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Hey Im feeln wild bring it on... Can't wait to wrestle and slut my way thru the states once again..
Entry for March 16, 2007
Hello , I just wanted to say that music is a very huge part of my life and there's alot out there right now and for the past three years I have feel in love with a songwriter

" Michael Franti" he writes and performs with spearhead. What a combination of musicains! When I listen to him I feel like iam lifted and it's almost like wow he says what I feel and practice in my everyday living. I love the healing power that music can bring to people.

Pray for Grace....Song by Michael Franti and Spearhead

off "Everyone Deserves Music"

2007-03-16 11:41:07 GMT
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as long as it makes u feel good and depressed theres nothing rong with it....!!!
2007-03-16 12:33:20 GMT