Home-based Business Replaces Job
         as the "New American Dream"
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This site is designed to help you learn more about my business, my marketing system, and general information about the advantages of owning a home-based business.  It is just a brief overview we will use to determine if you would like more information about earning income working from home.
                   Experts agree.
Thousands waking up
        and smelling the 21st Century!


Technology can be intimidating. When a major change or shift occurs in the way things are done, many prefer to continue doing things the ?old-fashioned? way. Which is fine, especially when it comes to baking an apple pie.

However, when it comes to capitalizing on a new trend or concept, or a major advancement that allows people to accomplish what they couldn't before, ?old-fashioned? becomes obsolete.

The Internet is changing our lives in dramatic fashion.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates claims the Internet will have a greater impact on our society than the invention of the printing press had in the middle ages. As a financial vehicle for you, the Internet gets you off your horse and into a turbo jet.

For many people, the unpleasant images of owning a home-based business keep them from ever seriously considering it. The idea of ?selling? to your family and alienating friends strikes fear into the hearts of would be entrepreneurs. The added hassles of handling inventory and accounting makes the idea even less appealing. Nevertheless, additional income and true financial independence rarely happen by accident.

So how can you take advantage of the greatest economic explosion that we will live to see and turn it into a simple, manageable home-based business?

You're looking at it.  The internet.

Every week, nearly 125,000 new home-based entrepreneurs hang their shingle at home, with the majority being people that never before even considered the idea.


Because the images of home-based business opportunities have been shattered with appealing and sensible innovations that are putting average people on the path to financial success. One of the biggest contributors to this reincarnation is the Internet.

Your valuable time is no longer wasted dealing with inventory and accounting. It provides information instantly and professionally to those seeking income opportunities. It has turned your next-door neighbors house into a global headquarters for developing residual income.

There may never be a better time to get started.
The power of the Internet is at your fingertips, and all it takes to get going is the willingness to succeed.

Make 2002 your year to make a change.
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Take your time and browse. At the bottom of this page there is a business survey. Once you send it to me, I'll know you're truly interested in starting a business from home (with my help).  I will then provide you with more specific information about how my business works. 

I use this site to weed out the "tire-kickers." (People who like to look at different businesses, but never get around to starting one.)

Hopefully, we'll get the opportunity to talk so that I can explain the dynamics of my business and answer your questions personally. I realize that this may not be the right time for you to start a business, and it's also possible that my business may not be right for you. All I ask is that those conclusions come from facts, not perceptions.

I'm not very internet savvy
, but I know there's a huge up side to tapping into its power. I know it's made my business much simpler and easier to operate than ever before. In fact, because of the Internet, I spend a lot more time at home, which is exactly what a home-based business is supposed to be!

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Mark Heder

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