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Hey Im feeln wild bring it on... Can't wait to wrestle and slut my way thru the states once again..
Entry for February 21, 2007

Hi Guys!

I decided to put this blog on my page because I finally figured it out once I got past my tits! I've been packing for six months and finally moving this weekend. I'm still staying in the Hudson Valley because I am a native and I am central to everything important to me.

  This past six months I have lost a mother and my son has heart problems, so my brain was clouded for awhile. The only thing I seem to be good at is making real live appointments. I don' t want to sell things through the  mail for sale anymore because I can't keep up with it. However,I still will sign copies of old issues of Juggs, Voluptous or whatever other magazines or photos you have. Just send a self-addressesd envelope with your letter and $10.00 per signature of each photo. That's the only thing  I want to do through mail anymore. That way everybody is covered.

Still feel free to send any cards or letters at anytime because I still want to hear from my fans and potential job employment or people who want to do films with me. I'm probably going to be visiting Boston and Ohio sometime between March and April but mostly I'm going to be working on fast instant videos for you to purchase and look at on my own site. So, by May everything, knock on wood, should be put in place.

   If you happen to be an artist of any kind, and you want to use me in a project, painting,sculpting,acting, modeling etc., I'm willing to give it a shot if you send me proper documentation and the idea has some value or merit.

   One more thing I am in the market for is an agent. A GOOD ONE!


   I wish you all the best and look forward to smothering you in the coming year. They need a new Big Blonde in the media world so come on guys, I can form sentences!

Blessed Be!

Cumm and Kisses!

Rock Rose


2007-02-21 18:11:41 GMT
Comments (6 total)
Rock - Glad to see that you are back :) I will keep you and your son in my thoughts! Peter
2007-02-24 16:18:53 GMT
wow, you have been thru alot and you still continue to entertain us. Well I appreciate everything you do for me and look forward to your future endevours.I hope everything turns out well with your son, I'm proof that todays technology and doctors are a marvel at their work.
--Wayne (toronto,Canada)
2007-03-07 16:12:50 GMT
Hey Rose,
My condolences on your Mother & I hope for the best with your son's health. That should always be the main focus (family) and I wouldn't have known this unless I looked @
Always loved your stuff and your sexy yet comical attitude in u'r vids. Please keep it up and best of luck with any venture in the future!
JSK (Boston!)
2007-03-08 22:28:11 GMT
wow.I`d like to know and see more from you ,natural

2007-03-12 14:32:31 GMT
looking sexy when canwe wrestle in battlecreek michigan
2008-04-15 18:38:25 GMT
aloha ohana should always be placed first family is the most important gift the great spirit gives us namaset and osiyo myfriend
2008-04-15 18:42:27 GMT