Big Kev's Biography

Kevin Nash started his career playing basketball for the University of Tennessee. He later went on to a professional career in Europe, but a knee injury stopped that. Nash found his new calling: wrestling. Dusty Rhodes discovered Kevin Nash and brought him to the Power Plant, where he trained.

In the end of 1990, Nash joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), where he debuted under the as Steel, the orange-mohawked teammate of Blade (Al Greene). Together they were known as the Master Blasters. The Master Blasters didn't fare well in a division where teams like the Steiner Brothers, Doom and the Road Warriors dominated, so they soon disbanded, and Kevin Nash returned in one of the worst gimmicks ever.

Dusty Rhodes, the head booker in WCW at the time, wanted to exploit the vast MGM movie library owned by Turner, WCW's parent company. The first (and thankfully, last) experiment was from the movie "The Wizard from Oz." Nash became Oz. Under the guise of Oz, Kevin Nash came to ring with green tights and silver hair. His manager, the Wizard, accompanied him to the ring. In fact, Oz made his first appearance accompanied by not only the Wizard, but also Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and his very own Emerald Castle.

Oz did have some success in the first couple of months, but after a few wins he became a punching bag for Ron Simmons and Bill Kazmaier. So Nash got a new gimmick. This time he became Vinnie Vegas, a casino bouncer. Vegas showed up at Clash of the Champions XVIII, where he defeated former NWA World Champion, Tommy Rich, in 56 seconds, finishing him off with the Snake Eyes face drop onto the turnbuckle.

Shortly after his debut, Vinnie Vegas was recruited for Harley Race's "Half-ton of Holy Hell" stable, which included Big Van Vader and Mr. Hughes. Race put Vegas and Mr. Hughes together to go after the now-defunct US Tag Team Title, but they didn't have much success. When Big Van Vader, in July 1992, won the WCW World Title it was like Race forgot about Vegas and Mr. Hughes. When Mr. Hughes suffered a mild stroke at a house show, Vegas switched managerial alliances jumping to Diamond Dallas Page and his stable the "Diamond Mine".

Even under Diamond Dallas Page, Vegas didn't have much success in either singles or tag team matches, with DDP. When DDP got injured, Vegas started jobbing to the likes of Erik Watts and Too Cold Scorpio, and when his contract ran out in 1993, he was offered a spot at the WWF.




Kevin Nash was brought into the WWF as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels, but it wasn't until King of the Ring that Kevin Nash got a name.  He became Diesel, a character who would have a great impact on the WWF.

Diesel made sure that Michaels didn't lose his title to any of his contenders, by interfering whenever he saw a chance. But when Michaels left the WWF in September because of contract problems, Diesel started wrestling. Like in the WCW, Diesel jobbed to people he shouldn't have lost to.  However, when Shawn Michaels returned, Diesel turned around.

Diesel started focusing on the Intercontinental Title champion Razor Ramon (Scott Hall). Diesel and Razor clashed at April 13th, 1994.  Diesel won the match and the Intercontinental Title, and gave him the Snake Eyes on an unprotected turnbuckle.

After Diesel won the Intercontinental Title he was hungry for more gold, so he challenged then World Champion Bret Hart. They went toe to toe at King of the Ring. While Diesel dominated the match, Jim Neidhart interfered and caused Bret win by disqualification.

Sick and tired of Shawn Michaels’ constant interference in the matches, Razor got Walter Payton to assist him in the match against Diesel. At the end of the match, Diesel held Razor in place for the Sweet Chin Music from Shawn, but Razor moved out of the way and it knocked Diesel out, allowing Razor an easy win. The tension was getting worse between Diesel and Shawn, but they remained together as the Tag Team Champions.

At Survivor Series 1994, Diesel and Razor Ramon were involved in a five-on-five elimination match. Diesel dominated the match eliminating one member of Razor's team after another. In the end only Razor was left. Diesel held Razor up for the Sweet Chin Music from Michaels, but again Razor moved out of the way, and Diesel got the worse of it. When Diesel recovered he went after Shawn and chased him out of the arena. The team disbanded, and the next night, they were stripped of the Tag Team Title.

Two days later, World Champion Bob Backlund was scheduled to face Bret Hart at Madison Square Garden, but Bret was injured. Diesel replaced Hart.  The match lasted only 8 seconds.  With a boot to the face and a Jackknife Powerbomb, Diesel was declared the new WWF Champion.

Since Bret didn't get his shot at the World Title in Madison Square Garden, he was named the number one contender and would clash with Diesel at the Royal Rumble 1995.  Because of constant interferences in this match, the official declared a draw, and Diesel retained his title.

At WrestleMania, Diesel and Michaels faced off, and Diesel prevailed.  The next night, the two were scheduled for a rematch. Michael had an interview, in which he stated that he didn’t have a need for Sid, his new bodyguard. This naturally angered Sid, and he powerbombed Shawn three times before Diesel came to his rescue. With Shawn injured, Diesel wanted revenge for the incident.

Diesel and Sid met at In Your House I. Sid powerbombed Diesel, who landed on his elbow and injured it. But Diesel got up and Jackknifed Sid, retaining the WWF World Title.

When Michaels returned to WWF, he and Diesel got back together again, and they beat Yokozuna and British Bulldog for the Tag Team Title, but they had to give it back since they pinned an illegal man.

At Survivor Series 1995, Diesel fought Bret Hart once again. In the end, Bret fooled Diesel by pretending he was out cold. When Diesel went for the Jackknife, Bret cradled him, and won the title. Diesel couldn't stand defeat, so he Jackknifed Bret twice.

