The First Match

All the hard work, all the training, all the effort finally pays off. When you heard Vince McMahon's voice on the other end of that telephone, you knew that you'd got your chance. He told you what he wants straight, he wants you to get the victory. A win is essential. The match may not be the first thought on the fans' minds, what with that big HHH/Rock/Austin storyline developing, right here on Superstars. But there is only one thing on your mind as finally your music hits for the first time EVER, and that's the match. What will I do? What if I screw it up? Negative thoughts run through your mind as you start down the walkway, and the fans are deafening. Your opponent is in the ring already, it's the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. 

He's coming back from an injury, and will probably look to score an easy victory tonight. As you enter the ring and the bell sounds, you wonder what form of attack you should start with in this match...
Do you try and catch him early with speedy moves, or try to match his strength?