Angie - My oldest, wisest, and craziest friend.  May the POOH be with you!  I bow to you oh great and wise SQUID! DARP DARP!
(don't ask)
Anyways, she's a Mexican woman of the 90's.  She's always been with me through Tony and Ryan and everyone and,  even though we've fought (which we do so WELL!), we still remain friends.  Distance if the only thing that seperates our like-hearts.
Flower Friends!
(the original)
Katie - One of my newest friends.  She stems from the Ruinists Commune and is dating Neph.  She's a wonderful person and fun to be with.  And with her sexy bod, poor Neph has to fight off other advancing men! ::hehe::
Then again, she is always thinking that girls are going after Neph as well.
Debbie - This is my girlfriend.

Rachel - My first fun, real, cool roommate in college. She is openminded and was the only one who knew I was bi-sexual in my dorm. She has a strange and unusual obsession with powder and post-its. I randomly try to rape her every night.

Westleyd - Wes is a flaming gay  computer geek.  Don't sk me how, but I found one! lol  He's a sweetheart and helped me catch up on the 1st season of QAF with a little marathon.
Kalif- He is the only guy I know trapped in a glass closet, who is aware of this and is proud of this.  Goddess bless him lol!  He hosted our little QAF marathon, though he fell a sleep a bit over halfway through.
Scott - This boi is just flaming.  He's a blast at the clubs and a lot of fun to just watch dance!  He is also a McDonald's Freak.
Neph - One of my newest guy friends, can we say completely nuts?  When we aren't discussing suicide or homocide plots, the conversation tends to go various directions, none of which are 'normal'.
Bobby - this is Scott's boyfriend.  He' a bit more down to earth but reminds me of an over grown 4 year old.  I love him to death though!
Ariel - this is one of my bois in St. Louis, he's cute, sexy, and completely single!