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LAST UPDATED:February,28,2004
    Once you click on the        RED TORII (shrine gate) above it will lead you to the ORIGINAL ART section of my Gallery.  Here I display works done in CG using photoshop,and Draft sketches.
HELLO AND THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THIS ART GALLERY!!!  In this web site you will see art works done by many people and myself,  which consist of  ORIGINAL and FAN ART.  The FANART category includes variouse illustrations of Plastation 2 game characters and manga characters.  So far it has illustrations  for the  the games (Final Fantasy, Metal gear, and Tekken) .  I'd appreciate it if you will give me feed backs on ideas and critisism on how I can improve this site.  If you have a Fan Art or interesting samurai related info such as Movies, Animes, Manga, that you would like to submit or promote on this site  please contact me at Once again thank you!
    Once you click on the BLUE TORII (shrine gate) above it will lead you to the FAN ART section.  Here people can submit illustrations of their  favorite Plastation 2 Game Characters or Manga characters.
Two new picks added to original art!  Three new pics added to fan art!