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Hey Im feeln wild bring it on... Can't wait to wrestle and slut my way thru the states once again..
Entry for April 22, 2008

Hello everyone.. Just wanted to update you with some new dates..

Please view my site  . There will be new

content soon. Hope you are all enjoying the spring.

April  28-30    NYC


May 6-8      NYC, Queens


May 14-15   Atlantic City


May 20-21  Cleveland ,Ohio


May 22      Detroit


May 23-24    Chicago


May 26      Sioux,Iowa


May 28-29  Denver,Colorado


May 31  Los Vegas


June 1  Los Vegas


June 2-5  Burbank California


Blessed Be, Rockrose

2008-04-22 16:08:10 GMT
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what a big tits
2008-10-17 18:55:34 GMT