with relief.

Arriving in ironforge they saw help setting up his famous dynamite that took down the mountain behind stormwind keep. Not waiting a second longer then needed help blew the roof of deeprun tram making it come down to form a block for the horde so they couldn't follow them.


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Chapter 3: A run for the loggin camp.

After 3 hours of waiting for the horde to leave Gek, VW and hans still sad in the bushes. Gek tapped his foot inpatientlie. Why can't they freaking leave allrdy. Said gek annoyed that the horde was still overthere. VW and Hans didn't move an inch while they were watching the horde. after another 10 min of wating gek tried to stand up, VW and hans both graped 1 of his armes and pulled GeK down right away. they had bin doing that for the last hour. when gek tried to stand up again the horde started moving. they didn't look around but moved towards the otherside of the gate towards goldshire. not wasting a second VW and Hans stood op and ran towards the gate both standing on the otherside against the wall. they took there weapons in hand and looked around the corner. they saw the horde walking away. VW gave the sign to move in and hans and VW moved towards the other end of the gate. they stood against the wall ad looked around the corner again. the horde was nowhere to be seen. after waiting another min they noticed that gek was missing. Damn where did that idiot go. whisperd VW with an annoyed voice. b4 hans could reply gek came running towards the 2. Where the f*ck where ya. whisperd VW when gek joined them. I didn't notice you 2 had left he replied. VW smacked gek on his helmet makeing gek bow down a little. hans lowerd his head a lil and started wondering why he had to be with those 2.

after that was settled they focused on the road again. still no horde. said hans. want to make a run for it. said VW. still not paying attiontion gek said. hey where did the horde go. not wasting anytime VW hit geks helmet again and gave the signal to move out. they stayed off the road and made there way to goldshire.

WTF happend here! yelled hans when they saw the first building of goldshire. seems like there were more horde then we thought. said VW. when they reached goldshire they only saw ashes. whole goldshire had bin burned down. the only thing that could sitll be made out was where the buildings used to stand by the black ashes laying around and the smitty was still standing. with disbelief in there eyes the 3 looked around for surivires. Hey look here! yelled gek. he was standing where the kitchen of the tavren used to be. he took out his katana and lifted what was left of the wall of the stairs to the basement. Hans slowly walked down the stairs with his weapon in hand. closely followd by VW. Gek stood on the lookout. when they got down thay saw the in keeper and barmaid and a few geust back in the corner. while putting is weapon away hans said, what happend here? Cant you tell by looking?! yelled the innkeeper abit anooyed, horde came ofcourse and burned down our town! we have bin downhere for 2 days with only water to drink and no food! and now you come in here asking what happend?! VW walked up to the man and hit him with the flat side of his sword in his neck. the inkeeper fellover down. lets see if he is calmer when he comes 2. b4 VW could say anything els gek came falling down the stairs with a few sword cuts on his chest. barely being anable to stand useing is katana to lean on he said: we got a small horde problem. right after 3 horde warriors lvl 43 came down the stairs knocking gek in a corner. VW and Hans took there weapons in hand and charged the horde.

aftre 30 min of fighting 2 of the horde where dead. 1 made his way to the stairs and ran away. with out a single thoutgh VW said hans help these people i'm going after him! Hans tried to protest but VW allrdy left. hans started to patch gek up and tried to get an explanation from the survivers of what had happedn to the town.

VW came out of the basement and allrdy lost sight of the horde. damn where did he go. hearing a splash VW jumped up and ran towards the lake. when he got there he could just make out the horde getting on land on the other side. not wasting anytime VW jumped on 1 of the boats that was docked @ the docks. running op to the edge of it and jumped towards the land. he landed just in the water and ran towards the horde warrior who had stoped to take his breath and looked in disbelief when he saw VW jump the 3 meters from the boat to the land. aftre wasting some of his time he started running again. VW barely caught up with him throwing his hammer of wrath at him. the warrior took the full force and fell down. VW ran to the body t check if he was dead. b4 he could get to it he stood up and tried to run away again. not even getting 2 meters far he feld a object peircing his armor. VW was able to get close enough to strike his sword in the warriors back killing him right away. VW pulled his sword out of the warrior and fell down. after he rested up a lil he stood back up and walked back to the tavren.