The Diesel of old was back. The next night, Diesel stated that he wouldn't be the corporate merchandising puppet of the WWF, and that he was going back to being the Diesel who made his mark at the Royal Rumble 1994.  He was going back to the Diesel who didn't care about the rules.

Some time after the next Royal Rumble, Diesel turned heel. During a tag match pitting Diesel and Michaels against Bret Hart and the Undertaker, Diesel went wild and attacked both his opponents with a chair, and also took out his frustrations on Shawn.

The Undertaker wanted revenge on Diesel. At In Your House 6, champion Bret faced Diesel in a cage match. When Diesel was about the win the match, the Undertaker suddenly appeared from a hole in the ring and took Diesel with him through the hole. The Undertaker tried putting Diesel in a casket, but Diesel destroyed it.

Diesel and Undertaker finally met at WrestleMania XII, but the Undertaker came out on top, despite being Jackknifed twice.

Some months earlier, Diesel and Razor Ramon had signed contracts with WCW. At Madison Square Garden, the two had their last matches in the WWF. Razor fought HHH, and Diesel fought Shawn Michaels. These four men were know as the Kliq, a group who had used their influence to play a big part in the booking department in WWF from 1994-1996. Hunter and Shawn won the matches. As a part of Razor and Diesel's send off, the Kliq broke kayfabe (the practice of keeping the inner workings of wrestling a secret) and celebrated in the ring, hugging and giving high-fives. With that, Nash left the WWF.




Scott Hall made his WCW debut in the inn the spring, stating, "We're taking over." The next week, when Hall called out the "Big Man," Kevin Nash appeared and together they got in the face of Eric Bischoff. Nash and Hall wanted to take on the best three wrestlers that the WCW could offer, but Bischoff said that they would have to wait until the Great American Bash to see if the WCW would accept. From then on, the team of Nash and Hall was known as the Outsiders.

At the Great American Bash, Bischoff said that the WCW would accept the Outsiders’ offer, but wouldn't tell them whom they would face at the Bash at the Beach. So Nash gave Bischoff a Jackknife Powerbomb off the stage.

The Outsiders came alone to the Bash at the Beach, where they would face Randy Savage, Sting and Lex Luger. The Outsiders dominated the match, and quickly injured Luger, who had to be carted away. Later, Sting also had to leave the match due to injury. The Outsiders had Savage at their mercy, when suddenly Hulk Hogan came to the ring.  Everyone thought that he came to the rescue of the WCW, but instead he did his big legdrop on Randy Savage and joined the Outsiders.

Together with Hogan, the Outsiders formed the New World Order. They took control of the broadcasting booth and they attacked several wrestlers. Hogan quickly won the WCW World Title with a little help from the Outsiders.

But the nWo wasn't finished terrorizing the top WCW wrestlers. Before War Games, they had a false Sting attack Lex Luger. This caused the WCW team to stop trusting one another, and the nWo easily won the War Games match at Fall Brawl.

At Halloween Havoc, the Outsiders got a shot at Harlem Heat, the Tag Team Champions. Nash and Hall proved to be too much for Harlem Heat, so they won the WCW World Tag Team Title.

The nWo gained complete control of WCW when they acquired the services of Eric Bischoff. At Souled Out, the Outsiders lost the title to the Steiner Brothers, but the next night Bischoff handed the belts back to the Outsiders, claiming that the wrong referee registered the three count.

A similar occurrence happened when the Giant and Lex Luger beat the Outsiders at SuperBrawl VII. This time the titles were returned because Lex Luger did not have clearance to wrestle. After this, the WCW decided to take away Bischoff's power.

In the spring of 1997, the Wolfpac (Nash, Hall and Syxx) claimed that “Tradition Bites” and that they were the real reason people watched wrestling. This didn’t sit well with Roddy Piper and Ric Flair, and the two groups began feuding. Nash used the infamous phrase "Bite Me" many times during this feud, but he had to dump it when Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield's ear.

The feud with the old generation of the WCW brought out the best of both parties. Flair, Piper, and Kevin Greene defeated the Wolfpac at Slamboree, but the Outsiders defeated Piper and Flair at the Great American Bash. Later in one of the funniest yet most insulting moments in wrestling history, Nash, Syxx, Konnan, and Buff Bagwell dressed up as the Horsemen and made fun of Arn Anderson's emotional retirement speech. This set up the War Games match at Fall Brawl, where the four nWo members went up against the Horsemen.

At World War 3, Nash was one of the favorites, but he was nowhere to be seen. He later came to the ring disguised as Sting, and sent the Giant to the floor with a baseball bat. Nash and the Giant began disputing which one was the true giant in the WCW. They were scheduled to battle each other at Starrcade, but Nash didn't make it. This caused the feud to heat up even more.

At Souled Out, the match finally took place. Unfortunately, the match didn't have the best ending. Nash went for the Jackknife, but something went wrong and the Giant landed right on his head. Nash went in and out of character before pinning the Giant. The Giant only suffered a mild concussion, but it was an ugly incident.

The WCW decided to make an angle out of the incident, so the next night they banned the use of the Jackknife Powerbomb. Every wrestler who used the move would be fined. That night, Nash stated that from then on he would be known as Big Sexy, The Giant Killer. He then Jackknifed Ray Traylor, and was then dragged from the ring in handcuffs.

At Nitro, February 9th, the Steiner Brothers defeated the Outsiders to win the WCW Tag Team Title, but their reign didn't last long. At SuperBrawl VIII the two teams clashed again, but Scott Steiner turned on his brother and gave the victory and the title to the Outsiders for a third time.

When the Giant returned, the feud heated up again. The two behemoths fought again at Uncensored, but the match was destroyed by outside interference. During the confusion, Nash cracked a baseball bat over the shoulder of the Giant, which set up the Bat Match between Nash & Hogan and Roddy Piper & the Giant at Spring Stampede.

