Hey all!, This is The Meanstreet T and I'll be posting Lyrics for my raps and such. My people are the people. I get my respnses from the crowd, and not anyone like Simon on American Idol. My 4 inspirations: John Cena, Eminem, 50 CENT, And the ever great William Hung (SHE BANGS!)

I'll be updating this site periodically, so tune in some more!


Name: Meanstreet T
Age 17
Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 125lbs.

Favorite Songs:
Basic Thuganomics by John Cena
Rollin (urban) by Limp Bizkit
Gone Away by The Offspring
Joshua Stroeber
Contact me:
Terry Thomas
Email: Wrd2yourmom@Hotmail.com
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