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Wreck diving is classed as adventure diving and is usually only done by more experienced divers. For a lot of divers, there is nothing quite like the thrill of wreck diving. As you descend into the dark ocean, you can see nothing until only a few metres away. Then you see it, emerging from the sea bed, dark and foreboding. Your heart is thumping with excitement.

There is nothing like it ! Not only is it exciting, but most of the time, wrecks are covered with an enormous amount of marine life which makes for interesting diving. As I stated before, wreck diving can be dangerous and is really only for divers with a lot of experience.


There are a few things that make diving on wrecks more dangerous. They tend to be covered with fishing line or nets, loose ropes, sharp pieces of metal and probably the most dangerous , wrecks tend to be filled with mud or silt which can reduce visability to zero if disturbed.So in order to aid us is our mission there are a few pieces of equipment that the diver should carry over and above the normal equipment.

Firstly, a very sharp knife should be carried for cutting any fishing line or nets and secondly, a very powerful torch which helps us find our way. Overalls and over gloves can also be worn which help protect your dive suit and gloves as they can and do get caught on the wreck. Wreck Diving is a thing that you must try if you intend to pursue this sport, but remember be safe and don't take chances -- wrecks are very unforgiving!!

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