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Drake-san's page has been resurrected, and I've got the perfect idea for the site.  Here's the idea:  DELETED SCENES from Drake's fanfics!  That's right, the stuff I thought was too inappropriate, unnecessary, or just plain too long is going up at last!  You can click up on the pictures for links to my fics and the deleted scenes by clicking on the pictures above, the Yugioh poster to the Yugioh fics, and the Shaman King poster for the Shaman King fics.  Either one should lead you to the crossovers between the two.

Oh, and small change of plans, now that two of three of my exams are over, I'm getting a little more internet access, so you can start emailing.  Goodie, it feels so long since I've gotten out!

Okay, I've gotten no feedback at all for this fic site of mine.  And I worked on it soooo hard too.  I should really put in a guestbook.  But it's kinda' hard to edit this site still.  I'm just
so ecstatic about the arrival of my Shaman King DVD and CD.  (I'm listening to my Shaman King CD as I make this update.  I was actually hoping for the Osorezan Revoir DVD, but  I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that there is no such thing.  Whimper whimper whimper...  Oh well, the soundtrack sorta' hints that there is such thing.  Besides, the Shaman King anime has got to have the coolest music.  Even cooler than Yugioh.  Yes, even better than Yugioh, it's that good...)

Sorry about shrinking the pretty pictures.  Somehow the font screwed up and everything got jumbled.  Here's hoping this works.  That seems to be all I have to say.

If there's one thing that sucks more than technical difficulties, it's not having enough time to fix them.  *whimper whimper whimper*  Yeah, the fonts are still stupid and I have no idea what to do.  Pfft, and I call myself a computer geek...

Kinda' ironic that on this stupid little cripple computer of Tousan's that I get the smallest font for typing.  The font also went back to normal allowing me to finally splurge on my updates.  But I still don't have a lot to bring to the table in the way of news.  Oh well.