During March, problems between Nash and Hogan were stirred up. In a main event on Thunder, against Lex Luger and Sting, the problems started when Hogan attacked Macho Man but Nash stopped him.

At Nitro there were more problems. This time Nash came to the ring to help Hogan attack Piper, but Piper dodged the attack and Nash got the full blow. The following week Hogan cost Nash the WCW World Title, when he attacked Sting and got Nash disqualified. The following week, the Jackknife was reinstated and Nash got a rematch against Sting. Nash was screwed again, this time by Bret Hart’s run-in after Nash hit the Jackknife.

At Spring Stampede, Hogan and Nash worked together well until the end of the match. Hogan went to hit Piper with a bat, but instead hit Nash. Despite this problem, the nWo team still got the win. After the match, Nash wanted to Jackknife the Giant, but Hogan hit him with the bat. In the main event between Randy Savage and Sting, Hogan interfered to try to cause Savage to lose, but Nash also got involved and blasted Sting with a Jackknife Powerbomb, which brought Savage the victory.

At Nitro, April 20th, Savage proclaimed Nash the new leader of the nWo. In the match between Savage and Hogan, Nash Jackknifed Hogan and showed that he was finished with Hogan. Despite the attack, Hogan still managed to win the WCW World Title with the help of Bret Hart’s attack on Nash.

On April 27th, Nash and Savage officially defected from the nWo. Nash stated that Savage had joined the Wolfpac and later welcomed Konnan as a member. The following Monday, Nash introduced Curt Hennig as a new member of the Wolfpac. At the May 11th Nitro, Hogan pulled an ace out of his sleeve, announcing that the Giant had joined his side. The Giant then pummeled Nash.

At Slamboree, Nash got another surprise. In their match against Sting and the Giant, Hall knocked out Nash with the title belt. The split up of Nash and Hall was one that many people had never seen coming. The next night, Nash saved Sting from a beating from the Giant, adding fuel to their seemingly undying feud.

On May 25th, the Giant, Vincent, and Brian Adams called out Nash. Nash accepted, but couldn’t handle fighting three against one. The Wolfpac and Lex Luger (oddly enough) cam to the rescue. After the smoke cleared, Nash offered Luger a spot in the Wolfpac, which Luger accepted. Later that night, Nash also invited Sting to join them. After the show went of the air, Sting accepted the shirt and gave the Wolfpac sign.

After Sting's victory at the Great American Bash over the Giant, Sting had to pick a partner to become WCW Tag Team Champion. Sting picked Nash as his tag team partner, and Nash became WCW Tag Team Champion for a fourth time. Later Sting teamed with Lex Luger due to Nash’s back problems.

On July 13, Nash was once again tricked by Scott Hall. Nash ran in to help Hall in his match against Hogan. Nash and Hall even made the Wolfpac sign, but Hall attacked Nash as he was about to Jackknife Hogan. The tension was continuing to grow between Nash and Hall.

Nash laid low after losing the Tag Team Title, but at Road Wild he entered the nWo battle royal. However, he only had Scott Hall on his mind, and when Hall was eliminated, Nash eliminated himself to get to Hall.

On September 14, Scott Hall wrestled a match against Lex Luger while "drunk." Nash came to ringside and asked Hall to come backstage, but Hall asked Nash where he had been when Hall's life was falling apart. Hall then vomited all over Eric Bischoff. The next week at Nitro, Nash and Luger were supposed to battle Hall and the Giant, but Hall was too drunk to make it. During the match Hall came to ringside and tried to fight Nash, but instead Nash challenged Hall to a match at Halloween Havoc.

The next week at Nitro, Nash was about to finish off Brian Adams, when Stevie Ray came to the ring and knocked Nash senseless. Hall then came out to join the beating. At the next Nitro, the Wolfpac went after Scott Hall. They searched for Hall in various bars around town, and when Nash found him in one, he shoved Hall’s head in the toilet.

A few weeks later, Nash seemed drunk during a match of himself, Luger, and Konnan Scott Hall, Scott Norton, and Stevie Ray. The former Outsiders toasted, and when they were tagged in they drank together. But when Hall turned his back on Nash, Nash revealed that his cup was empty and went on to destroy Hall.

At Halloween Havoc, Nash and Hall finally went at it, Hall dominated the first part of the match, but eventually it was realized that Nash wasn’t really trying. After a while, Nash decided to make a comeback and delivered two Jackknife Powerbombs to Hall, and left the ring without pinning him.

The next night at Nitro, Hall said that he wanted to patch things up with Kevin Nash, but it was only a set-up for an attack by the Giant, who threw Nash through a wall. On November 9, Nash and Luger called out Scott Hall and the Giant, but during the match, Bret Hart came to ringside and went to work on Nash's knee, causing Hall and the Giant to be disqualified.

On November 16, Hall punched Bischoff because he was sick of the nWo. Hogan saved Bischoff, but Nash saved Scott Hall. Nash then stated that he would see Hall at World War III.

The rematch between Hall and Nash never took place, because Bischoff sent his cronies out for Hall. Nash helped Hall fight them off, and Hall then showed the Wolfpac sign, but Nash already turned away. In the battle royal, Nash totally dominated. After a few minutes, he had disposed of 7 people. In the end Nash, Hall and Luger remained. Luger went after Hall, and then Nash eliminated both, earning himself a shot at Goldberg at Starrcade.

At Nitro the next night, Nash was in his taunting mode as he teased Goldberg at any given moment. Nash also stated that he didn't trust Hall, and later defeated Wrath, who had been previously undefeated. He also tried to get Goldberg, but security got between them.

