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Links to other sites...

Mick Collins' Fizgig Stirling Engine!
Plans for this engine are available here.

Experimental Steam Engines!
Here is Mick's Steam Engine section of his web site!

Little Engines, by Richard Egge and Roy Rice
Stirling and 'Flamelick' engines and other interesting things

3rd International Hot Air Engine Rally, featuring the world's largest display of Hot Air engines
The Rally will be held at the Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers showgrounds, in beautiful Lake Itasca, Minnesota, USA.
August 15,16,& 17, 2003

Stirling, Steam and Other engines, by Robert Bailey
Plans, kits, books, and video available here.

Small Engines, by Jerry Howell
Stirling, Steam, IC, and External Combustion. Plans, kits, and hard to find parts. (including graphite)

The Idaho Stirling Engine Homepage
Here is a model Stirling engine animation.
It shows that a stirling engine can be made with low cost materials for demonstration purposes.

BD-75 Idaho Stirling Engine Homepage
Here is several model Stirling engine animations, and how to use a magnetic coupling clutch to measuring the power produced!

Stirling Engine and Hot Air Engine Home Page by Robert Sier
This site is being developed for Stirling Cycle Engine enthusiasts.

The web site that first explained to me 'how and why' the Stirling Engine works!
How a simple Stirling Engine works! by Koichi Hirata, and part of his works at Saitama University is shown in a web site named:
Stirling Engine Home Page Academic Edition.

TABco's site shows some of the Engines of Yesteryear from South Jersey.

The Stirling News by The Stirling Engine Society in pdf format (with pictures)

Kevin Barney's Stirling web page

Ron Fossum's North American Steam Boat Association web site

Paul Belt's Engine Web Site... Steam.. IC.. Stirling..
(with free plans for a simple low cost steam engine)

Ron Fossum's Steamboat web site

Northwest Steam Society new website

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