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Birthday party plans!!!

Updates to the portfolio page... finally!

The Anthony Reigle Acoustic site is now the Whisper band site!!

Anthony Reigle's site is up and running! check him out at

There are two very important shows in the "Upcoming Events" section.
ACOUSTIC ROCKS! @ Remy's on Oct. 1st
Anthony Reigle @ Cornerstone Coffeehouse on Oct. 29th

Also coming up is
Hip-Hop on the River Sept. 18th  which Wraven Inc. did the flyer for. There is also an add in this month's Orivation Magazine for out sister company CapCon Productions (that features said event) designed by Wraven Inc.

The "Services and Pricing" section currently features only the graphics side of things. Promotional services are coming soon!

The site is up!! ...in case you didn't know were you are. This is probably a temporary site, until the main page goes up on our server... but until then...
     Wraven is about art. Hailing from a little borough called New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, the founding members of Wraven Inc. grew up as artists... local artists. For every opportunity that we have been given to further explore our art and music, we would like to repay the favor to Central Pa and the surrounding area. Wraven provides everything from original graphics and fine art to fully orchestrated shows in an effort to foster creativity and originality in what can sometimes be a cookie-cutter business. Wraven is about musicians, singers, visual and performing artists. You won’t find cover bands and paint-by-numbers here. However, there is always room for improvement in art and in music. That’s one thing that all of us can agree on. One is never “done” or “perfect.” We are here to support everyone from the most seasoned artists to kids just picking up a paintbrush or a guitar.
      At Wraven we work with artists and musicians toward realizing their dreams, not against them. Clients come first. If you are not happy with a design, we will change it. If a show date or time doesn’t work for you, we will do are best to work with other bands and venues to remedy the situation. One of our goals is to have a venue or a tour that will display artwork from local artists on the walls (either for sale or just display) while musicians play. We hope to blend the two distinct forms of art... to broaden the horizons of visual artists, musicians, and fans alike.