West Point Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad
WPVFR Announcements
The membership of WPVFR meet monthly for training and business.  Business meetings are held on the second Monday of every month.  Every other Monday is a training drill at 7pm, unless otherwise announced.  Members are cross trained for both EMS and Fire.  Many extra training opportunities are made available to active members.  For more information on membership, email us at ckstrum@yahoo.com or call the firehouse at 804-843-4865.   
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Congratulations to Ryan Modr and Dudley Olsson!!!
Ryan Modr was awarded the West Point Fire Department's "Firefighter of the Year" award.  Ryan ran more than 500 calls last year and can be found helping out around the firehouse with aparatus and building maintainance on a regular basis.  Dudley Olsson is the department's first recipeient of the "EMS Provider of the Year" award.  She was the first person to join under the department's Associate membership program, which was designed to assist the department in meeting its daytime EMS demands.