Hi everyone! Welcome to my home page. It's basically my place to put pictures, debate files, rants, links to other good stuff...whatever. It's been on a bit of a hiatus as I deal with other things, but when I feel like working on it again, it'll show. I don't have a guestbook for my site, but please leave a message in my Xanga (either the guestbook or thru comments) with any feedback you have. Enjoy.


Latest Updates

1/20/03: Happy late new year everybody! This update has been a LONG time coming...unfortunately, it's not a big one. I'm just gonna add a picture, update the debate page, and possibly upload my self image book for psych later. I've decided that I'm not gonna do thumbnails anymore...they're just too much of a pain in the keister to do...haha I'm lazy. So you'll just have to deal with text links. Okay then. Enjoy!

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