On November 30, Scott Steiner and Horace challenged Scott Hall and a partner of his choice to a match. Nash stated that he wanted to tag with Hall. Nash and Hall worked well together and won the match, but Nash left the ring without bothering to get his hand raised.

On December 7, Goldberg had non-title match against Bam Bam Bigelow, which didn't sit well with Nash, who therefore interfered in the match. The next week on Nitro, Nash met Goldberg and Bigelow in a three-way dance, but the match didn't get a clean finish since Hall interfered.

The reunion of the Outsiders seemed to be coming soon when Nash helped Hall during a match with Goldberg. During the match, Nash distracted Goldberg and dragged Hall out of the ring before Goldberg could finish him off.

At Starrcade, Nash and Goldberg clashed in a no disqualification match for the WCW World Title. During the match Disco Inferno and Bam Bam Bigelow came to the ring, but Goldberg fended them off. Then, unseen by Kevin Nash, Scott Hall used a stun gun to shock Goldberg. Nash then delivered the Jackknife Powerbomb for the win, and became WCW World Champion.

The next night, Nash announced that he wasn't pleased with his win over Goldberg because of Hall’s interference. He then claimed that he was still friends with Scott Hall, and also mentioned he had respect for Goldberg. He demanded that the WCW Executive Committee grant Goldberg a Heavyweight Title rematch at the next Nitro.

Due to Goldberg’s arrest at the hands of nWo Hollywood, Nash instead challenged Hollywood Hogan to a match. Nash came to the ring with Scott Hall, who was wearing a Wolfpac shirt. When the match started, the two men circled around for a moment until Hogan poked Nash in the chest. Nash fell to the ground and Hogan covered him to win the title. Nash then got up hugged Hogan, Hall, and Scott Steiner. Goldberg then made it to ring, but the reformed nWo put him down with their stun gun, handcuffed him to the ropes, and spray-painted him.

At Thunder, the new and improved nWo came to the arena in red and black attire. Their intentions were clear, they only wanted one World Order, as they took out Psychosis of the Latino World Order, and later took care of La Parka. The same night, Hogan said that the nWo only had room for one giant, and that the Giant could get the spot it if he could defeat Nash at the next Nitro.

On January 11, the nWo kicked out Konnan. Later, Nash met the Giant for the right to be in the nWo. But the nWo never had any intentions of letting the Giant join them. Nash used a wrench to knock him out, and then the rest of the nWo came to the ring and stunned and spray-painted him.

A few weeks later, Nash and Hall took on Konnan and his new partner, Rey Mysterio, Jr. When Konnan captured Nash in the Tequila Sunrise, the nWo troops rushed out and quickly took out Konnan and Rey.

On February 1, Nash and Luger accepted Mysterio and Konnan’s challenge for a match at SuperBrawl. If Nash and Luger lost, Elizabeth would shave her head, but if Konnan and Rey lost, Rey would lose his mask.

At SuperBrawl, Nash teamed up with Scott Hall for the hair/mask match, because Luger had been injured earlier. Hall did most of the work for his team and secured his team the victory by delivering the Outsider’s Edge to Rey and rolling an unconscious Nash on top of him.

The next night, Nash made fun of Rey and offered him the mask back. Rey wasn't interested, but challenged Nash to a match. Kevin dominated the little guy and was about to plant him with the Jackknife Powerbomb when Rey pounded on Nash, causing both men to fall to the mat. Rey quickly covered Nash for the upset win.

On March 1, Nash asked Mysterio to join the Wolfpac. When Rey declined, Nash took his revenge by attacking him from behind during an interview. Nash later took on Rey in a match at Uncensored, in which Kevin dominated and won.

On March 15, Goldberg claimed that he was the number one contender for the new WCW champion, Ric Flair. This brought out Nash and later Hogan, who also claimed that they were the number one contenders. This resulted in a tag team match between the two Wolfpac members and Goldberg and Flair. The match ended in a no contest when the referee refused to make the count.

The next week on Nitro, Goldberg said he wanted an opponent for Spring Stampede and wanted a lottery to determine the opponent. Before he could draw, Nash made his way out and stated that he was the opponent. Later, Nash apparently struck a deal with Ric Flair, which didn't sit well with Hogan.

At Spring Stampede, Nash clashed with Goldberg. Kevin dominated the most of the match. However, when Nash went for the Jackknife, Goldberg countered with a low blow, and finished Nash off with the Jackhammer. The next night, Nash announced that the deal he had made with Flair was a shot at the World title at Slamboree.

On April 26, Diamond Dallas Page lost the WCW World Title to Sting. This didn't sit well with Kevin, who then challenged Sting, DDP, and Goldberg to a four-way dance later in the show. During the match, Randy Savage helped Page to get the win and regain his championship.

At Slamboree, Nash took on Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW World Title. After a back-and-forth match, Nash planted Page with the Jackknife, but Randy Savage interfered to cause a disqualification. But Eric Bischoff came to the ring and ordered Savage away from the ringside area and said that the match should restart. The match then went back and forth again, until Nash kicked a chair into DDP's head. Kevin then followed up with a second Jackknife to win the match and start his second WCW World Title reign.

On the Tonight Show, Kevin Nash challenged Bret Hart to a match, putting up a bet of $250,000. Kevin Nash was scheduled to go up against Bret Hart at the Tonight Show on May 24, but due to Owen Hart's tragic death the day before, the match didn't take place. Instead, Nash showed up at Nitro, where he was attacked by Randy Savage, who knocked him unconscious and smearing his face with lipstick.

On May 31, Savage mocked Big Sexy again when he beat up a guy dressed as Nash. But Kevin got his revenge when he blocked Savage’s limo’s exit with a truck. He then proceeded to stick a hose in the sunroof and pump sewage into the limo.

