Dragon and Monster Poems

A Dragon Ate My Night Light
by Charlote Adelsperger
A huge dragon ate my night light,
Gulping glass and prongs and all!
Darkness stalked my shaking body,
A moving shdown filled the hall.
As I floated in a groggy sleep,
The bulb-bellied dragon began to loom.
Trembling, I crawled to warn my brother,
And saw my night light in his room!

My Dragon Wasn't Feeling Good

My dragon wasn't feeling good,
He had a nasty chill
And couldn't keep from shivering,
I saw that he was ill.
His eyes were red and watery,
His nose was running too,
His flame was but a fizzle,
And his cheeks were pallid blue.
I took him to a doctor
Just as quickly as I could,
A specialist in dragons,
And she's in our neighborhood.
She took his pulse and temperature,
Then fed him turpentine
And phosphorus and gasoline -
My dragon's doing fine.

Nasty Little Dragonsong

I'm a nasty, nasty dragon,
I've been nasty since my birth,
When it comes to nasty dragons,
I'm the nastiest on Earth.
I've a nasty, nasty temper,
And my breath is nasty too,
I was nasty to my parents,
I'll be nastier to you.
It's my nature to be nasty,
Nasty, nasty night and day,
I will act completely nasty
If you're in my nasty way.
Yet I largely pass unnoticed
As I nastily go by,
I'm a nasty, nasty dragon
Just a nasty half inch high.

I'm An Amiable Dragon

I'm an amiable dragon,
And I have no wish to scare,
Do not tremble at my presence,
Do ignore my lethal stare,
Do not fret about the fire
I unleash it into the air,
You are free to pass unchallenged -
But only if you dare!

I Wish I Had a Dragon

I wish I had a dragon
With diamond-studded scales,
With claws like silver sabers,
And fangs like silver nails,
A dragon fierce and faithful,
Always ready by my side,
A dragon to defend me
Or take me for a ride.
I wish I had a dragon
With eyes of shining gold,
Who breathed a plume of fire
Whenever it was told,
A dragon so ferocious
It might frighten Frankenstein,
But not a lazy dragon
Who sleeps all day . . . like mine!


A Dragon is a special thing, unique to its creator,
Some look like a serpent or a toothy alligator.
Some have tails and wings and horns, while others have none at all,
Some are absolutely huge, while others very small.
I think that each displays a certain person's point of view,
And what each means is something that's completely up to you.
Monsters come in all sizes,
Some are big and some are small,
Some are fat and some are thin,
Some are short and some are tall.
Monsters come in all sizes,
They come any way at all.

If A Giant Monster

If a giant monster
Stops to say hello,
Ask him in for dinner
And feen him fried Jello.
If a spooky goblin
Stops to whisper boo,
Ask him in for dinner
And feed him ketchup stew.
If a hairy troll
Stops and gives a whoop,
Ask hin in for dinner
And fed him mustard soup.
If a skinny skeleton
Stops you on the street,
Ask him in for dinner,
And feed him all he'll eat!

When You See a Monster

sung to "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
When you see a monster,
Tell him, "Go away from here!"
When you see a monster,
Tell him, "Go away from here!"
When you see a monster,
Tell him, "Go away from here!"
And you won't be frightened
Any M-O-R-E, MORE!

My monster has:
Eyes like ___________
Teeth like ____________
Hair like ______________
Face like _____________

But no matter how __________ (eg. ugly)
My monster is,
I love him anyway...
Just the way he is!

There's a Monster on the Floor

There's a monster on the floor
on the floor
There's a monster on the floor
on the floor
Who could ask for anything more
There's a monster on the floor
There's a monster on the floor
on the floor.
Now the monster is on my leg
" " etc...
on my stomach
" " etc...
on my neck
" " etc....
on my head
" " etc...

Seven Little Monsters

7 monsters in a row - see the 7 monsters go,
1 goes up
2 goes down
3 comes creeping into town
4 eats only tulip trees
5 drinks all the tumbling seas
6 sleeps late but not in bed
7 just takes off his head
7 monsters in a row
Making trouble where they go!

