As a free service to fellow Breakmate owners and those considering purchasing one, I put together this page of information.  Please note that I am not an employee of Coca Cola, I do not sell or service Breakmates, or otherwise have any business connections with Coca Cola.  I'm just a Coca Cola collector that loves his Breakmate.


As you know, the Breakmate holds three boxes, each containing one flavour of syrup.  This, when mixed with carbonated water makes soda.  There are a few "problems" with purchasing 1 litre boxes of soda for the Breakmate.  I live in the Philadelphia area, yet I cannot find an authorized Breakmate dealer.  Even if I did, I would have to pay at least $8.00 per one litre box.  If you purchase thru the mail, you will discover that they do not travel well, and many times will break open in transit.  With a 5/1 ratio, that would make 6 litres of soda.  At $8.00 per box, that would cost $1.33 per litre or..... $2.66 per 2 litre bottle.  Not exactly a bargain.  Keep in mind that the Breakmate was designed to sell soda, at . 50 cents (more or less) per serving.  So, is that a good value?  Nope. 

Let's go with the idea that you call your local Coca Cola distributor and introduce yourself as someone with a Breakmate that wants to buy gallons of syrup to refill your boxes.  All you will hear is laughter until the "click."  Coca Cola does not deal with individuals.  So, now what?????

Well, first off, I DO refill my boxes.  However, I DO NOT use Coca Cola syrup.  OK, for you purists, I know I am a heathen.   I found this awesome site that sells a syrup that you can use in a Breakmate.  However, you have to use Breakmate boxes you already have.  And most people cannot tell the difference.  Even if they can, if they complain, tell them to buy their own damn soda next time they come to your house.  I now pay less than $4.00 for a litre of syrup.  LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE OF COKE!!!!  I get their syrup off Ebay, but you can email them at



Coca Cola created the Breakmate, and had it made by a German company called Siemens.  Coca Cola requires that any device used with any Coca Cola machine have a proprietary connection.  For instance, you cannot get a Coke fountain dispenser then use another manufactures syrup tank, because the lines coming out of the machine have different connectors.

Coca Cola did this with the small Co2 tanks.  I took mine everywhere trying to get it filled, with no luck.  I use an adapter that goes from a standard Co2 tank, into the Breakmate, which has that special connector on the other end.  I use a #20 tank, the same size as a SCUBA tank.  It fits great behind my bar, and it lasts just over 18 months.  It costs $16.00 to fill, so the cost per litre is, well....  who knows.  LOL

If you MUST use the small tanks.  You can purchase an adapter to have it filled at your local refill place.  My suggestion is that you pay the $100.00, get the adapter for the large tank, and never run out of gas, since the large tanks have a gauge.  The Breakmate does not. 


I have a nice cup dispenser that I bought online.  I think it was $19.00.  It dispenses 8oz cups.  That is perfect since the Breakmate will dispense 4oz, 8oz or 12oz of soda.  However the place I bought the dispenser also sells the cups.  Problem?  $12.00 for 50 cups!  12 cents per cup????  Yikes I said.  Now I get them from the site that sells me my syrup.  They are much much cheaper, and just as nice.

Well, I think I covered all there is about the basic operation of the Breakmate.  My apologies to Coca Cola for sharing a few secrets of theirs.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at  Just make sure you put BREAKMATE in the subject line, so I don't delete it.

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