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Let's skip a boring explaination and go right to the links, they pretty much explain themselves if you venture along their crooked paths or ride the wings of dragons to your destination...
A shrine to the almighty bean responsible for the only caffeine I allow into my system.
Wrarx's Bean Page
More about me than anyone ever really wanted to know. Links, pictures, awards, musings, basically anything weird that I get my hands on to upload or think up to post.
My Bio
Wrarx's Page of Random Stuff
A list of books which have somehow touched my life or altered my perceptions. A record of my journey through mental illness and a list of links.
Wrarx's Page of Great Books
Wrarx's Depression Page
A role-playing resource with information in multiple systems. Translations, quotes, et cetera.
Elsewhere: Wrarx's RPG Briefing Site Wrarx's Latin Page
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~Neat Stuff~
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Wondering who I am and why I've crated such a messed up web page?
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~ Links ~
Pope John Paul II accepts biological evolution as fact
The War on Faith
A Brother-in-Arms
Self-Proclaimed "Infidels"
Origins (brief)
A relevant myspace page
A relevant livejournal page
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The girl with the CD
Not Me