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based on White Wolf’s MET (Mind’s Eye Theatre) System

The Restless of Montgomery, Alabama

Name: Harmony-Jane Tate
Age: Five years old.
D.O.B.: 9-3-00
Height: 3’8”
Weight: 65 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: None
Other Occupations: Elementary School student.
Home Description: An old Antebellum house where she used to live with her mother; a family home passed down through the generations, built just before the Civil War and miraculously unaffected by its ravages. Two stories, plus small attic and basement. Almost two centuries of love from the people that have lived there have worn down the Shroud around the house.
Religious Preference: Catholic
Automobiles: None personally.
Favorite Music: Nursery rhymes and church hymns.
Favorite Color: Pink.
Favorite Movie: “The Last Unicorn”.
Favorite TV Show: “Wishbone”.
Favorite Vacation Spot: None; she’s never been out of town.
Significant Others: One: Maryanne Tate (Mother), 34 years old, professional potter, librarian, widow. Catholic. After the death of her husband of eight years (Jonathan Tate, 36, Civil War reenactor, engineer, deceased--automobile accident), she worked tirelessly to provide a good life and education for her young daughter.
The Catalyst:
Harmony-Jane hangs on for many reasons, most of them family and faith. She loves her mother, and is willing to wait forever to be reunited so that they can both “go to Heaven together”. Whenever Harmony-Jane feels her mother is losing hope, she tries to send a sign that everything is okay. She also watches her killer--the Bad Man, as she calls him--hoping to warn away any other children he may target or to get him caught by the police and sent to jail. She’s only been dead for a little less than a month, so her determination hasn’t really been tested yet on any of these points.
A Day in the Life
Harmony-Jane’s life was pretty average. She recently started attending Kindergarten at St. Bede’s Catholic school; during the school year, she would get up and eat breakfast, then brush her teeth, make her bed, and get ready for school. Upon her return, she would play outside for an hour or two before eating dinner and going to bed. On Saturdays she would wake up early to watch cartoons, then spend the day with her mother, who would take her to the park or sometimes let her make clay pots with her in the “studio”, a converted guest bedroom. On Sundays she would attend Mass and confession; Harmony-Jane was an exceptionally gifted vocalist and sang in the children’s choir.

Day of Death
Harmony-Jane died on September 13th, 2005, at 4:30 p.m. She had been playing on the front lawn of her home while her mother napped. A strange man came up to her and asked for help finding his lost dog. Harmony had, of course, been told not to talk to or go anywhere with strangers; but the man introduced himself as “Jack”, and he WAS carrying a dog leash. Unable to bear the thought of what might happen to the poor little thing should it run out into traffic, Harmony struck out in search of a dog that never existed.

“Jack” lured Harmony to an abandoned lot where he’d parked his car. One strike to the back of her head brought the little girl down; he quickly loaded her up in his trunk and took her to his “workshop”. Once there, he finished Harmony off by strangling her, then used plaster of paris to create a mold of her body. He then removed her hair strand by strand, storing it in a plastic bag, and proceeded to separate her bones from the rest of her tissue. “Jack” used the mold of her body to sculpt individual hollow pieces of a new doll body out of resin--arms, legs, torso, and head. Harmony’s bones were carefully fit inside the new body and reconstructed into an ornate, jointed doll; glass eyes were inserted in the sockets of the doll head, and her hair was rerooted into the resin “skull“. All this happened while she watched from the Shadowlands, her perception mercifully blurred by the Caul. Her body now resides in “Jack’s” workshop, alongside the bodies of two other children.

Harmony has been dead for a little less than a month now; she managed to remove her Caul on her own not long after her physical body had been put through its alterations. Perhaps due to the trauma of her murder, her Corpus manifests in the exact likeness of the doll that “Jack” has fashioned her body into. Her home serves as her haunt, and she doesn’t stray far from it during school hours or late at night, when she knows “Jack” won’t be able to find errant children to prey on. Between the hours of 3:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., she follows her killer in the hopes of getting him caught or warning any of his potential victims.

More to come, keep those submissions Harrowing... er, coming....

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