The Rock (you) vs The Undertaker, Thursday Night SmackDown!

Author: Simon Melling

"Dead Man Walking........ Keep Rollin'..."

The Undertaker's music hits as the Deadman rides down to ringside on his bike. He goes around the ring, pausing momentarily to stare at Michael Cole as he utters the words "Respect me, Boy". He continues round the ring before parking his bike up on the ramp. He gets off his bike and enters the ring. He raises his right arm. The fans seem to be giving him a mixed reception, most of them, however, seem to be booing him.

Then suddenly.... "IF YA SMEEELLLL.....WHAT THE ROCK.....IS COOKING!!"

The fans go wild as your music roars around the arena. The People's Champ is walking down to the ring, always talking trash, and the cheers are deafening. You climb the ropes and look around at the millions... AND millions of the Rock's fans, before turning and staring a hole right through The Undertaker, still talking trash. You climb down, as the bell sounds to start the match.

Do you....

Run up to him and throw the first punch

Square up to the Deadman, STILL talking trash