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Yearly Awards

$10 Weekly High ScoreAwards

1-Dukes 2-Homy's 3-Vicaros 4-Guidos 5-Warlords 6-Lecter 7-Lecter 8-Warlords

9-Mother 10-Aardvarks 11-Trojans 12-Lecter 13-Trojans 14-Lecter 15-Knockers 16-Darklords

$35 Best Position Players

St. Louis QB

286.4 pts



Marshal Faulk RB

311.1 pts



David Boston WR

213.5 pts




Lecter - 257.2

2001 WFFL Champs


St.Louis QB  22.9|47.3

M. Faulk     13.0|63.1

D. Staley    15.7|42.8

I. Bruce      5.6|19.9

T. Holt       4.9|23.1

T. Owens         |4.0

N.E. K        8.0|23.0

Philly D      1.0|34.0

Totals       54.3|




Aardvarks - 148.6

4th Place


Green Bay QB  6.6|21.8

J. Bettis     9.1|9.1

C.FUAMATU-MA' 3.0|3.0

P.BURRESS     6.7|20.1

R.PROEHL     10.1|10.1

H.WARD        6.2|10.5

ST.LOUIS K    5.0|24.0

St.Louis D    6.0|50.0

Totals       21.1|


Warlords - 126.7



Pitt QB     4.6|15.7

M. Alstott     |6.4

C. Martin      |14.0

A. Smith    9.6|20.8

A. Freeman 15.4|27.8

B.Schroeder 3.9|7.0

Pitt K      4.0|12.0

Pitt D      8.0|25.0

Totals     9.6|


Bushmen - 115.5 (done)

7th Place


San Fran QB      |11.1

A. Green         |30.7

G. Hearst        |12.8

A. Thomans       |4.7

T. Brown         |10.1

J. Rice          |30.1

Chi K            |5.0

Chi D            |13.0

Totals           |


Commish' NFC Notes: 1-29-02

Well, the obvious is that things did NOT turn out like most expected.  Lecter looks like he should roll along.  Warlords only hope at placing is that A. Smith somehow has a great game and outscores Aardvarks St. Louis K, Def and Prohel.  Bushmen are done, and will therefore have the #8 pick next year.

1-29-02 Who woulda thought that Lecter would look like the easy Winner after the 2nd week?  Certainly, I was not surprised to see St. Louis win, but WOW!  The only way Lecter stands a shot at losing is if Philly Wins lololol!!

Bushmen are in 2nd place,  but they are completely done!!  Who woulda thought that?

1-13-01 Let me just say, that this Re-Draft was the wackiest ever.  We saw Lecter NOT keep Hearst, then Re-Draft him, only to drop him later to pick up Owens.  Pick up Owens?? That's right, the commish in all his wisdom, banked on GB beating SF, and dropped Owens to take the 2nd of his 2 GB WR's (Owens)  The most bizarre to me is that Matt had the chance to change Ricky Prohel to take the likes of Booker, Terrell, Troy Brown, Keyshawn Johnson, but elected to hang on.  It's also amazing to think that no RB from Balt or Miami has been selected.  Hell, one of them HAS to advance.  This looks to be an interesting Playoff year.

Here's how I see the teams:

If the favorites go, then Warlords are screwed.  Pitt QB, K, and D will not be enough to get over Lecters' St Louis Team, and Aardvarks Pitt Team.  If any teams UPSET, then Warlords will dominate as he is the only team with a Tampa Bay player (Alstott), and Jets player (Martin), and a NE Player (A Smith.) Like I said, should be interesting. 


View sports headlines at MSNBC

Congratulations to Coach Vinnie of the Xterminators!!

Mikayla Marie Matheney was born on January 12, 2002 @ 3:10pm.
She weighs 5lbs 15.5oz and is 17in long.

For those that do not KNOW Vinnie, this is his second child (Andrew and now Mikayla)

To my knowledge, Vince is about the only one among us who has been man enough to produce a BOY out of all the children.  Chris has 2 girls, I have 2 girls, Guidos (Mark) has 2 girls, Aardvarks (Matt) has 3 1 girls, 2 boys (Oops, sorry Matt).  Well, Ok, I guess Taz has a couple of boys - but still the major trend is all girls!  Anyway, Congratulations to Mr. Vincent Matheny!



[Sunday} Well, well, well - I made a good move - in fact it is a move that Bushmen, although he has the lead, should be KICKING himself over.  For those that missed the NFC draft, it went something like this - Draft was over and . . .

Warlords dropped Owens to pickup Freeman (+8 pts +another game)

Aardvarks changed Gannon to Favre.

