What do ya know? The page is updated. Me and Adrian are here, playing guitar and bass without any drums because Jay FUCKING LEFT. What the hell. In fact, you know what? Fuck YOU.

And now a word from Adrian, who isn't a bald fuck:

Here's my Big Jay impression -

OOOOH, look at me, I own a dorky car with a sewing machine for an engine, I work for a stupid mega corporation that burns down the rainforest to make room for cattle farming, and I love it so much that I quit the band so I could work for them more.  I like to follow 14 year old girlls in my car, abduct them and play prisoner and warden  with them in my shower.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Below you can see our Ex-Drummer Jay. Thanks to Jay, Faith in Falling is no longer a band. Soon he will be replaced by someone who doesn't place BIG MACS before his music. Stupid bald freak.
That's what me and Adrian wanted to do everytime we went anywhere with him. All he did was talk about his CRAPPY car, and how he liked his sister's yum-yums.
Oh fuck, he sucks.
That's Adrian. He's our flying bassist.
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