The Timeless Knights
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Guild ScX-SmS
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Welcome to the home of Wowguilds,
Attention members! E-mail me your Aol Instant Messenger Screen name! If you currently do not have AIM, please download it for easy communication!

2/15/02:   Added additional page for The Prime Directive, and added an additional page for our Members List.

2/19/02:   Welcome to our new allied guild, ScX-SmS!  Welcome to our new member, and our Prime Minister, Thantholesa Blackmoon!  Congratulations T.B. for achieving your rank of the guild's Prime Minister.

2/19/02:   I also added a Ranks Page.

2/22/02:   I am currently making private member info pages for easy communication throughout the guild.  Please e-mail me your AIM s/n, nickname, whatever you want on it.
Interested in joining us?  Please read our Guidelines for information on this guild below.

1)   Your guild must meet our guidelines, and/or be a democratic guild.

2)   Have a similar Prime Directive.  Our Prime Directive is our Bible, more information can be found below.

3)   Guilds that join
are allowed to duel with other people or guilds, in a friendly manner.  This guild will not tolerate acts that unjustly harass or "piss off" others.

4)   Our guild never has wars with other guilds.  That is useless, however, yours may if you choose.

5)   It must be a democracy!

6)   Kindness is needed, all rules based on common sense.

7)   We treat everyone with respect, so must you.

8)   The High Council is the Judiciary System of this guild, if the Prime Directive is breached, they will decide what will happen to you.

9)   To be promoted, kindness is a neccessity.  We also expect your loyalty.

10)   There is no President of the guild, the guild is maintained by the High Council/and or the Guardian.

If your guild differs, but your main purpose is to spread kindness, you are still welcome to join.  E-mail me!!!
If interested in joining, forming an alliance, or having your link on my site, e-mail me at the given address.
Check out our Prime Directive!
Welcome to Wowguilds, home of The Timeless Knights!
   I would first like to introduce myself, my nickname is Punk, and I am a member of The High Council.  The High Council is a small group of members that have been a part of this guild the longest, or those that have proven their deeds of kindness and friendship many times.
   This site was created to host a guild on World of Warcraft, which won't be out for a very long time.  In the meanwhile, I am updating this site almost daily, adding new pages and updating the news.
   I would also like to tell everyone reading this, that we would be more than happy for you to join our guild.  Almost anyone is welcome, just take a look at our Prime Directive before you join.  E-mail me at (or click the link above), and tell me whether you are interested in joining us, interested in an alliance, or whatever you want to say, I'll listen.  To the right, there is a description of our guild's basic criteria, and what we expect allied guilds to do.
   Thank you for taking the time to visit our guild's website.

                            (Council Member)
"If you want to humble an empire, it makes sense to maim it's cathedrals.  It shows us we aren't invincible, and cannot be safe."
               -Time Magazine
               (Day of Infamy, Sept. 11th)
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Check our our ranks page!
Currently making private member pages.
Check out our members page!