freelance writer/journalist

last site update: December, 2004

Phone: (780) 624-5229
Fax: (780) 624-9263
P.O. Box 5127
Peace River, Alberta
T8S 1R8


B.A. Honours English, University of Calgary, 1999


pending--Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ), Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC)


- writing clean, compelling prose to deadline
- finding/interviewing diverse subjects in person, on the phone, via email or via IRC
- research, both conventional and online
- ability to learn/understand academic terms/concepts
- basic HTML, EditPlus, SecureFX, Access
- online communications (IRC, chat, listservs and other email applications)
- self-motivated but can work as part of a team


feature article forthcoming (2006)
"Going Down the Road" Five Trips Along Highway 2: From Trade Route to Main Street to Memory Cage (#3), 2005 Centennial Issue

Northwest Business Magazine
two clips in 2004, titles forthcoming

Peace Country Sun (weekly rural newspaper):
"Noullett Returned as Rep", December 3, 2004
"Exploring the possibilities for blue oil", November 19, 2004
"North Peace home like a 'miniature Noah's Ark' ", November 19, 2004
"Producers Get Something to Chew Over", November 5, 2004
"Taking the Bull By the Horns", Tender Beef Co-op plant construction set to begin Nov. 30 in Dawson Creek, November 5, 2004
"Taking Matters into her own hands", Little Smoky started floor-price petition because 'something had to be done', October 8, 2004
Cover photo, for "On the road again", October 8
"Baling Out the Local Recording Industry", Peace Country Sun
"North to Alaska?", Peace Country Sun, October 1, 2004
"Restoring Cultural Dignity to Food", Peace Country Sun, September 17, 2004
"Peace River fair bigger and better", Peace Country Sun, August 27, 2004
"Triplets!", Peace Country Sun, April 13, 2004
"I don't want to be a welfare farmer," Peace Country Sun, April 2, 2004 (may have appeared under different title, I'll update as required)
"Snowmobile enduro race revived," Sledders with a need for speed gather in Fox Creek for gruelling 100-kilometre event, Peace Country Sun, March 12, 2004
"Future Looks Bright for Pulse Crops," Catering to the selective tastes of international markets will be a key for producers, Peace Country Sun, March 5, 2004
"Homemade Bread a Real Grind," But Berwyn-area woman has discovered there's quite a market for her baking products, Peace Country Sun, print, March 5, 2004
"There's Beauty in Them Birds," Raising exotic poultry makes for a relaxing hobby for Three Creeks-area farm couple, Peace Country Sun, print, February 6, 2004
"Tests Put on the Back Burner," Mad cow crisis overshadows testing for other diseases commonly found in cattle, Peace Country Sun, print, Jan. 16, 2004
"Nature Inspires Mushroom Artist", Peace Country Sun, print, Jan. 9, 2004
"Horse logging faces uncertain future," Peace Country Sun, print, Jan. 9, 2004
New Bill Reduces Risk to Landowners, Snowmobile clubs in Alberta also hoping for lower insurance rates with impending legislation, Peace Country Sun, print and online, Jan. 2, 2004

Art of the Peace (magazine):
"‘Want to Reach’:Ada Lovmo’s Art Education Program", "Centennial Mural" short piece, and "Peace River Murals Beautify Town" short piece, Art of the Peace, Issue 3
Seeing, Feeling: Art as a window on the world and the soul (Three Peace River artists), Art of the Peace, Spring/Summer 2004, Issue 2

The Parkland Post (publication of the Parkland Institute):
"Klein Makes Albertans Sick: Why Poverty is Bad Health Care Policy", The Parkland Post, Fall 2004 edition
"Belonging: How I Became a Canadian Nationalist", The Parkland Post, Summer 2004 edition

Anybody but Bush: Canada-U.S. relations and the next Presidential election, the Dominion (online), Oct. 20, 2003
One Citizen, One Vote: Towards Proportional Representation An interview with Larry Gordon, Executive Director of Fair Vote Canada, the Dominion (online), Aug. 8, 2003

SEE Magazine:
"Gone South: the Alberta Advantage and how we sold it to the United States" SEE Magazine, Edmonton, July 17, 2003 (photocopy available, sorry, no link)
War Story, SEE Magazine, Edmonton, June 5, 2003

Don't Send Our Electricity South, Straight, July 1, 2003
Don't Worry Canada, We Still Want Your Oil, Straight, Apr. 4, 2003 (reprinted by Global

Misc Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Why We Need Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage, Canadian Dimension, print and online, Jan/Feb 2004; reprinted by as The queer argument against marriage:Marriage as the end of gay liberation?, February 13, 2004; reprinted by Capital Xtra
Canada Abandons Development of RoundUp Ready Wheat, The NewStandard, International News Briefs, Jan. 16, 2004 Note: recently removed its archive of MoveOn Peace bulletins. Unfortunately, that means there is no way for me to link to them. So I have simply listed the titles and dates below, along with the still active MoveOn bulletin URLs.

