WRED-TV: St. John's University Television Club
WRED-TV: St. John's University TV Club: Just watch!


Welcome to WRED-TV!

WRED-TV is a co-curricular organization on the Queens Campus of St. John's University in Jamaica, New York.  Since 1972, members have been using professional television equipment to produce television programs. Today, the club's members produce "Eye of the Storm," a newsmagazine about the latest happenings on the Queens campus. The show airs to the St. John's University residence halls, as well as on local public-access cable.

More on the way!

The website may now be operational, but we would definitely like to expand it.  Look for more media, including photos and video, in the future. If anyone has any other ideas for the website, please submit them and we'll be happy to consider incorporating them if possible!

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