With the laders down the hole and a rope(many usess)the next is to go down. After a quick look around It was not hard to work out that a lot work had been done in this hole by the pillow bashers
had realy used a lot of explosives around the old drives.
(Thats the miners that go around after the prevouse miners,have left the mine)
With a lot of work I would be able to clean up the drive that is in the direction where hole one is. A large ballroom had been the place where the opal I noodled came from, there were places that still had good prospects.

The truck with the self tipper ready to place on the hole

With the self tipper set up over the hole I start to clear the drive. At the same time I had three shalfts put down to the opal leavel in new ground that looked good,this is a time in mining where one flips a coin and plays heads and tails. Well being a prospector I chose the new ground.