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Try to keep the negativity in your role-plays where it belongs. Do not Spam the board with ads, they will be erased. Basically treat others the way you want to be treated.

We all have lives outside the computer world, and I understand this. That is why it's 100% quality based judging here. There is a one roleplay a day limit(per match). NO limit on total rps however ONLY your BEST THREE rp scores will be added for each show unless otherwise noted. Role-plays are judged by me, and are judged on creativity, quality, length, addressing your opponent, storyline, ect...Take your time, have fun, and remember.......QUALITY not QUANTITY as only your best three score will be added! All role-plays must be labeled for the match it is intended for.

Re-cycling or re-using parts of older rps may severely affect your rp scores. Also note rping close to the deadline is looked down upon as well and will result in lower scoring.

Please refrain from using other handlers characters in your roleplays or segments unless given permission, if you use parody's please specify. Also no member of WpW management or any member of the BOD (Board of Directors) shall be used in your roleplays or segments. Stealing other's RPS or other writings elsewhere is strictly prohibited. Credit your sources if you do this.

If you have a match and do not role-play for it is considered a no-show and you may not be booked for the forseeable future. If you need a week off we have a time off board, use it and I will not book your character for the week/weeks you need off. (with the eXception of champions mandatory defenses.)

I've created a jobber list that can be used by anyone role-playing. If there is a jobber that has a match and you want to rp for that jobber, you may do so.

Not much to say here.....Use your own judgment and keep it tasteful, please. I believe in allowing creativity so No words or content per say is banned however NEVER speak in your rps as the efed handler. Carelessly breaking the e-fed barrier in your rps will result in much lower rp scoring and is frowned upon.

As I said above. It's not the owner who makes the fed! It's YOU as the handler and your contributions! Opinions, and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. Please feel free to contact me if you have suggestions. This is as much your fed as it is mine. It's your efed HOME! Together we can Keep it great! WpW office contacts are as follows: PM lilly on the WpW boards or AOL instant message WpWCEOLilly

Matches are considered the wrestler's in ring work. If you do not send something then eXpect a summarized result of your match on who won it. If you do not care about the quality of your match we certainly don't care about your wrestler's poor in ring work. Plain & simple. Why should you write your own match? Because if you don't care to write your own match and make it good then why should anyone else? Pro-wrestlers for the most part map out their matches. I've never understood why the same can't hold true with e-feds. You have an option to write your own match results, up till the final outcome. I will insert the winner, however you may send desired finishes. This allows you to have a great deal of control of your character.... after all it is your character. Send matches to the following office contacts: PM lilly on the WpW boards or AOL instant message WpWCEOLilly

The 3 role-play rule still applies per team. You can either do 3 together or decide between your partner who does what. This means Only the BEST THREE RP SCORES for the entire team will be totaled towards judging. So legitimately, one handler can handle a tag team.

All strats are welcomed, and encouraged by staff. The strats must be received by the assigned date mentioned on the card lineup or it will not be used. Please take note, if the strat is not usable for this show it may be adjusted to fit the show or not used at all. Send strats/segments to the following office contacts: PM lilly on the WpW boards or AOL instant message WpWCEOLilly

Any character (except WpW board of directors) can handle any title. A single character can hold more than one title at a time, but know, you may have to defend (1or more) titles on the same show. (For example, you hold the World title, continental title, and a tag title. You may have to defend the world and continental on the same show which means 3 rp's per title.) All role-plays must be labeled for the match it is intended for.

Cards, lineups, deadlines, etc will be posted on the WpW boards. Please check the WpW board for further information on this matter.

Results for each show will be posted in a timely manner. ALL RESULTS ARE FINAL. If the fed-owner is booked in a match the Elite of WpW will be given the chance to vote on the VIP board for the result as I do not believe in judging a match my character may be in. Anyone in the WpW office may NEVER hold a title in WpW. This ensures fairness. As to regular results, If you disagree with the outcome of a match, ask for a rematch. Complaints about this topic on the OOC board will not be tolerated. If you need to complain, we have a complaint board. However, WpW does not need negative and complaining handlers. We only look to give an efed outlet to good handlers. Please keep this in mind.

You can have a picture based off of a wrestler, the only thing I ask is you not give your character the real name of a wrestler. (I.e. Stone Cold, The Rock, Edge, ect...) Also do not use any reference to real wrestlers in your roleplays. In WpW E-feds are a different universe than the real wrestling world. Breaking this barrier may affect your roleplay score in a negative manner.

For any information reguarding ML:XL please contact the following office contacts: PM ryansup on the WpW boards or AOL instant message ryansup2000