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Darker Productions Apocalypse

based on White Wolf’s MET (Mind’s Eye Theatre) System

Eric E. Johnson is the creator of Darker Productions'Apocalpyse game. After being submerged within Rage and Wyrm Taint for two years, he has decided to branch off and delve into the Shadowlands that are Wraith: the Oblivion. Eric has no life outside of the games. His Passions are gaming (4), music (4), martial arts (3), and game design (5). His Fetters include his fiance (The Garou ST sometimes called Libby) (5), his Dell Desktop computer (4), his Ibanez custom made electric guitar (3), his cat Gracie (5), his elementary school (Morningview)(2), his Junior High School (Baldwin Magnet)(3), and Sci-Fi City in Orlando, Flordia (3). And don't ask about his Shadow - that thing is pure evil.... Just ask Nick!
The Storyteller's personal W:tO library consists of the following titles:
  • Wraith: the Oblivion, 2st edition (1994)
  • Wraith Player's Guide (1995)
  • The Hierarchy (1995)
  • The Sea of Shadows (1995)
  • Haunts (1994)
  • The Midnight Express (1994)
  • Guildbook Six: Spooks and Oracles (1998)
*All Passions and Fetters are rated 1-5 according to standard White Wolf practices.

Email the ST: Wraith_ST
Personal Email: Eric E. Johnson

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