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Dark Alliance! 11/2 10:56 CET

Big news! The guild name has changed to Dark Alliance! Both me and Liemannen are on the server the guild wee be on and about to start the guild! The server is Stormreaver (PvP) my character name is Omega and Liemannen is now Arealis. When you get on contact either me or Arealis and we will join you to the guild. More news about the guild is coming soon. See you on the servers ;)

Professions 8/2 6:11 CET

Playing a Druid the obvious options are to do Skinning and Leatherworks. But as we are a guild of Druids this is not a wise idea. There are other professions that may not be useful to just the player, but there are some that will be very useful to the guild. Like Mining and Blacksmithing and becoming a Hammersmith, we all need weapons! Also Tailoring and Enchanting, Enchanting speaks for itself. Tailoring for bags and pretty dresses and Tux's for special events! Herbalism and Alchemy for useful potions! Well you get the idea. Also taking professions that are no use to the player them self is a great oppotunity to make money. Someone will always need something you create. The game was made so players will need other players to progress. For more infomation on professions check out Thottbot it has a lot more infomation than the official site. (Link on the side)

I will be taking Skinning and leatherworks and mastering in Elemental. *Liemannen will also take skinning and leatherworks but mastering Tribal.

Site improvement! 8/2 6:11 CET

I have improved the look of the site a little and added a little more content. It still only has just the one page, but i am looking for more to add to the site. Ideas are welcomed!

Guild Tabard 8/2 6:11 CET

Here is our guild tabard as modeled by me ;)

If you click on the image it will open a more detailed picture i took from my character selection screen.

Oh and it's not 10g to buy the tabard, it's 10g to design it. They cost 1g each and can be bought near a guild master in one of the major city's.

Just thought i would add it for those who didn't get to see before the beta ended =)



About the guild

Wrath of Nature is a Druid only guild. Currently we are waiting for World of Warcraft to launch in Europe, so we have no server yet. But the launch is on Friday the 11th. We will play on a PvP server. We started in the European final beta on EN Final Beta 7. In the beta we had 16 members, we hope to increase this number greatly in retail. The guild masters were *Fooker and *Liemannen.

We welcome any Druids from the alliance who would like to join us. If you would like to get in contact with me mail kambei@gmail.com

Guild Master Björn.

* Fooker and Liemannen where the character names used in the Final beta only. They will not be used in retail.

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