Hey whasup, welcome to my site.
About me: Well I'm 20, I just got back from BC. I work at Movie Gallery, I'm the ass man. That's right.
Here are some pick-up lines, if they work, drop me a line.
*Wanna go half on a baby?
*Let's play titanic, I scream iceburg, and you go down
*That shirt is very becoming on you, if I was on you, I'd be coming too
*Remember my name, you
ll be screaming it later.
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Me in Dartmouth High School
There's another picture of me on the right.
Shout Outs
I'm Pisces
Andrea: Hey baby, I love you this much......times infinity, HEH!

Matt: Sup, what can I say were brothers. You and me man raisin' hell for life.

Kate: We're gonna be better friends than ever, Much Love!

Adam: Remember that time we made our history project? HAH!

Shannon: Thanks, we're best friends

Alex: We still be droppin' bones...Holla!

Ashley Fowler: It was a pleasure meeting you, Much Love!

Pam: There, are you happy now?? Love ya sissy.

Britt: Road trip comin' up, where should I go?

Griggs: Have you seen my baseball?

Peter: Good job buddy keep it up, maybe one of these days you can beat me at pool.

Sean: Stay in school my man, if you want to work for me, you need a college education.

Candace: Don't worry i'll let you know about the parties.

Monique: Sup, I'm glad I got to know you.

Holly: Party central ya heard me!

Pierre: Now I know why your forearms are so big.HAH!

Richard: Yeah I'll race, If you wanna lose!!!

Melanie: LYLAS

Ashley: We should jam some day ite!

Steve: My cuz, learn the goddamn guitar!!

Jen: You're a very good air hockey playa. I've tought you all you know but not all I know. Love our walks.

Pearson: How about that brut hockey team?

Amy: You crack me up.

Elie: You're a tank!

Lindsay: Much fun in math... I still have bruises.

Mom, Dad, Pam: I love you, much thanks.

Kari: Nobody can curl hairs like you babe. DAL SUCKS!

Natalie: Don't forget, you were my #1 love match in grade 10

Beals: Bro's since grade 1

Sorry if I have left anybody out but leave me a message and I will put you on here...promise.

Well that's it. All done. I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe it has inspired you(to do what, I don't know). Anyways thanks to everybody and much love. Don't stop the rawk!
This has been a paid advertisement for un-erectile difficulties. If you have them that's to damn bad for you. Any unlawful copying of this site will lead to castration unless you are a super hot female in which Jimmy will decide that. If you fall under the category of  homo-unerectus and you get hugefied by a man, please do not leave Jimmy a message. Thank you, Good night, and God bless.
"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to make him cry"
"Don't sing it, just bring it"
"If you drop a spoon in a pool of lava, let it go cause man, It's not coming back"
"The first rule about holes, when you're in one, stop digging"
"I'm a shark infested ocean, I dare you to dive in it"
"Holla !!"
"Respect my flow"
"Go Big Or Go Home"
"Losers whine about not doing their best, winners go home with the prom queen"
                                                           Here's a joke
A bear and a rabbit are taking a shit in the woods, the bear turns to the rabbit and says excuse me, you have problems with shit sticking to your fur? The rabbit says no......the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit- Eddie Murphy
My ICQ # is 131574210
Here's alex droppin' some bones and dinner
I once caught a fish and it was that big, seriously
Um this is me playing my guitar
Hulk Hogan has nothing on me, HEH!
What the hell is that smell?!
MMMMM Pepsi, does a body good.
Me and Matt before prom
This is me watching something really boring on TV.
Finally, me at work, can't you tell, I'm a model employee?