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... PY
Click to see more of the 'Ren Qi Mei Shao Nu'!!!
GAME OF THE DAY to see story of <<Cuang Shi Ji>>!
Flora and Kenix, both starring in <<Cuang Shi Ji>> SCV will be showing the later 50 episodes in April!!! to noe more
Super sunday is being shown every Sunday on TCS 8 at 3pm!!! the new series... not those repeat ones on SCV!!! to view more!
... Chen Hui Shan, Flora!
Tat's Flora Chan!
click to see her profile... more will be added when i'm free... ; )
Wow...and there is Louis Koo! cool man... there are introductions abt serials he acted... click to read more!
... Gu Tian Le, Louis Koo