The next week, Savage brought a bucket of sewage to the ring with him to pour on Nash, but Nash outsmarted Savage and poured the sewage on his head. Later, Savage's entourage invited Nash into a limo. When he got in, they slammed the door and a hummer-jeep rammed the limousine several times. A dazed Nash broke the window and attempted to open the door, but the handle was broken.

When it was time for their match at the Great American Bash, Nash came to the ring and it appeared that his ribs were heavily taped. Savage's women did all they could to interfere in the match, but when Savage hit the big elbow drop Nash kicked out and delivered the Jackknife Powerbomb. This got Savage's entourage in the ring, but Nash fended them off. Then Sid Vicious showed up and powerbombed Nash, causing a disqualification.

Over the next few weeks, Nash tried to find out who drove the hummer that rammed him in the limo. One night on Nitro, Nash questioned Sting about the hummer incident, but Sting told Kevin that he didn't had anything to do with it. At the next Thunder, Nash stated that he knew that Sting was the driver of the hummer was in cahoots with Sid and Savage. Unfortunately, Nash would have to team up with Sting at Bash at the Beach against Savage and Sid.

On June 28, had to fight David Flair in a lumberjack match, in which the lumberjacks would all be Nash's enemies. When the match started, the lumberjacks immediately attacked Nash. David then put Nash in the figure four, but Kevin kicked out and started to dominate the youngster. Arn Anderson then nailed Nash, but ended up with a fist in his mouth. The lumberjacks attacked again and David ended up with a stun gun. However, Kevin got it from him and started stunning every one in sight. Kevin then kidnapped Gorgeous George and Torrie, and meanwhile saw "Sting" in a hummer from the rear-view mirror of his car.

On July 5, Nash tested the patience of Randy Savage by challenging Sid to a title match and presenting Gorgeous George in a white skirt and cut-off Nash T-shirt. During the match, the fake Sting attacked Nash. When Kevin was knocked out, the real Sting cleared the ring and helped Nash to his feet, but Kevin responded with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Then he simply left the ring.  At Thunder, Kevin announced that he would put his Word Title up for grabs at Bash at the Beach in the tag team match.

At Bash at the Beach, Nash and Sting were clearly not getting along. During the match Gorgeous George delivered a low blow to Nash, who was then slammed to the mat by Sid. Savage followed up with a big elbow drop to win the match and the WCW World Title.

The next night, Nash helped Hulk Hogan (a face once again) win the gold from Savage. Kevin then challenged Hogan to a title match at Road Wild.

On July 19, Kevin made his feud with Hollywood personal when he attacked Hogan’s nephew Horace, and aligned himself with Rick Steiner. Later Kevin attacked Hogan during a match against Sid. Sting came to the rescue, but Rick Steiner stopped him. It appeared as though Kevin had formed a pact with Sid and Rick Steiner.

The week before Road Wild, Nash, Sid, and Rick Steiner battled Hogan, Sting and Goldberg. Hogan had already said that he would put his career on the line at Road Wild, and Nash agreed do the same if Hogan’s team won their match on Nitro. When it was time for the match, Hogan showed up in his red and yellow Hulkamania gear. At the end of the match, Hogan knocked out all his opponents with a steel chair. Sting then put an unconscious Nash in the Scorpion Deathlock to secure the win.

At Road Wild, it was career vs. career as Nash and Hogan squared off. Kevin methodically wore Hogan down, and was on his way to end Hulkamania with the Jackknife Powerbomb when Hogan kicked out, hulked up, and ended the match with a big legdrop thereby ending Kevin's career. However, Nash would reappear in the WCW a few months later.

On October 4, Nash and Hall returned to Nitro, but only as a part of the audience. They wouldn't tell their plans, but did say that they were getting “the band back together.”  Two weeks later, the Outsiders taunted Goldberg and were then escorted out of the arena. Later, at Halloween Havoc, Nash and Hall attacked Goldberg as he made his entrance for his match against Sid.

On October 25, the Outsiders had their first match - against 3 girls. Nash and Hall were history after the girls promised to take their shirts off if the Outsiders would lie down for the pin. However, this was all a set-up as Goldberg then came to the ring and speared both men. Nash and Hall however got the last laugh as they together with Sid flattened Goldberg and caused him to loose the WCW US Title.

On November 15, Nash dressed up as Sid Vicious and taunted the big lummox. Sid then made his way out and challenged Kevin to a match, and a little later the Powers That Be announced that Nash's retirement had been lifted. Nash finally clashed with Sid in a tough match, and just as Sid was getting ready to plant Nash with a Powerbomb, Scott Hall attacked and he and Nash manhandled Sid until Goldberg came and speared them.

The Outsiders made their presence known at WCW Mayhem when they interfered in the main event. This brought out Goldberg, and the three men brawled down the aisle and to the back, where the Outsiders’ strength in numbers proved to be too much for Goldberg.

On November 29, the Outsiders challenged Goldberg/Sid and Benoit/Hart to a three-way tag-team cage match. The match was totally chaos. In the end, Jeff Jarrett came to the ring and nailed special referee Roddy Piper with a guitar and gave the Outsiders some handcuffs. While Nash handcuffed Bret Hart to the cage, Chris Benoit climbed to the top of the cage, delivered the Swan Dive Headbutt to Scott Hall, and won the match for his team. Hall then delivered the Outsider’s Edge to Goldberg, and the Outsiders and Jarrett continued their assault on the faces as the show went off the air.

