WpW is currently open to new wrestlers at this time. WpW is a ROLEPLAY-BASED E-fed where roleplay scores are posted for the handlers. To join WpW all you need to do is sign up on the boards and post your bio in the New Bio's to be added to Roster thread. Join WpW. Become Active. Lots of great hidden interactive features that WpW newcomers & guests cannot view. Remain active & increase your status w/WpW the longer you participate in the E-fed. Long-standing members get to view hidden WpW-related boards & features. Try to earn your way & become VIP member after a great tenure. !

If you would like to try your hand at an angled fed then sign up on the boards for ML:XL. ML:XL is an Angled E-fed where outcomes are based solely on the owner's decision. The workers are REWARDED. Participation is key to getting over. It is ran like an actual wrestling company where in the real world winners are not determined on 'roleplays' alone. Shocks & Surprises could be had in this fast paced, wkly, fun eXperience! To Join ML:XL register on the boards, then send pm on these boards to ryansup of your interest. You will then gain access to the eXclusive ML:XL area on this board network.