Filibusters,, Jan. 15, 2003
The Good News, MoveOn Peace, Jan. 8, 2003
Peace, Hope and Humanity,, Dec. 18, 2002
North Korea, AND MoveOn Peace, Dec. 11, 2002
The State of the Economy,, December 4, 2002
Gulf War II: the Possibilities, MoveOn Peace, Nov. 27, 2002 Energy and War,, Nov. 20, 2002
China, MoveOn Peace, Nov. 13, 2002
Media Concentration,, Nov. 6, 2002
Children and War, MoveOn Peace, Oct. 23, 2002
Conscientious Objection,, Oct. 16, 2002
Looking Back on the War on Terrorism, MoveOn Peace, Oct. 9, 2002
Iraq and the Art of Misdirection,, Oct. 2, 2002
Jumping the Gun on Iraq, MoveOn Peace, Sept. 25, 2002
Selling the War on Iraq,, Sept. 19, 2002
Introduction to Political Ideologies, MoveOn Peace, Sept. 25, 2002
Virus of the Mind, MoveOn Peace, Aug.28, 2002
Journalism and Oppression Outside the West, MoveOn Peace, Aug.22, 2002
Peace at the Grassroots, first bulletin for MoveOn Peace, 2001
Also a number of other bulletins from 2001-Aug. 22, 2002 (see below)


January 2003-PRESENT:
Freelance Writer/Journalist
(clips above)

November 2004-PRESENT:
Office Manager/Director, Hell 'N' Back Welding Ltd.

December 2003-PRESENT (hiatus for 2004 federal election):
stringer, Peace Country Sun
provide original articles plus photos (weekly)
(clips above)

September 2002-January 2003 (resigned):
Email Bulletin Editor, Peace
(clips above)
-wrote/edited two alternating biweekly bulletins, one on domestic U.S. politics issues, one on peace/international issues, with a continually growing circulation (end total of over 750,000)
-did online research for the bulletins
-hired/supervised a maximum total of 80 volunteer researchers and proofreaders
-HTML-formatted bulletins, posted them to website, mailed them to subscribers using mailing program
-attended staff retreat in San Francisco to present information on bulletins and assist with decision-making

September 1999-November 1999 (contract):
The Alberta Mentor Foundation for Youth
Executive Assistant
- wrote/proofed business communications (faxes, letters, policy documents, etc.)
- sat on various committees for first annual fundraising dinner
- created registration database and handled ticket sales for fundraising dinner

June 1999-August 1999 (contract):
The Alberta Mentor Foundation for Youth
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator/Communications
- interviewed prospective volunteers
- wrote and distributed PSAs
- wrote newsletter
- represented organization at trade shows


January 2003 - present:
Founder/Site Editor,
-created/pitched idea
-formed founding board
-make decisions on governance, campaigns, management
-edit site (proofread/post submissions, contribute original and reprinted material)
-work with prominent Canadians including Mel Hurtig and Robin Mathews
-write all static materials for website, including mission statement, backgrounders, FAQ, etc

March-June, 2004:
NDP Candidate, 2004 federal election, Peace River riding, final result, 11% of vote (well above provincial average)
- policy research and speech writing
- writer and editor of campaign website
- research/preparation and debate in all candidates' forums
- guest speaker for various school classes in grades 6-12
- guest speaker at events and functions such as the Highland Games and the 2004 Labour of Love Gala
- canvassing, mainstreeting, and other public outreach
- campaign planning on Election Planning Committee
- tracking and reporting expenses including mileage and phone

July 2003 - November 2003 (resigned to focus on paying work):
Features Co-Editor, The Dominion
-researched and wrote feature articles
-solicited and edited submissions
-contributed to the weblog

October 2001-September 2002 (became paid position--see work history)
Email Bulletin Editor, Peace
-wrote/edited a weekly email bulletin on peace and international issues
-hired/supervised volunteer researchers/proofreaders
-circulation grew from 17,000 to over 250,000 during my employment

Special Projects:

Supervised research project and wrote final research report for Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, November 2002-January 2003; "Operation Embedded Complicity: Canada, Playing our Part in the Business of War," appeared in October 2003, issue #52, Press for Conversion! published by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT). It was used as the basis for an activist campaign; see: Stop Canada Pension Plan Investments in War!

Researched and wrote a Lifebook (life story of a foster child leaving system, based on official records) for Catholic Family Services, Calgary, 1998


I'm married with two small children and I'm a stay-at-home mom. I live in the country outside of Peace River in northern Alberta.