On December 13, the Outsiders challenged Bret Hart and Goldberg to a match for the WCW Tag Team Title. Someone later attacked Bret in his dressing room, so Goldberg had to defend the title himself. The Outsiders had the advantage, and when Goldberg’s bad knee buckled Nash pinned him and scored the victory, winning the WCW Tag Team Title.

At Starrcade, Kevin Nash squared off against Sid Vicious in a Powerbomb Match. Fortunately, the official was knocked out when Sid powerbombed Nash. Then Jarrett came out and smashed Sid with a guitar, and Nash simply told the referee that he had powerbombed Sid when he wasn’t looking to secure the win.

The next night, Nash (apparently breaking kayfabe) made some unflattering comments about the Powers, regarding the fact that Goldberg had been screwed in his match at Starrcade. Later that night, The Outsiders made their way to the ring during a match between Goldberg and Hart for the vacant WCW World Title. It appeared as if Nash and Hall were going to nail Bret with the baseball bats they had brought, but took out Goldberg instead. Nash then handed Bret a bat and he whacked Goldberg again. Then someone pulled out a couple cans of spray-paint, the familiar nWo music hit the speakers, Hall painted a the familiar symbol on Goldberg’s back, and Nash declared that the band was back together.

On December 27, the Outsiders were stripped off the WCW Tag Team Title when Scott Hall didn't show up to the arena on time. They were allowed to participate in a tournament for the vacated Title, and their first match was against Sid and the Wall. But come match time, Hall was nowhere to be seen. Bret Hart helped Nash win the match by attacking the Wall with a baseball bat. After the match, Scott Steiner made his way out with a baseball bat and took out Sid, joining the nWo in the process. The nWo celebrated, put Sid in his car, and drove over the car with the new nWo Monster Truck.

On January 6, Nash challenged the new commissioner Terry Funk to a match for the commissionership at Souled Out. Nash later attacked Funk in his match against Bret Hart, and Nash Jackknifed Funk through the set.

On January 10, Funk booked a match in which Nash would face Hart. If they took it easy on each other, they would be suspended for a year without pay and Bret would be stripped of his title. The two nWo members tore into each other, but Funk had a plan. Arn Anderson attacked Nash with a lead pipe, and Sid delivered two powerbombs to Bret. Meanwhile, Terry Funk used a flaming branding iron to brand Nash on the stomach.

At Souled Out, Nash clashed with Funk for the commissionership. Big Sexy dominated the Hardcore Legend and within minutes Funk found himself Jackknifed through a table. Nash then climbed in the ring and told Funk that if he could get in the ring he would win. Funk did it, but Kevin said he had lied, and continued fighting. He soon Jackknifed Funk through three chairs to become the new WCW commissioner.

A few weeks later, Sid faced Nash for the vacant WCW World Title. The commissioner decided that the powerbomb was not allowed in the match, giving Sid a handicap. Jarrett tried to help Nash, but Sid took his guitar and nailed Nash with it. Sid then pinned him and became WCW World Champion.

At Thunder, Nash stripped Sid of his newly won WCW World Title, citing that Sid had pinned the wrong man in the match determining who would face Nash. He then stated that a new champion would be crowned in a caged heat match pitting Sid against Kevin and Ron Harris. Nash and Ron dominated, but somehow Sid was able to fight back, applying the Crippler Crossface for the win and the WCW World Title.

Nash was injured at a house show in late January, so he gave the possession of acting commissioner to Jeff Jarrett. Nash had injured his ankle when he slipped on some ice. As expected with Kevin Nash, who once claimed to have had a "heart attack" shortly after being asked to do a job to the Giant at Starrcade, his injury is being greeted with skepticism. Nash was assigned to upcoming house shows, including a Germany tour. Nash wasn't thrilled about doing those shows, and some thing his injury is a convenient way to get out of the shows.

On April 10, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo took control of the WCW and declared war on the established stars. Nash, returning after two months on the shelf, made his way out on crutches for an interview but was attacked by newcomer Mike Awesome.

At Spring Stampede, Nash got some revenge by nailing Awesome with a crutch and winning their match. The next night, Nash again got the better of Awesome, when he Jackknifed him through a table.

At Thunder, the Millionaire’s Club, the group of established WCW talent including Nash, attacked Bischoff and Russo in the parking lot. This incident got them booked in matches fought under New York rules, which meant the wrestlers had to count their own pin fall. Kevin came to help Ric Flair, when Kidman, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Konnan attacked him. Hogan and Mike Awesome also entered the fray and Nash Jackknifed powerbombed Awesome. The night ended with a battle royal for the right to face the WCW World Champion at the Great American Bash - Ric Flair ended up as the winner.

On May 8, Nash and Hogan challenged the Filthy Animals (Kidman, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio Jr.) and Juvi to a Street Fight. Hogan chased the Animals to the back, so Nash was left fighting Juvi, whom was easily finished off with the Jackknife. Meanwhile, the Animals assaulted Hogan and threw him in the trunk of a car.

On May 24, Nash and Scott Steiner got a shot against Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Title. Before the match Russo made himself the special guest referee for the match, but Nash chased him out of the arena. Russo made his way back, and Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner attacked Scott Steiner and the three brawled to the back. When Nash had the match won, Russo pulled out the new referee. Soon, Steiner returned and made sure that Russo didn't interfere, as Kevin Jackknifed Jeff Jarrett to win the WCW World Title.

On May 29, Nash thanked Steiner for helping him and handed over the WCW World Title to Ric Flair, saying that he thought the Nature Boy deserved it.

A few weeks later, Nash was put in a gauntlet match against the New Blood for a shot at the WCW World Title at Bash at the Beach. Big Sexy dominated the match until he was attacked by several members at once. Goldberg then came to the rescue, and he and Nash cleaned house.

