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Hey Im feeln wild bring it on... Can't wait to wrestle and slut my way thru the states once again..
Entry for March 24, 2007
Hello , Just wanted to tell everyone that I tried out for Last Comic Standing.
I don't think I was very funny but the whole experience was funny! Ant was nice and so was Alonzo but the lady just could not handle my tits! So I never even really got to my jokes but I ended it with my signature split and said trimspa babe! Listen life sucks enough so why not take some harmless chances in life..Hey you never know what can happen. Bill Beleme was a excellent host and interveiwed me a couple of times,sorry if I spelled your last name wrong Bill. You are great at what you do ,keep it up! I also wanted to thank all the people who were concerned with my son. He is doing great and things are looking up for me and my whole family.  Happy Spring and Blessed Be, ROCK

2007-03- 26,27 .... NYC
2007-04- 17,18,19 .... Ohio,Cleveland

2007-04- 25,26,27 .... California,LA

2007-05- 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Amsterdam

2007-05- 18,19,20 South France (Nice)
2007-03-24 15:33:11 GMT
Comments (6 total)
im ilove with your puppys
2007-03-24 15:51:35 GMT
gawdddddddd those r huge hunny.........i love em
2007-03-24 19:53:35 GMT
i thought this blog is about something else not about your tits and how good they look dont get me wrong there nice but thats not what the blog is about all i want to say is im greatful to hear your son is doin well and its great that you had the opertunity wish i was in your heels lol but you keep doin your thang and wish you the best in life
$ecret $in
2007-03-25 02:10:07 GMT
nice nipple
2007-03-26 15:27:49 GMT
Well Rock, glad to see that things are on the up and up somewhat. I am glad things are better for your son also. I hope all goes well in the future for ya. Take care
2007-04-09 15:27:00 GMT
Hey thats way cool Rose you tried out for last comic standing. And, ending it with Trimspa baby takes the cake. F em if they can't take a joke. That Kathrine lady is so not funny its actually funny to hear her ramble.
I watched last comic standing the other night and quickly they showed the clip of you doing the split. Actually afew times they showed it! I knew immediatly it must have been you. Didn't see the episode you were in and for all I know it could have been aired?
Thanks to my buddy BC for drawing my attention to your site where you posted this. I just posted on Dio's site questioning if it was you. Rock on Rose!!!
(Beantown boy JSK)

2007-07-12 20:38:53 GMT