At Wraith Squadron

I would like to welcome you to my website. I dedicated this site to Star Wars and to the Lucas Forums I visit. On this site you will find some information about three Star Wars games I realy like, Information about the Star Wars X-wing books, All games I own, some funny pictures, some info about myself and this site contains some news about games and the Lucas Forums. If you have any news for this site, please mail me the information at Erik_Klasen@hotmail.com
New Computer: (Erik Klasen)  
Yes yes, I have a new computer. now im able to play online games and make my websites a bit faster. this is my new computer:
Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz
512 MB ram
73 GB Harddisk
Geforce 4 64 mb
DVD player
CD burner
Lexmark printer (prints, scans, fax and coppier in one)
17" screen

Yes yes, im very proud of this.
The Associates: (Erik Klasen)  
The site for the Player Association: The Associates is online.
So you can now visit this site by simply clicking the link on the Links page,
Or simply Click here.
(p.s. im the webmaster for that site aswell.)
DFDMasters: (Erik Klasen)  
The site for DFDMasters has been online for some time now, but I have not been able to let everyone know. So im taking this oppertunity to visit the DFDMasters.
Simply click the link on the Links page or Click here.
(p.s. im the webmaster for that site aswell.)
Moderator: (Erik Klasen)  
As of July the 10th 2002, Im the new moderator for the general forums on SWgalaxies.net. I was asked by the Administrator Juztyn. Juztyn himself is a very busy man and is not able to moderate the forums so much.
Im proud to have been selected and i have a feeling 2 other people will join me in moderation on the SWGalxies.net forums once the forums start flooding with people. I will not say these names out on the open.
Got Milk? (Erik Klasen)  
This is a general warning for everyone who goes near the forums of Rogue Squadron.net. There is a man on the loose claiming he has Milk for you. When you see this man, do not pass him and stay on the right. try and warn him with flashes of light. Thank you.

P.S. hehehehehehe at Dark Sad Shadow!
New Screenshots: (Erik Klasen)  
At this moment the screenshots of the Star Wars galxies page has been removed. they are gone because they need to be rezised. I had some trouble with Geocities because my Datatransfer was over the limit every time.
Ill try and return them as soon as possible and add a few new ones.
New pages: (Erik Klasen)  
Soon i will add some new pages to this site. i want to make certain lists of things, just in case i loose something. I already have a list of games, but im going to add a list of:
Star Wars Books
Movies i own
All music CD's i have

This way people can see what i have and they can ask me to borrow it and this way i can see what im missing.
Rogue Squadron: (Erik Klasen)  
I split up my Rogue Squadron page into 3 different pages.
1. in the squad section: Rogue Squadron. info about Rogue Squadron
2. in the games section: Rogue Squadron. info about the game
3. in the forums section: Rogues. info about the Aresen forums.
I also added a page for the forums of SWGalaxies.net.
Galactic Battlegrounds: (Erik Klasen)
On GalacticBattlegrounds.com you can find all new information about the new expansion set for the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. The Clone Campaign. On this site under the button "Galacitc Battlegrounds" you will find some screenshots from the Clone Campaign.
Loser: (Erik Klasen)

There have been a sighting of a loser on the Lucas Forums. He goes by the nick name of "Dark Sad Shadow". he thinks he is some sort of Vampire that can go about bothering normal people like myself. He keeps anoying me on MSN and on the Lucas Forums. Beware everybody.

Note: I was only kidding. Dark Sad Shadow is the coolest guy ever.

Star Wars Galaxies: (Erik Klasen)
The beta for Star Wars Galaxies starts on June the 15th. Go to StarWarsGalaxies.com to sign in.
New fan site: (Erik Klasen)
Im pleased to announce a new fan site is being build for the model makers: DFD masters. this site will soon me finished and i will post the link here.
Congratulations: (Erik Klasen)
The staff of Wraith Squadron would like to Congratulate the Lucas Forums member: "Devil Doll" with passing all her exams. I hope you enjoyed the barbeque.
Flash Intro: (Erik Klasen)
Soon this site will get a new Flash intro banner. A bit longer than the current one and with more information.
A moment of silence: (Erik Klasen)
A couple of months ago, a member of the Lucas Forums has passed on. She was 17 years old and had cancer. I think we all should give a moment of silence for her. She went by the name of Qwi Xux on the forums. Qwi, we will always remember you.
Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones: (Erik Klasen)
Attack of the Clones is out in theatres. I have now seen it twice. I think it was an AWESOME movie. For the people who havent seen it yet. GO SEE IT!