At the Great American Bash, Nash clashed against Jarrett for the WCW World Title. The Filthy Animals attacked Nash when the referee was down, but he fended them off. Kevin then hit Jarrett with the title belt and went for the pin, but the Cat, who served as referee, wouldn’t make the count. The New Blood then hit the ring, but Goldberg came to the ring and cleared it out. But just when Nash thought he was safe, Goldberg turned on him and speared him, and Jarrett won the match.

The next week, Nash challenged the Cat to a match for the rights to Scott Hall's contract. The Cat agreed after Kevin threatened to break his back. Nash was in complete control and finished him off with a Jackknife. When Nash got a hold of the contract it turned out to be pictures of the Cat. On the back there was a picture of Goldberg challenging Nash to come get some at the Bash at the Beach.

On June 26, Nash would square off against Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and Goldberg for the WCW World Title, but before the match Goldberg attacked Nash in the back. When Nash finally made it to the ring, he almost destroyed the heels, but ended up getting pinned.

At the Bash at the Beach, Nash took on Goldberg for Scott Hall's contract. After Goldberg hit the ring post with a spear, Nash went for the Jackknife, but Scott Steiner attacked him. Then Goldberg hit the spear and the Jackhammer to win the match. After the match, Scott Steiner attacked Kevin again and put him in the Steiner Recliner.

On July 17, Kevin came to the ring during a match pitting Goldberg against Scott Steiner. Nash came with a beer in hand, Jackknifed Goldberg, Jackknifed Steiner, and left with his beer.

 At New Blood Rising, it was announced that Goldberg was injured in a serious motorcycle accident the day before and it was uncertain if he would participate in his match with Nash and Steiner. Goldberg's music played twice, but he didn't show up, so Nash and Steiner started the battle. Shortly later, Goldberg made his way out, and took the battle to his enemies. When Nash was about to hit the Jackknife, Goldberg simply walked away. When Vince Russo came out to confront him, Goldberg simply told him to fuck off. Nash and Steiner continued their battle, and Nash hit the Jackknife to win the match and the spot as number one contender.

On August 16, Nash went to the ring and spoke about how he would become champion. Champion Booker T came out to accept the challenge, and the two raised each other's hands, but then Nash turned on Booker and Jackknifed him.

On August 28, Nash made his way to the arena alongside Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Vince Russo. Nash claimed that he didn't give a damn about the fans and said he would become the next WCW World Champion. Russo then made a title match later that night between Nash and Booker T. When Booker T hit the Bookend, Jarrett smashed a guitar on Booker’s head. Nash then hit the Jackknife on Booker T and made the cover, becoming the WCW World Champion.

On September 4, Nash wasn't too thrilled with the fact that his World Title was on line in the War Games 2000 match later that night. The objective of the War Games 2000 match was to get to the third floor of the cage, get the title, and get out of the cage. The match pitted Sting, Booker T, Goldberg and Kronic against Vince Russo, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and the Harris Boys. Goldberg was handcuffed to the ropes, but he broke lose and took the title from Nash, but as Goldberg was about to exit the cage, Bret Hart showed up and slammed the door in Goldberg's face. Nash then took the belt and walked out victorious with Russo, proving that it was all a part of their plan.

At Fall Brawl, Kevin Nash squared off against Booker T in a cage match. The match was surprisingly short, because when Nash went for the Jackknife, Booker escaped and hit the Bookend to win the match and the WCW World Title.

The next night, Nash wanted a rematch with Booker T, but Russo booked Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner against Nash and himself for the title shot. Big Sexy wasn’t happy with this decision, so he simply left the arena.

On October 16, Nash clashed against Sting in a Lumberjack match. Of course the heel lumberjacks helped Nash, and it was Jarrett’s attack on Sting that allowed Nash to win the match.

On November 6, Nash challenged Booker T to a match for the WCW World Title. As Nash went for the Jackknife, Shawn Stasiak of the Natural Born Thrillers (the team Nash had been coaching to victory) turned on Nash, who was then easy pickings for Booker.

On November 9, Nash was scheduled to take on Shawn Stasiak. The Thrillers came with him, but they ended up being in Stasiak’s corner, turning on Nash and beating him down.

On November 20, Nash came out and said that he had 13 months left on his contract and that he had someone to watch his back in the meantime. The Thrillers then came out and jumped him, but then DDP, the man whom Nash had spoken about, came out to the rescue.

At WCW Mayhem, Nash and Page took on Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak for the WCW Tag Team Title. Nash and Page dominated for most parts of the match and when Nash hit the Jackknife on Stasiak they got the win and became the new WCW Tag Team Champions.

The next night, Nash and Page gave a shout out to Scott Hall, by naming their team the Insiders. The Insiders then took on Mark Jindrak and Sean O´Haire from the Thrillers. It was a good match, but when Page hit the Diamond Cutter, Sanders pulled out the referee. Then the Thrillers came out and beat down the champions and reclaimed Tag Team Title.

On December 12, the Insiders clashed against the Perfect Event and Jindrak and O'Haire in a three-way dance. The Insiders had their difficulties against the heels, and eventually both men were knocked out cold. Palumbo later got the win for the Perfect Event by pinning DDP’s unconscious body.

At Starrcade, the Insiders took on Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo for the WCW Tag Team Title. It was a tough fight and Nash and Page worked well together. During the match Jindrak and O'Haire came down, but Page and Kevin took care of them. Nash then Jackknifed Palumbo to get the win and the WCW Tag Team Title.

On January 8, the Insiders participated in a Massacre Match against the Natural Born Thrillers. After a beatdown, the Insiders came back with a Diamond Cutter on Palumbo and a powerbomb on O'Haire to win the match.

