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Carlos Sainz Sweden 04
Welcome to WRC fanbase no.1 for bad rumours and out of date news. This website features stats from the 2004 teams and drivers oh and the cars as well.! For the fans made by the fans,WRC fanbase.... is out of date.
Monte Results

Sebastien Loeb 10 points
Marko Martin 8 points
Francois Duval 6 points
Marcus Gronholm 5 points
Freddy Loix 4 points
Gilles Panizzi 3 points
Petter Solberg 2 points
Oliver Burri 1 point
2003  Drivers Championship

Petter Solberg (N) 72
2.Sebastien Loeb (F) 71
3.Carlos sainz (S) 63
4.Richard Burns (GB) 58
5.Marko Martin (E)  49
6.Marcus Gronholm (F) 46
7.Colin Mcrae (GB) 45

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