When VW got back hans explained to VW that that Stormwind had fallen 2 days ago. b4 the horde attack stormwind they burned down goldshire. after hearing this VW decided to take all the survivers to the logging camp to the east. hans walked up to VW and said. what when we get there, then what will we do. we will make our way to darkshire in duskwood. we should be anable to get some more information there. then why not lakeshire? asked hans. i got a feeling that horde got there 2. replied VW.

only take what you need. yelled VW. hans you take point with gek. ill stay @ the back incase horde comes. aftre getiing half way there 3 more horde warrior lvl 45 came from the back. right when VW saw them he yelled: hans horde @ the back! Hans yelled: On my way. Gek lead them to the camp we will take care of the horde. hans ran past evry 1 and got to VW. gek turned around and saw VW and hans charge the 3 warriors. holding himself back to help them he said: come on people lets move. increasing the pase a lil they ran of to the logging camp.

still a little tired from the last fight Hans and VW charged the 3 horde warriors. barely being able to hold all 3 off. 1 made his way around them and went after gek and the survivers. Hans and VW tried to go after him but got blocked by the 2 remaining warrios. after 5 min in the battle hans and VW where @ 1/3 of there strength. the warriors still had about half there life left. after another 5 min VW got 1 of the warrios axes in his back. VW died @ inpact and fell down like a fileless doll. hans slammed his weapon into the warrior who had killed VW killing the warrior. hans jumped back to check his options. while looking around he kept an eye on both the last warrior and vw. he was also @ the brink of death and didn't want to think about the warrior chasing Gek. feeling his anger build up when he looked @ VW's corpse he could slowly feel his strength returning. without notecing himself he started thinking about the day when his famaly got killed by the horde. just thinking about it made his rage built up. he felt that his strength returned and charged the last remaining horde while yelling: Your not taking This famely away aswel! he made a summersalt on the warrios head and used that boost to get behind the horde followe by a roundhouse kick knocking the warrior back and on the ground. not wasting anytime hans grabed his weapon and slammed it in the warrios chest. hans turned around VW body and started to cast redemption. after 10 min VW got back up looking around him seeing both the warrios dead on the ground. 1 was still haveing hans weapon in his chest. Hans who was still in rage yelled: lets go after gek he's gonna need help! VW stood up and ran towards the logging camp. hans followed him grabbing his weapon when he ran past it.

aftre 20 min hans fel to the ground. without a second thought VW turned around and strated casting his heal spels. dont push yourself hans, said VW. dont waste your time on me. ill be allright. go and help Gek, said hans. ignoring what hans said vw continued his heals. after 30 min they made it to the camp. there was no sign of the warrior nor gek or the survires. when they walked in the camp they saw the warrior dead in the middle of the camp. they ran up to the warrior only seeing that geks katana was prieced right through the chest. after a closer look they also saw that he was missing an arm. VW grabed the hilt of the katana and took it out of the corpse. something must have heppent to gek. said VW. he would never leave he katana. it means more to him then his life.

b4 hans could replie an arrow was shot in there direction landing right next to hans feet. Who goed there! they heard some1 yell. VW replied: JointVW and JointHans From DaJoint! short after people strated popping out of nowhere. 1 of the gaurds walked up to them and said: sorry for the arrow. i had to be sure you wern't horde. no problem said VW. but where is the lvl 35 paladin that wields this sword. ow he, he is sleeping peacefuly in that house ovethere. the 3 walked 2wards the house and VW asked, could you explain what happend here? yeah sure replied the gaurd.

the innkeeper of the tavren in goldshire and a few other came running in here. shortly after that a young paladin came fighting of that warrior. we couldent see his lvl so we hid. aftre a 20 min long battle i looked up again and saw your friend who was in rage slam his katana in the warriors chest probebly finnishing him off. right after he fell down himself. we carried him to this house here.

they enterd the house and saw geks mail armor lying on 1 of the chairs coverd in blood. gek was lay there peacefully in the bed without any visible wounds. they stepped out again and asked the gaurd: are yoiu sure he fought him off alone? the gaurds replied: yeah there was no1 els in sight. and if yoiu check the body there are only cut's from a katana. well that cant be. said VW and hans @ the same time. he is just lvl 35 and that warrior was 45. contunied hans. noway he could have deafeted a 10 lvl higher horde said VW on his turn.

not wanting to think about it anyfuther they went inside the house again. lets rest up a little while geks out. we could use it. said hans.

