"Wrangler Tom" of Nashville -- tour guide, storyteller, etc
Wrangler Tom

A genuine, slow-talkin', story-tellin', rope-throwin' wrangler!

Are you tired of seeing a bunch of "men" walking around Nashville, wearing taco-shaped "cowboy" hats -- but knowing nothing about horses? (And, do any of them tip their hats?!)

Well ... You're in for a treat! Wrangler Tom actually knows which end of the rope the animal belongs on!

But, the fun doesn't stop there.

Wrangler Tom has lived a blessed life (the kind that most people have only seen in movies). His wealth of experience has given a broad foundation for meeting -- and skillfully entertaining -- people from many different places, cultures, and backgrounds. When you visit Nashville, your visit is not complete without a custom-tailored tour by Wrangler Tom.

This gag actually started over dinner, after working all day on a horse ranch.

This is Wrangler Tom. This is not Wrangler Tom.

It is one of Wrangler Tom's many entertaining, "slice of life" stories.

Custom tours are available for singles, couples, families, carloads, or busloads.

Among the many things you can learn and enjoy while touring with Wrangler Tom:

So, you're probably thinking, "This tour is worth a fortune! Will it cost me one?"

Tour prices are determined by several factors:

As a "ballpark" figure, for basic planning purposes only, tour prices begin at $20/hour -- minimum two-hour rate.

(Bus rates: $15/hour, per person.)

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