We Survive the Storm of '08  
More than a foot of snow fell on southeastern Wisconsin on Wednesday, February 6. Schools were closed, airports shut down, and the Milwaukee bus lines ceased operation for a while. Near Madison, Wisconsin hundreds of motorists were stranded on the interstate for hours because they were behind semis that got stuck on a hill.
     We were warm and comfy inside our house but did have to cancel a planned trip to Milwaukee to worship with Ben and Jonathan for Ash Wednesday services. Of course, Ben's church as well as our own church cancelled services because of the storm. Because services were rescheduled for Thursday at our church, we were able to attend a rare "Ash Thursday" service.

Ben Visits Tabitha in China
Ben returned from his two-week visit to China on Sunday, January 20. He spent about a week sightseeing with Tabitha. They went to places such as Shanghai and Hangzhou as well as Wenling. Tabitha indicated that they had a terrific time.
     After leaving Tabitha, Ben linked up with his friend, Mike, in Beijing and they spent several days together. Ben took a load of pictures, and he plans to eventually share some of them with us. 
Jonathan Begins Second Semester
Jonathan has begun his second semester of classes at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee. He is taking classes in Chinese Mandarin, Philosophy (metaphysics), Literature, and Theology. He is a bit worried about all the term papers he will have to write this semester. Jonathan has now chosen a major--philosophy.  He continues to live with Ben on Milwaukee's east side and takes the city bus to and from the WLC campus.



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Feb. 11, 2008
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