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Chapter 4: Horde in IF! Is DaJoint to late?

2 days earlier in IF A large blast could be heard in whole Iron Forge. Smoke came from Deeprun Tram into tinkertown. A Guard came running to help while yelling: What do you think you are doing. B4 the Guard could get to him ZZZZ jumped infront saying: Sealing off Deeprun Tram to prevent a Horde invasion! Now warn King Magi Bronze beard that we are comming! The Dwarf looked scared when he saw the demonic look zzzz had when he said that. He ran towards the great forge like a dog with his tail between his legs. Mind explaining it a lil but more clearly? Said High Tinker Mekkatorque while he walked down slowly from his throne. ZZZZ jumped up when he heard The Gnome king, he quickly turned around and saluted. My apologies for the mess sire, but Stormwind was invaded a few hours back. Explained ZZZZ. We had no other choice to retreat to IF and seal the Deeprun Tram to prevent IF from suffering the same fate. I understand. Said the gnome king calmly. He turned around and walked back up his throne.

Somewhat surprised by the calm reaction of the gnome king he turned towards the king of stormwind who sat down in a corner still a lil shaken up from help dynamite. Slowly he walked towards the king and kneeled down. Are you all right my lord? Said ZZZZ. With a shaken look on his face he replied: I'm fine. Just a lil shaken up from the explosion.

WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING! Yelled a voice from the tunnel to the military ward. Magni Bronzebeard came walking into tinkertown. He stopped @ the end of the tunnel and saw the King of SW sitting in the corner. Without hesitation he walked straight to him and wanted to yell @ the king for blowing up the tunnel to deeprun tram. Be4 he could get close to the king ZZZZ fired his frost nova freezing Magni. With a Demonic look he looked @ ZZZZ, only getting the same demonic look back. 4 Guards came running into tinker town from the tunnels, having their weapons drawn and pointed @ ZZZZ. ZZZZ dropped his staff right away. Take him to the Hall of arms, to the new made prison in the back. Said Magni. The king of SW looked up after hearing this and ordered: Stop this Bullshit this instance! Magni looked @ him with a surprised look thinking: What is going on, he was supposed to be a chicken. ZZZZ Picked up his staff and stepped between Magni who just unfroze and the king hoping he would be able to take the first hit if he decided to attack.

This is not the time for this. Continued the king while he walked past ZZZZ. Stormwind has fallen when the horde invaded a few hours ago. They where on their way here and we blew the roof of Deeprun tram to prevent the same fate for IF! THAT STILL DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DO THIS WITHOUT MY APROVAL! Yelled Magni. They do not need your approval. Said High Tinker Mekkatorque calmly while he came down again. With a furies look on his face Magni turned to the gnome. What kind of bullshit is that. Said Magni. When we moved in here when Gnomeregan was invaded we constructed the Deerrun system to prevent what happened to gnomeregan to happen to SW and IF. Said the gnome kind still being very calm. Meaning it is our construction and we never told you that you had the right to say what we can and canít do. And yet you came charging in here acting like you own the Deeprun tram. Hearing this Mangi stumbled back. He had never bin back talked by the gnome b4. Fine! Snared, admitting his defeat but wasn't happy with It.

Mangi totally changed his way of talking all of a sudden and said: letís go to the throne room to discus what we should do next. He motioned that they should go ahead of him. They all walked to the throne room with ZZZZ @ the back closely followed by Mangi. Getting half way Mangi said: Hold it ZZZZ. ZZZZ turned around and looked @ Mangi. Ill let this incident slide for now, but ill makes you pay for this, the deeprun tram and the time you polymorphed Me.

