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Hello World ..Welcome to my website!

I'm a newbie who got connected and surfed the net for the first time in January 2001. I had been teaching some young people how to make websites with HTML using basic text editors like NotePad and Mac's SimpleText but did not have a website of my own.

Since getting connected I have found sites that looked good, loaded quickly and reading the content and source code taught me lot. I decided to use stylesheets because they are interesting and folk on the net say we should them for the sake of our children, or something like that.

I wasted time chasing "free webspace" ads trying to get a website up. Maybe it was their plan ..you fill in all sorts of details then they offer you these crappy templates which you can't seem to get past. Who knows how many mailing lists I'm on now. Thank you www.oocities.org for providing a clean way to get my website up and running.

Well I'm on the net now so I can give my URL when asked for it and not get the confused looks I use to get when I had to say I did'nt have one. The next problem is what to use for content? On second thought content is not a problem, there are plenty of sites out there with no content and they get by.

So here's some things grabbed out of the air or from other sites and notes to myself about what I've learnt that might be of interest or help to others.

Thanks for visiting my site. I would like to hear from you if you have any helpful comments about my site or useful directions I could be going in.

Awarded to Aussie John's Site February 2001.

Please contact me at: wpsmoke@yahoo.co.uk

Aussie John  

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