The Story of the Badger

The rugged little Suzuki that just won't die, Tune in to my site and watch me build it again and again.

I bought the Samurai in poor condition from a police impound auction. for $200.

It's been Sold and then Rolled, only to come back home again.

It's been drowned. Here Fishey Fishey Fishey!!!

And it's been Bogged
35'... Not bad for a worn out Beater with open diffs and no gears.

I installed a Ho-Made 4.5 inch Sprong Over axle lift "SPOA" A Ho-Made SPOA is a little butch but it's ok cause so is the truck.

The Front brake lines worked for temporary on road use. Geo Metro ones make good cheap extended ones.

Starting the U-bolts. The right and left sides of the front axle are a different diameter. DO NOT MIX UP THE HARDWARE!!!

The right front spring was bent and had to be replaced. This reqiured removing the rear spring eye bolt on the front spring. This bolt has a metal collar (bushing)between it and the rubber eye bushing. This collar had frozen so the bolt would not pass thru the frame bracket. It was removed by 2 cuts between the spring eye and frame bracket with a flame wrench (cutting torch). The spring, bolt, metal bushing, and rubber bushing were replace and the frame bracket repainted.

The Drivers seat in this picture is a Dihatsu Charade seat. Lots of cutting and welding. SOme one said it was a bolt in, NOT!

Removable doors... A must, just cut the hinges and go.

Looking for clean functional turn siganls to go with the custom front bumper. The original had some chessey brackets. I frenched the Stock turnsignals in behind the grill.

OK, I'll admit, I didn't yet know of the Geo Metro lines, But if I did you can bet I wouldn't be doing all of this.

No shock mounts yet, I just cut the stock shock mount bolt off of the old spring pack plate and weld it to a piece of 2" angle iron that is welded to the top of the rear housing.

Weld the perches level with the stock SPUA for accurate steering geometry. Here I am using the stock pitman arm. And even with the current 33" TSL's I'm still using stock steering. This is not the way to go but it will still work.

2 days of wrenching and fabbing start to almost finished. I Still needed to blead the rear brakes and fab the shock mounts. Justin and I did manage to do Justins SPOA in a weekend but why rush. Take your time. Br>


Building the perfect $20 Bumper. Some weldinng required.

The mysterious Zook Half Cab parts can be found at a salvage yard near you. The rear hard top door fits very well. I just cut the bottom corners to clear the rear fender wells. I liked the look but couldn't fit in it comfortably. You must be shorter than 5'6" to ride. At 6' 200# I need the extended cab model.

The Badger shortly before I sold it, The first time.

The Badger 10 months later back home. OUCH!!! But it still starts and drives. A young highschool guy who had just murdered the tranny in his Bronco II bought it as a daily driver for his 50+ mile round trip to and from school and to beat thru the woods. He tried for 10 months to kill the my old Zook but it just wouldn't die. He even once called me to recover it from a swamp. In a feeble last attempt to kill the varmit he bonzied a residential street corner, Rolling it side over side coming within inches of making a successful barrel roll. It required a hood, front clip, windshield frame and glass, doors, and door jamb and top connector bars for the new windshield frame. I later found out that the left rear axle was bent, right rear axle bearing was wore out, all bolts had backed out of the ring gear (????) and the right front brake rotor was just a jagged hub with no metal AT ALL between the brake plates (pads were gone too). ??? Murderer!!!

Back to the Garage!!! I allways wanted a Camo Zook on 33" tires that I could just drive, beat, and butcher like a dead cow. I've got to find the painting and rebuilding pictures.

Hey yall watch this!!! Local trails were heavily modifyied by Hurricane Floyd. This tunnel trail under I95 is the main therofare for bikes atvs and Zooks. It was only hub deep where I started on the other side. The atv guys laughed.

And better yet it floats. I actually had a guy jumping up and down on the hood trying to weigh me down for traction and the hood survived. At this depth with all stock intake and ignition it would still make it run. Even after I cut it off and came back a half hour later it still ran. But 4 hrs later ALL fluids had to be drained and the fuel filter replaced. The stock Zook carb has 2 nice drains on the front of the float bowls, all right Suzuki!!!

The MUD BOGG !!! The 4.5" SPOA along with some last second front fender trimming & flare relocating Made way for a set of Super Swamper 33x12.50-15 TSL's. I welded the diff after the creek incident when I discovered the bad rear. Yea I drove on the rollover bent axle for a few weeks. Here, it is still mainly a stock Zook. Only mods are Paint, Spring perches for 4.5 (SPOA), rear brake line bracket, shock mounts, (still running stock shocks) Cut front fenders, and welded rear diff. And of course wheels and tires. Shhhh!! don't tell anyone but I'm still running stock front brake lines.

35 foot and second place on the first pass, 35'1" for 4th on second pass. Acceptable for the only truck on 33's in a 36" and under class. I went further than the 2000 1 ton Ford Diesel ext cab with 10" of lift on 42" Boggers A $38,000 project...

OK 33 TSL's and stock gears don't spray much mud. It was gummy and sticky not verry watery. I'm thinking 35" Boggers ans a 3" body lift. With the 1.6 Tracker motor and a set of Tracker gears that will change.

Tired, dirty, and sunburnt, but happy... 4th place in the 36" and under class. The Black Zook in the back ground (left) is pictured on my main page. It has 12" of lift Tracker gears, a Webber, Cam and Headder package. But my local police have advised me to keep it off of the road until I can meet the Bumper height law. This black Zook is the one i'm pictured in, driving up guard rail at Tellico, on the Zook List Picture page.