ZZZZ had polymorphed him once when ZZZZ had asked him to send reinforcements to SW when they needed help while they where being attacked by a horde raid. Many good man where lost because he refused to help. ZZZZ got so mad he polymorphed Mangi with 1 of his new and improved polymorph spells that he made himself bust needed some very rare ingredient to cast. The target could only be turned back to normal with 1 of the purification spells from a priest or paladin.

Ill is waiting for it. Said ZZZZ with an evil grin on his face. Not waiting for a reply he turned around and blinked away hoping he could get back to the group b4 they missed him.

When they arrived @ the throne room Magni came running in looking with an annoyed look @ ZZZZ. We should figure out what to do next. He said fast. B4 he could say anything ells some blood came out of his mouth. Right after a level 60 UD rouge uncloaked behind him from using his ambush. A moment later ZZZZ fired his frost nova freezing the rouge right away followed by a hammer of justice from help stunning him swells. Another moment later Rob ambushed the rouge from behind killing him in an instant. Surprised to see rob ZZZZ said. He got what he deserved but we better rezz him or it could mean trouble. Help casted redemption but looked lost in his thoughts. ZZZZ looked @ help and said: Itís better to speak what you are thinking so we can.... ZZZZ was interrupted by Mangi who yelled: WTF just happened!!! And what took you so long to rezz me! Totally out of his character as king. Ignoring him (as they often did) help said: Well is was thinking, is this rouge was here why wouldnít there be more. Evry1 agreed with him but said nothing. ZZZZ broke the moment of silence and said: Help, rob, inform every guard in IF about this and tell them to keep their eyes open! Help and rob left right after hearing It.

Standing outside of the throne room help said: You take right ill take left. Meet back @ the great forge. Not saying anything robs ran towards the gate and then to the tinker town warning evry1 he saw. Help ran also the gate but the other way around and made his way to the mystic ward. Arriving @ the mystic ward he felt a strange presence. He looked around and saw no1, witch was normal in the mystic ward. He ran past the pool and suddenly rouge uncloaked from his side, Help barely managed to dodge the ambush and fell in the pool. The rouge jumped after him throwing all his skills @ help. Help was able to dodge a few but got hit several times. A long struggle accrued and suddenly the rouge used vanishes disappearing from sight. Without hesitation help swung his weapon randomly around hoping he would hit the rouge. He felt a back sing connect and turned around dodge the ambush completely. A swift strike with his weapon cut of the rouges head. The rouge now lay dead in the pool. Help took a few sec to recover from the fight and then ran off again to warn the rest of the people.

Meanwhile: Rob ran past the blocked way of the deeprun tram while he saw a large stick of dynamite sticking between 1 of the rocks. Not wasting a second he ran over to it and cut of the fuse. He turned around and looked if he could see any1 who could have planted it. After a few min of looking he ran to 1 of the guards. Did you see any1 just now near the deeprun tram tunnel? Asked rob. With a confused look on his face the Guard answered: no. no1 has bin there since it was blocked. Report this to ZZZZ. Replied and gave the guard the dynamite. He continued his round to warn evry1 about the rouges. Getting to hall of explorers he stopped. Hall of explorerís way normally full of sounds from people looking @ the stuff in the museum but now there wasn't even a mouse. Just to be sure rob cloaked and waited. 1 of the patrolling guards came by and fell to his knees about 7 meters away from rob. A moment later rouge uncloaked behind him. Not wasting a second rob made his way behind the rouge and tried to ambush him but right b4 rob could get close enough he cloaked again. To be sure they wouldnít run into each other rob moved to the wall. He waited for a min to see if the rouge would give him away. Help came running from the forlorn caverns. He ran straight past rob and wanted to turn to the great forge. Right when help turned the order rouge tried an ambush. Help jumped to the side tiring to dodge the attack. The dagger hit his side instead of the back. Help fell to his knees when the rouge gave him a kidney shot and passed out. Rob got behind the rouge b4 he could attack again and ambushed the rouge killing him in 1 blow. Not wasting anytime he looked @ helps injuries. He pulled out a bandage and patched up the wounds.

