Wowgriffit Welcomes you to join us!

This server is brought to you buy a caring support and tech team. We have banded together to help provide the service we wanted when we played on other private servers. We are here to provide the best service we know how. We would like to invite you with open arms to try our server.

We are going to provide the most unique experiences you will find. And here your input matters. Welcome to the Wowgriffit community

Sincerly your staff


Our server has a variety of custom things. Including custom vendors, items, pvp systems and much more. We also offer In-Game GM services.

  • PVP Events
  • Guild Cities
  • Balanced Donation Items


How to Connect

1. Create an Account on the Server Registration Link.
2. Open your \worldofwarcraft folder(location may vary)
3. Open in notepad
4. delete contents and replace with
“set realmlist” do not include the “ ”
5. Save and reopen WoW.exe (remember WoW must be restarted after altering realmlist)

Remember if you have any issues connecting feel free to contact us on the forums.

Created by TkZ