Monster here, monsters there,
Monsters, monsters, everywhere.
____________ monsters ____________
____________ monsters ____________
____________ monsters ____________
____________ monsters ____________
Monsters __________________________
Monsters __________________________
Monsters __________________________
Monsters __________________________

Seven _________________ monsters
Sitting down to lunch
Gobble, gobble
gulp, gulp
Six ________________ monsters
Sitting down to lunch
(repeat gobble, gobble, etc......)
Five ______________ monsters
(etc.... countdown)

This Thing

I found this thing the other day,
At first it didn't matter
That in delight
With ev'ry bite,
It grew a little fatter.
WELL . . .
It swallowed my hat.
It ate up the cat..
It gobbled up cumquates and pears.
It chewed on my train.
And best model plane.
And nibbled on tables and chairs.
It gulped up my mother,
Sister and brother.
It ate them with gardly a smirk.
And when it was through.
It wanted me too.
And it opened its jaws with a jerk!
If it's sides had been stonger,
I would be here no longer.

Monster Menu

(for when you invite a monster for lunch)
cold soup (or raw eggs)
with dumplings of mud
a beaker or two
of rancid old blood.
the brains of one worm
cut in very small pieces
and fried for an hour
in three different greases
stewed gizzards of lizards
with crocodile eyes
poached pickles on toast
and buckets of flies
a steaming tureen
of octopus stew
baked bunions of witches
in bugaboo goo

The Baby Uggs Are Hatching

The baby Uggs are hatching
out of their ugly eggs,
here come their ugly bodies,
here come their ugly legs,
out of their shells they scramble,
fierce and fat and fleet,
back and forth they shamble
on their little ugly feet.
uggily wuggily zuggily zee
the baby Uggs are fierce and free,
uggily wuggily zuggily zay
the baby Uggs come out today.

The Monster's Birthday

Oh, what a party!
They all ate hearty
of elegant bellyache stew.
Then came the cake
In the shape of a snake
and trimmed with octopus goo.
The balloons all went BANG!
And everyone sang,
"Happy birthday, dear Monster,
to you."

Monsters Everywhere

There are monsters everywhere,
monsters wandering in my hair,
monsters on the corner stair,
monsters in my rocking chair,
monsters going up the wall,
monsters that are very tall,
If I caught them in a bunch,
I'd have monster stew for lunch.

Not Me

The Slithergadee has crawled out of th sea.
He may catch all the others, but he
won't catch me.
No you won't catch me, old Slithergadee,
You may catch all the others, but you wo --

What's That?

What's that?
Who's there?
There's a great huge horrible horrible
creeping up the stair!
A huge big terrible terrible
with creepy crawly hair!
There's a ghastly grisly ghostly
with seven slimy eyes!
And flabby grabby tentacles
of a gigantic size!
He's crept into my room now,
he's leaning over me.
I wonder if he's thinking
how delicious I will be/

The Monster's Pet

What kind of pet
Would a monster get
If a monster set
His mind on a pet?
Would it snuffle and wuffle
Or snackle and snore?
Would it slither and dither
Or rattle and roar?
Would it dribble and bribble
In manner horr-rible
Or squibble and squirm
Like a worm?
And every day
In pleasant weather,
Would they go out
For a walk together?

The Ugstabuggle

Over by me bedrom wall
The Ugstabuggle stands.
A monster nearly nine feet tall
With hairy, grasping hands.
In afternoons and mornings
He's always out of sight.
But often I can see him
In the darkness late at night.
Yet when I do not think of him
He disappears again.
And when I sleep he goes, because
I cannot see him then!

A Long - Haired Griggle

A long-haired Griggle from the land of Grunch
Always giggled when he ate his lunch.
He'd wiggle and giggle, and munch and crunch
While nibbling the pebble that he like for lunch.

The Munster Cheese Monster

Poor Munster Cheese Monster
He's not very frightening
But he sure does get frightened
By thunder and lightning
By wind at the window
By witches and wizards
By tigers and turtles
And spiders and lizards
By chickens and kittens
And butterflies too,
And he'd probably faint
If you mustered a "Boo!"


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