After a few min help got back up his feet. Rob remembered the guard that the rouge killed. Help, rezz the guard over there. Said rob quickly. After help rezzed the guard they ran inside the museum and saw about a dozen of dead people. Help tried to rezz 1 but it didn't work. Damn, it must have binned 6 hours allrdy. Said help. How long have these rouges bin here. Replied rob. And how many are left. No use to worry about those things, lets report to ZZZZ. Said help.

When Help and rob got back to the throne room they saw 7 more dead horde on the ground. You could see that evry1 was tired from the fight. Thatís makes 10 rouges. Said help when he came walking in. that means that you 2 fought 2 swell. Replied ZZZZ. But it looks like the worst is over. Did you notice anything ells while you where warning evry1? Asked ZZZZ. Yes. Said rob. There was a piece of dynamite sticking into the rubble @ the deeprun tram. It was allrdy lit. I gave it to a guard and send him over here. He didn't arrive yet? No, no1 came here after you left. Replied ZZZZ. That means there are still some rouge left, anything ells? Yes. Said help on his turn. About a dozen died in the museum by an attack from 1 of the rouges. 6 hours had allrdy past so we couldnít rezz them. There is nothing we can do about it now. Said ZZZZ acting cold. Where are the king, Mangi and Mekkatorque? Asked rob while looking around. They went to the hall of arms to plan the defence. Replied ZZZZ. WHAT! Yelled Help. A Defence? What about a counter attack to get SW back! Donít worry. Said ZZZZ calmly. They left us in charge of it. We even got the throne room to our disposal to plan everything.

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Chapter 5: A Strange black box.

After 2 days in staying in Eastvale logging camp gek finally woke up. He woke up! Yelled some1 who was standing outside of the hut that gek had slept for the last 2 days. VW and hans came running to the hut. What day is it? Asked gek when VW and Hans entered the hut. You slept for 2 days you lazy ass. Said VW. Do you remember what happened b4 you passed out? Asked Hans really curious to what had happened. I have no ID. replied gek after a while. I only remember sending the survivors out ahead of me while I stayed back to hold back the warrior incase 1 got past u. then just b4 I arrived @ the camp it charged it me. And the rest is just a blur. Hans and VW both where thinking about what could have happened. No use thinking about what happened in the past. Said VW. Do you think you are rdy to continue to duskwood? Sure, lets get going. Said gek while stepping out of bed still feeling a lil dazed. Seeing this VW and hans both said at the same time. We said out tomorrow morning. Rest up and stock up on supplies while you can. VW and Hans stepped out of the hut and walked to the general trader to stock up on supplies themselves. Gek sat down on the bed thinking again about what could have happened. After a few min he fell on his back not wanting to think any longer. Moments later he fell asleep as if he had bin up al night on guard duty.

He woke up around 04:00. it was still dark outside. He walked out of the hut and saw that most of the people in the camp where still asleep. Some where still on guard duty, a few more then normal. But what do you expect with the recent horde problem. After walking around for a while he got to the river and decided to fill up his canteen. The moment he grabbed the canteen he saw that it was cut open. It looked like it was cut by a katana, so it couldnít have bin from that last battle. That orc was using an axe. And its not likely he did it himself, he had bin training with the katana since he was small and it was unlikely to cut himself, or his stuff for that matter, himself. After thinking for a while he walked back to the camp. By the time he got to the camp you could allrdy see the first rays of sunlight coming though the trees.

