Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
So, on the 17th of July, the good people at Warner Brothers held the movie premiere for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Leicester Square in London.  Well, our friends Tine and Anne were with us in London and we decided to stick around for the show.  As you will see, it was worth the wait.
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This is what they did to the Square.  That statue is of William Shakespeare.  It looked really good.  Apparently, most of this stuff was actually from the Movie Set.
This is what the "set" looked like the night before.
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Click here to see the larger photo.
So this is Anna Sophia Robb and she plays Violet Beauregarde in the movie.
This is Julia Winter, she is Veruca Salt in the film. 
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This is Val Kilmer.  He played Batman!  However, I don't believe that he is in this movie.  But he is in London doing a musical - so that's probably why he was there. 
This is the director Tim Burton.  You can tell he's famous because no one else could get away with hair like that.
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This is Johnny Depp with Freddie Highmore.  Click here to see more pics of Johnny Depp - You won't believe how good the pics are!