Wrestling8 - 9 to 5 wrestling, WCW, ECW, WWF and some independants
Welcome to Wrestling8
This page is a wrestling page.
On this page you will find the following type of wrestlers

Gothic wrestlers (Sting, Vampiro)
Grunge type wrestlers (The Hardyz, Kidman)
Death wrestlers (Undertaker, Kane)
Psychos (Mankind, Al Snow)
Hardcore Wrestlers (Steve Blackman, Raven)
and some of the kick ass (Kevin Nash, Chyna)
E-Mail Addresses
Here is a list of people that I might put up and why.

Crash - He's pretty cool and now that he and Bob Holly are over he's only going to get better.
Gangrel - He used to be great but it's all getting old.
Billy Gunn - One of Two of the D-X members I like
Nova - He's teeter totering