Wrath Of God Guild

Welcome! We are Wrath Of God, the Guild.

We play Dark Age Of Camelot, the game, and play on the server Iseult. Our realm is Albion. Our Guildmaster and (Part-time) Webmaster is Braddoc Bearclaw. The Council, which makes all the decisions regarding guild issues, is made up of members of the guild who are Rank 1 and Rank 0.

Once you have been invited into our guild, you will find we are mostly adults who play for fun and are looking for a challenge. There are young and old in WoG. Some of our members are still in college, and others are retired. Not all of us play at the same times, so keep in mind you may only meet a small portion of the entire guild.

I (Braddoc Bearclaw) am usually on daylight hours Pacific time, as I live in the Greater Vancouver Area (the West coast) of British Columbia, Canada.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask any of the higher level guild members, and look for any of the Council Officers if you have a problem that you can't resolve.

Please use the links below to navigate around the site. At the present time there are only pics from the game, but I hope to add features later. I am also looking into a new site for the guild webpage to be housed. I, or a member of Council, will try to keep you informed when our next Guild Meeting will be, or next RvR group will fight, by means of the Message Of The Day, in-game.

If you have a screen shot you think I should put up on this site, please email me using the link below. I will do my best to look at all the screen shots, but remember that sometimes more than one person will send me the same kind of image, and I can not use every submission sent to me. I will let you know if I do use your pic, so you can come back to take a look for yourself. (Not to mention I hardly get time to visit the site myself, let alone update it.)

Take Care, One and All, for the Wrath Of God is with you!

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