Lecter dropped Hearst for Owens (-7 pts)

Bushmen dropped Garner for Hearst (-25 pts -another game)

Bushmen would have a great handle on the game with an additional 25 pts plus another game from Garner.  Lecter only lost 1 WR and earned 34 pts.  Warlords are a slight bit ahead, but at the cost of 2 RBs - ouch.  Aardvarks are pullin gup the rear with only 15 pts, but no loss of players, so next week can only get better for him.  Well, plenty more football to go. 

The only observations I see on the AFC side is that Gators being a "BIG RAIDER FAN" should have had belief in his team and drafted Rice and/or Garner - both of which remain undrafted on the AFC side.  Wankies have lost 3 players this week, so I see him falling in the rankings.  Knockers made an impressive Saturday showing and look to give Lecter a ride for his money.  If GB should win, Knockers will surely place in the top 2.

{Saturday}Well looky here.  The Wankies have the lead - but I see it being very short lived.  He and the Warlords have lost 2 of their 3 RB's - scoring only 20.4 from them.  Lecter, Bushmen, and Gators are all looking good scoring 24+ pts and losing no-one.  Gators still have Lamar Smith today, Lecter has Owens, Bushmen has Hearst. 

So, how many out there feel foolish for not having Garner on your team?  How many in the AFC feel foolish for not drafting Rice?  And how many feel foolish for thinking that Tampa Bay stood ANY kind of a chance in the playoffs?

Check out the PLAYOFF babes - Thanks to Maxim of course.



Knockers - Coach: 232.7

Mastor Gators - Coach: Mike 168.6

Aardvarks - Coach: Matt 148.6

Warlords - Coach: Will (Commish) 126.7

Daft Wankies - Coach: R.S. Ross 120.8

Bushmen - Coach Ed 115.5

Celtics - Coach: Chris 110.1


Surprise, Surprise - Lecter has won the WFFL.  Congratulations Keith!!


Sadly now though, the season is over, but I will be updating the page during the season, and in MARCH I will be putting all the voting issues out.  If you have ANY ideas for the page layout, things you would like to see, or new rules to vote on - please let me know.



Fucking Blocked FG

Kordell getting a HUG





Wox's WFFL Weekly Girls!







Knockers - 232.7

2nd Place


Pitt QB       4.6|15.7

M. Faulk     13.0|63.1

A. Green     14.9|30.7

T.Brown (NE)  8.9|30.4

A. Freeman   15.4|27.8

B.Schroeder   3.9|7.0

Green Bay K   5.0|12.0

St.Louis D   33.0|33.0

Totals       27.9|



Gators - 168.6

3rd Place


St.Louis QB  22.9|47.3

A. Smith      9.6|20.8

L. Smith         |2.1

T. Brown      4.2|10.1

P.BURRESS     6.7|20.1

T. Holt       4.9|23.1

Pitt K        4.0|12.0

Philly D      1.0|34.0

Totals       37.4|



Wankies - 120.8


6th Place


Green Bay QB  6.6|21.8

M. Alstott       |6.4

C. Martin        |14.0

D. Staley    15.7|42.8

M. Booker     1.8|1.8

T. Owens         |4.0

Chi K         5.0|5.0

Pitt D        8.0|25.0

Totals        0.0|



Celtics - 110.1

8th Place


San Fran QB    |11.1

J. Bettis    9.1|9.1

G. Hearst      |12.8

A. Thomans  4.7|4.7

I. Bruce    5.6|19.9

H.WARD      6.2|10.5

ST.LOUIS K  5.0|24.0

Green Bay D 8.0|18.0

Totals     10.6|



Commish' AFC Notes: 1-29-01

Knockers are looking for their 2nd title and should at least have the #2 spot barring some miracle from A. Smith to push the GATORS past Knockers.  Wankies are all but done, and Celtics look to have no chance left.  The consolation of a higher pick I am sure is of no real consolation.

Well, as expected, nothing unusual happened here in the AFC draft.  No real chances were taken.  Knockers are looking very good if GB goes to the SuperBowl, or even makes it to the Championship game.  However, if GB goes to St Louis he loses at least 2 players, and possibly 3.

Wankies - Well, hes lost 1 RB no matter what, and is spread out too thin for my thinking. 

Celtics - They are geared towards the NFC (6 players on 3 teams)  all have good chances for points, but gonna be hard pressed to compete for the teams that have loaded on St Louis AND Pitt.

Gators - Nice team, but if St Louis makes it, hes fucked because Lecter has same players + some.