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Known Renegade Gangs / Heretic Cults

Known Necropoli
near the New Philly area

Atlanta, GA

Nashville, TN

Baton Rouge, LA

New Orleans, LA

The Necropolis of Montgomery, Alabama.

New Phillidelphia was named so after the Civil War. Before then, it was known as Montgomery. Many older Wraiths remember this, and refer to the area as such.

Since the Civil War, the Heirarchy has had a tough time maintaining any level of control within the area. Due to long time Garou population (New Philly is the home of one of Gaia's oldest caerns, believe it or not), there are a vast number of Heretic Cults and Renegade Gangs that are, in one way or another, formed from the interactions between mortals, Kinfolk, Garou, and their enemies... none of which willingly bend to any one ruling force...

Known Renegade Gangs within Montgomery

The Black Hand
Named so (supposedly) due to former vampiric ties to his previous life, Aizah Sulan (a self-proclaimed Assimite "broker") began this faction nearly 500 years ago when he narrowly avoided the Legionarres of the Atlanta Necropolis.

Vampires turned Wraiths are not afforded warm welcomes anywhere, it seems.

If one believes these bedtime tales of terror, the Black Hand is active throughout both the lands of the Restless and the Quick. They are quick to claim responsibility to any high-profile disruption within Heirarchy politics or military actions. Whether there is much truth to the rumors is not known...

Wolf Paq
A more recent Gang, the Wolf Paq was a street gang in New Philly before the entirety of the gang was destroyed by local Garou... or so they claim. The Paq still recruits Enfant wraiths into their fold, but they no longer seem interested in the land of the Quick. They seem to have switched gears from the gun-runners and drug pushers that they were in life to become a group of scouts and Reapers that (for all accounts) are not entirely "all bad"...

The 9:28's
Very little is known of this Gang, other than they became very active in 2001. They are most widely known by the Heirarchy as criminals and miscreants that stage elaborate efforts to undermind everyone except themselves.

That, and all their efforts are coordinated to "go live" at precisely 9:28 (attacks have been known to happen in the AM or PM with no seeming preference).

The Tracker's Guild
Far from being a recognized Guild (on any level), these loose-knit groups are known to be followers (some even say "fans") of the Ferrymen, and act in hopes that the Ferrymen will recruit those within this "guild" into their own fold.

They are also known as Pathfinders, and though there is no evidence to link them with the Ferrymen, most accounts hold them as honest and valued guides.

Leave it to the South to give Wraiths a bad name... in this case, quite literally.

The Dagnabits are a bunch of Wraiths, some from eras long gone by, who are for the most part "native" to the Alabama region. Hunters and farmers in the Skinlands, once they crossed into the Shadowlands they began using their skills and aptitudes for hunting and scavenging to eke out their new existance.

They are known to be hunters, trappers, and murderers of wraiths of all kinds, and apparently hunt for no other reasons than the "thrill" of it.

The Heirarchy and most Renegade Gangs have a standing reward of about 5 obeli (sometimes much more) per Dagnabit brought in chains to any Haunt or Citadel.

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Known Heretic Cults within Montgomery

The following Cults are on the watchlists of loyal Heirarchy wraiths everywhere. It is believed that they are all active within the Montgomery Necropolis. Any intelligence brought to the Heirarchy is offered a standing reward of no less than 10 obeli.
  • The Cult of Bones
  • The Old Faith
  • Minis' Myriad Mysteries
  • The Faithful Fallen
  • The Celestial Celebrants
  • The Mourner's Guild
  • The Mariner's Guild
  • The Carriers of the Stone
  • The Melpomenians
  • Myrmidon's 6th Sword
  • The Ministers of Nyx
  • The Magnifiscent Order of Inner Light
  • The Thanatocians
  • The Eyes of Thoth
  • The Tychecians
  • The Hecatoncheires

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