Membership Application form

Note: This form must be correctly filled in to meet our insurance requirements. Any applicant not satisfying the requirements of this form, will not be permitted to shoot. All new and current
Members must be  financial members of the Australia Bowhunters Association (ABA).

               Please complete this form carefully. If you have any difficulties, please ask for help.

Todays Date: ___/___/___                           A.B.A. Membership No. _________________

I, ______________________________________________  Date of Birth: ___/___/____
                   (full Name)

Of _______________________________________________________

Town / Suburb _______________________________ Post Code:____________

Phone Number (H): ____________________  Mobile Number: __________________________
If you agree to your phone numbers being published in the membership  list place tick here: ______

Email Address: ____________________________________________ (Optional)

Apply for membership of Wyndham rebel Archers Inc. and undertake to conduct myself
in accordance with the constitution and rules of the Wyndham Rebel Archers Inc. and the ABA

(PLEASE TICK ONE.)                                     (PLEASE TICK ONE)
Annual renewal ____                                           Family Membership          ______ $55.
Past Member   ____                                           Single Membership            ______ $33.
New Member  ____                                           Junior Membership            ______ $16.50
                                                                           Cub Membership              ______ $16.50
                                                                          New Member Joining fee   ______ $11.
Other Family Members who wish you wish to enrol as members.
NAME                                                                 A.B.A. Number                     Date of Birth
_____________________________                  ____________                      __/__/____
_____________________________                  ____________                      __/__/____
_____________________________                  ____________                      __/__/____
I am prepared to accept responsibility for the above applicants who are under the age of
18 years, until they attain such age.
_____________________________________ (signature of Parent or Guardian)

I certify that the above information is correct.
_____________________________________ (Signature of applicant)

Wyndham Rebel Archers Inc. reserve the right to refuse, suspend or terminate the membership of any person whose conduct contravenes the constitution or rules of the ABA or Wyndham Rebel Archers Inc.

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