At WCW Sin, the Insiders clashed against Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire. It was a good match, but due to the interference from Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger, O'Haire hit the Seanton bomb to get the win.

After their loss at Sin, the Insiders went their separate ways.  At Superbrawl Revenge the next month, Nash met Scott Steiner in a retirement match for the WCW World Title.  It was a fierce match until new CEO Ric Flair’s troops came out and attacked Nash. With this loss, Nash was forced to retire from wrestling yet again.

Nash’s retirement was simply part of a storyline, and he was scheduled to return a few months later. However, when WCW was sold to the WWF, Nash’s contract was not picked up, so Nash was forced to sit on the sidelines until his contract expired on December 31, 2001.




            After January 1, 2002, rumors began flying that Kevin Nash would sign with the WWF.  However, Nash made two statements that claimed that the rumors were all false and that he hadn’t met with any WWF officials.

            However, in the following weeks, WWF owner Vince McMahon made hints that the nWo were coming to the WWF. As time went on, his hints became less and less subtle, until he announced it outright.

            The WWF described the nWo as a cancer, whose only purpose would be to kill the WWF. Vince made this point very clear, and stated that the beginning of the end would start at No Way Out.

            At No Way Out, Nash, Hall, and Hogan returned to the WWF after years of being away. In fact, the only one of them who had wrestled in the past year was Hall. For most of the night, the three men only wandered the halls and taunted other wrestlers.  But they got their share of action later that night, when they attacked and spraypainted Steve Austin during his match for the Undisputed WWF/WCW Title.

            The next night, the nWo refused to fight Austin, but instead got him arrested, since he wouldn’t leave the ring until they would answer his challenge. But they did do some damage to the Rock. After making the match of a lifetime for WrestleMania, Hogan vs. the Rock, the nWo brutally beat the rock down with a hammer. Later, when the Rock was wheeled to an ambulance, the nWo chased away the paramedics and plowed into the emergency vehicle with a semi truck, severely injuring the Rock.

            Over the next few weeks, Nash was the quiet member of the nWo, as Hogan and Hall prepared for their WrestleMania matches against the Rock and Austin, respectively. On every televised wrestling event between No Way Out and WrestleMania, these five men had at least one or two altercations.

            On March 11, Nash had his first match in a WWF ring in more than six years. It was a handicap match pitting the nWo against Austin and the Rock. The nWo showed much more teamwork than their competitors, and after the fight was brought down to the floor, Hogan pinned the Rock for the win.

            At WrestleMania, Nash didn’t have a match, but he was very active throughout the night. First, he interrupted the match between Hall and Austin, but it was to no avail. Austin fought back and beat Hall despite Nash’s help.

Later, Hogan told Hall and Nash not to interfere in his match against the Rock. The match was incredible. For some reason, the fans were cheering for Hogan, the evil leader of the nWo, more than the Rock. After a forty-minute match, Hogan Hulked Up and delivered a legdrop, but the Rock kicked out, delivered a Rock Bottom, and won. After the match, instead of throwing a fit, Hogan extended his arm to the Rock, and the two men shook hands and congratulated each other. This brought out Nash and Hall. The two men viciously attacked Hogan, until the Rock came to his aid and drove the men from the ring.

            The next night, Hogan came out and received a huge ovation from the crowd. Then, at the urging of the Rock, Hogan tore off his nWo shirt, showing that he was through with the group. This brought out Hall and Nash. Nash was more emotional than fans had ever seen him, screaming at Hogan. Nash said that Hogan had turned on the nWo long before the nWo had turned on him. He said that the plan of the nWo was to take out one person at a time. But Hogan was too selfish and egomaniacal to see this. He had to hog the glory by fighting the Rock, therefore ruining the nWo’s chance to destroy their real target, Austin. Nash and Hall then challenged Hogan and the Rock to a tag match later that night.

            The match was back-and-forth. Both teams showed considerable teamwork, but the Outsiders clearly had more experience tagging together. At the end of the match, Hogan set Hall up for the pin. But as the ref counted, Nash pulled Hall out, and the two men backed themselves down the entrance ramp, refusing to come back and fight. Rock and Hogan won by countout, but it was evident that the war had just begun.

            On Smackdown, the main event was Kevin Nash versus the Rock. Of course, Nash was accompanied to the ring by Scott Hall. As the match started, the Rock attacked Nash, but Nash leveled him. Nash continued to dominate for the rest of the match, until the Rock finally broke out of Nash’s bear hug and delivered the Rock Bottom. Rocky then hit the People’s Elbow, but Scott Hall broke up the pin, disqualifying Nash. Rock attempted to fight the two men off, but eventually Nash was able to powerbomb the Rock through the announce table, knocking him out. Then Hogan came to the ring and attacked the Outsiders, but suddenly, X-Pac ran down to the ring wearing an nWo shirt and carrying a chair and attacked Hogan. The three men took turns attacking Hogan, and spraypainted the nWo sign on his back as the show went off the air.

            The next week on Raw, the WWF was split into two brands- Raw and Smackdown. The nWo were surprisingly Ric Flair’s second pick, so they would go on to only appear on Raw. Meanwhile, the Rock and Hogan were both drafted to Smackdown, so they decided to take on the nWo in a handicap match on their last Raw appearance. The match went back and forth, until Kane came out and attacked the nWo. The nWo backed out of the ring, and it was announced that they had won due to disqualification.

            One week later, Ric Flair’s new Raw debuted. Nash didn’t do much except help interfere in X-Pac’s match against Kane.

            The next week, Ric Flair threatened the nWo, saying that he wouldn’t put up with abuse like McMahon would. Nash’s simply laughed and pushed Flair away, but then Flair suspended Nash “indefinitely, without pay.” Nash was then escorted out of the building.