<b><h1>S A M U R A I --^-^-- A C T I O N </b></c>


Local 4-wheeling February 2002 Chester

Group Shot of the not so innocent victims.

Sean trying to return back across the creek the hard way. Just beyond here he got stalled when the Multiport EFI intake snorkel started sucking water. Below is a picture where Sean stopped and started sinking

My Samurai did not get away unscathed, I took an unexpected swim with water coming in deep enough that the t-case shifter inside was nerly under. Churning the Boggers in reverse as hard as a worn out 1.3 and stock gears would let me only dug me deeper. It's amazing how fast water comes in when you open the door, But it was early February so no one else was walking in there to hook up the strap. Once I was pulled back from this 40" deep hole. Sean (Locked with 33's) and Lonnie (Locked with 35's) plowed right thru making it look easy.

One of the smaller holes.

Mike's Green hard top Samurai above was the designated tow vehicle. Every time I turned around he was hooked to someone towing them out. I believe he is running a stock 1.3 with a locked rear on 31" Radial Muds, with some lowerer gearing in the T-case. Mikes samurai performed well all day and never once needed the strap. There were 2 holes that Mike bypassed but with a 100 mile drive home and no trailer I'd have done the same.

Here Sean is making a trail side U-joint repair.

Lonnie's samurai below is running stock 1.3L engine and stock 3.73 gears but with 35" Mickeys and a welded front diff Not much slowed him down, Well except for that deadly bump shimmy, and alternator charging problem.

Here is a little play section tha the guys found lots of fun.

It was a little to tight to turn around on the high trail so I dropped decided to drop on down as opposed to rolling.

Jason's very custom Tracker EFI install on his stock Samurai 1.3. I know that the dash looks scary, but trust me it ran very well, even underwater.