Wondering what time it is he could see VW and Hans Coming out of the house they where staying in. it was just a few meter away from the hut he had slept in. Gek walked to VW and Hans and said: Rdy to go? Hans and VW only nodded and they set out to RedRidge mountain. Just when they left the camp they could see some1 running in their direction. It was Jointrace, a lvl 30 rouge, who was being chased by a horde hunter who seemed to be trying really hard to get him. Hans pointed to the right side of the road wanting Race to go that way while the 3 also moved that way. The moment race saw the sign he made a hard left going the same way as Gek, VW and Hans went. VW and hans jumped into 2 bushes with a path between them Gek just stood a few meter away from the bushes in open sight to get the Hunters attention. IT worked and the hunter stopped between the 2 bushes to take aim @ gek while his pet chased Race passed gek. B4 the hunter could shoot he was allrdy over mastered by VW and Hans who jumped out of the bushes the hunter died and the pet vanished into thin air. Race fell immediately to the ground. Gek, VW and Hans rushed to his side fearing the worste. When they got to race they saw he was just out of breath. After a few min Race got up and said: Thank youÖ he had bin chasing me ever since I left side @ the Duskwood border to Strangle thornvale to deliver this message to Stormwind. You wont get to Stormwind this way. Said Hans. Race looked confused at hans and a moment later in disbelief. You donít mean Stormwind has allrdy fallen do you! He yelled. I fear it has. Said VW. We where now on our way to Duskwood to go to Booty bay and then to the Barrens so we can get to IronForge. Duskwood doesnít look to good. Said Race. If you can it would be best to avoid it. I recommend to take the road north of lakeshire to burning steppes. I thought about that. Said VW. But With gek just being 32 and you 30 there would be noway we would get there alive. Ill go with you till the border of Strangle thornvale but Iím staying there with side and the rest of the alliance who are still camped out there. Said race. I think its best if you and side join us. It would improve our chance on getting to ironforge alive and I think we will need all the man we can get to retake Stormwind. Not wanting to discus this further race said: Lets see when we get to Side. We should be there by morning if we leave now. Then what are we waiting for. Said gek wanting to get away from here where to many unanswered questions lay. Your right. Said VW and all 4 of them started moving.

They soon reached the border of Redridge mountains. At first glance there was nothing out of the ordenairy. The gnolls still controlled the south side of the raod and the spiders lurked @ the north side. Seems like this place was left alone by the horde. Said gek. Donít party yet. Said race with a somewhat sad voice. Hans and VW didnít say anything. They walked along the road not being bothered by the gnolls or spiders. When they reached the intersection they could see smoke coming from the middle of the lake. Further along the path leading east they could see more and more cropses from horde aswel as alliance. What happened here. Said hans. Why would they attack this place. This isnít all. Sad race. But lets go north, we have to meet up with side asap. They are waiting for help. They continued north to duskwood.

It was allrdy late in the afternoon. When they got close to darkshire they could see more and more smoke and burning trees. Darkshire was on a good way to overcome their undead problem en the forest was looking better and better. @ least thatís how they rememberd it from the last time they where there. It sure did change. Said Gek. It was allrdy like this when Side and me got here. Said race. Horde just ran through here like it was nothing. They burned everything on their path. Follow me for a minute. The 4 walked through the forest for a while and came to a strange path, it looked as is some gaint meteor had struk and left a path behind it. This is where the horde passed through duskwood. Continued race. Itís a direct path to darkshire now. There where 5 shamans @ the front. They casted some weird spell and a gaint ball of fire flew through the forest as if it was nothing. Race stared in the distance for a while. You said it connected to darkshire. Said hans. Does that mean that darkshire has bin hit by 1 of those balls aswel? Race turned to hans. Its just as you said. Dakrshire has bin hit with 1 of those balls. But we should hurry to the road and to sideÖ we donít want to be here when the night falls. Why not? Asked gek. Youl see when we get to side. Said race while allrdy on his way back to the road. Lets not waste any time gek! Yelled VW who was close behind race. Gek stood there for a moment and stared in the distance till he suddenly saw something on the road. He took out his bynocs and looked into the distance with it. There is something over there! Ylled gek. Look there! Not waiting for the others he charged off to the object he saw. It was a strange black box hovering above a strange black hole. A evil energie could be felt. What is this? Said gek to himself and tried to touch it. NO DONíT. yelled race who got close enough to see gek reaching out to it. But it was allrdy to late and gek had his and on it. The strange object started to glow a bright white glow, almost blinding. Race kept running to gek and jumped into the light that had a radius of 7 meters allrdy. Hans and VW ran to him as fast as they the light disappeared b4 they could get there. The light was gone and so where Gek and Race. What is going on. Said hans. It looks like it was somesort of patrol, or aÖ said vw stopping in the middle of his sentence. We should look around in the area, maybe we will find them.

What is this place. Said race. Gek just stood there looking @ a fight between a alliance paladin and a horde warrior. This somehow looks familiar. Said gek. The large bright light came back. And suddenly they where standing in eastvale logging camp.

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