History of Kurt Angle WWE 1999-2006 73 DVDs

This comp was originally done on VHS by Jay Amarii, it is everything to DVD (corey291). Every RAW, Smackdown, ECW TV, and PPV appearance of your Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle. Every interview, promo and match is included. From his first promo with the company, to his final televised match against Sabu on ECW and everything in between. Very Good quality throughout.

2 disks
1. Kurt Angle Promo # 1 2. Kurt Angle Promo # 2
3. Kurt Angle Promo # 3
4. Survivor Series 1999: Debut VS. Shawn Stasiak
5. RAW Nov. 15: VS. The Godfather
6. S.D. Nov. 18: VS. Gangrel
7. RAW Nov. 22: VS. Mark Henry
8. S.D. Nov. 25: VS. DLo Brown
9. RAW Nov. 29: VS. Val Venis
10. S.D. Dec. 2: Angle and Blackman VS. The Headbangers
11. RAW Dec. 6: Angle & Blackman VS. The Hardy Boyz
12. S.D. Dec. 9: Angle & Blackman VS. The Dudley Boyz
13. Armageddon Dec. 12: VS. Steve Blackman
14. S.D. Dec. 16: VS. Test
15. RAW Dec. 20: VS. Viscera
16. S.D. Dec. 23: VS. Edge
17. RAW Dec. 27: VS. The Headbangers
18. S.D. Dec. 30: VS. Rikishi
19. RAW Jan. 3, 2001: VS. KANE
20. S.D. Jan.6: VS. The Rock
21. RAW Jan. 10: Angle/Blackman VS. The Hardy Boyz
22. S.D Jan 13: Angle/Blackman VS. Edge & Christian
23. RAW Jan. 17: VS. Steve Blackman
24. S.D. Jan 20: Angle/Bulldog VS. Al Snow & Blackman
25. Royal Rumble 2000: VS. TAZZ (DEBUT)
26. RAW Jan 24 Int. Kurt Angle/Tazz
27. S.D. Jan 27 Angle attacks Tazz
28. RAW Jan 31: INT. w/Angle; Angle VS. The Rock
29. S.D. Feb 3 Triple Threat Match: Angle/Tazz/The Rock
30. RAW Feb. 7: VS. Mark Henry
31. S.D. Feb 10: European Title Match: Angle VS. Val Venis (Kurts first Title Win)
32. RAW Feb 14: Promo with Angle and Chris Jericho
33. S.D. Feb 17: VS. Chyna
34. RAW Feb 21: Angle/Bulldog VS. Chris Jericho & Chyna
35. S.D Feb 24 Promo: Angle/Jericho/Big Show/The Rock; Tag-Match The Rock and Jericho
36. VS. Angle and The Big Show
37. No Way Out Feb. 27, 2000: (I.C. Title) - Kurt Angle VS. Chris Jericho

2 disks
1. RAW Feb. 28, 2000: VS. Rikishi
2. S.D March 2, 2000: VS. Slaughter
3. RAW March 6,2000: VS. Chris Jericho (Bob Backlund interfears)
4. S.D. March 9, 2000: VS. Tazz
5. RAW March 13, 2000: Angle VS. Tazz VS. Jericho 6. S.D. March 16, 2000: Angle & Bob Backlund VS. Tazz & Chris Jericho
7. RAW March 20, 2000: Angle interfears w/Jericho & Benoit match
8. S.D. March 23, 2000: VS. Benoit
9. RAW March 27, 2000: VS. KANE
10. S.D. March 30, 2000 : VS. The Rock
11. WrestleMania 2000: Angle VS. Jericho VS. Chris Benoit
12. RAW April 3, 2000: VS. Val Venis
13. S.D April 6, 2000: Angle & Hardcore Holly VS. Edge & Christian
14. RAW April 10, 2000: VS. The Godfather
15. S.D. April 13, 2000 Angle & Scottish Big Show VS. Edge & Christian

2 disks
Match List Coming Soon

2 disks
1. RAW July 31, 2000 Angle & Benoit VS. The Dudley Boyz
2. SD Aug. 3 2000 Triple H, Stephanie, Angle VS. The Dudley Boyz & Lita
3. RAW Aug. 7 2000 Triple H vs. Y2J vs. Angle
4. SD aug 10, 2000 Angle & Triple H vs. The Rock &7 The Undertaker
5. RAW Aug 14, 2000 Angle, Triple H & Shane VS. The Rock & The Dudley Boyz
6. SD aug. 17, 2000 Kurt hits Triple H w/ a chair
7. RAW Aug 21, 2000 Angle & Triple H VS. The Acolytes
8. SD Aug. 24 2000 Kurt Angle & Stephanie VS. The Rock & Lita
9. SummerSlam 2000 Triple Threat Match: Kurt Angle VS. Triple H VS. The Rock

2 disks
1. RAW Aug. 28 2000 Angle promo on The Game
2. SD Aug. 31 2000 Angle attacks Chyna/ Latino Heat VS. Angle
3. RAW Sept. 4 2000 Angle VS. Chyna VS. Latino Heat
4. SD Sept 7 2000 Angle VS. The Undertaker
5. RAW Sept 11, 2000 Angle VS. T & A
6. SD Sept 14, 2000 Huge promo w/Angle; Angle & Triple H VS. T & A
7. RAW Sept. 18, 2000 Angle, Triple H, & Stephanie VS. T & A , and Trish
8. SD Sept. 21, 2000 Angle, Kane, and Benoit VS. The Rock, Undertaker & Triple H
9. Unforgiven Austin attacks angle, Kurt Angle VS. Triple H,
10. RAW Sept 25 2000 Huge promo w/ Austin; Trish w/ Kurts medal; Kurt attacks Triple H
11. SD Sept 28, 2000 Promo w/ Kurt/Mic Foley

2 disks
1. SD Sept 28, 2000 Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit VS. Triple H & The Rock 2. RAW Oct. 2, 2000 Rock/Angle Promo;
3. SD Oct 5, 2000 Kurt Angle w/E&C vs. Rikishi & Too Cool
4. Oct. 9, 2000 Kurt Angle & Kane vs. The Rock & Rikishi
5. SD Oct 12, 2000 Angle w/ RTC promo; Angle vs. KANE
6. Oct. 16, 2000 Kurt Angle & E&C vs. The Rock & The Hardy Boyz
7. SD Oct. 19, 2000 4-corners match: Angle vs. Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Chris Benoit
8. Heat Oct. 22, 2000 Kurt Angle Interviews The Rock
9. No Mercy: WWF Title Kurt Angle vs. The Rock(Champ)
10. Oct. 23, 2000 WWF Title: Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. Triple H vs. The Rock
11. SD Oct 26, 2000 WWF Title: Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. Chris Jericho
12. Oct. 30, 2000 Non-Title: Kurt Angle vs. Triple H
13. SD Nov. 3, 2000 WWF Title: Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. The Rock
14. Nov. 6, 2000 Promo: Angle/Austin/Mr. McMahon

2 disks
1. Raw Nov. 6, 2000 Kurt Angle & Rikishi vs. Steve Austin
2. SD Nov. 9 Kurt Angle Promo
3. Heat Nov. 12 Kurt Angle vs. Crash Holly
4. Nov. 13 Kurt Angle vs. Crash; Angle w/ E&C vs. The Undertaker & The Hollys
5. SD Nov 16 Kurt Angle & KANE vs. The Undertaker & Chris Jericho
6. Survivor Series 2000 WWF Title: Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. The Undertaker
7. Nov. 20 Angle gets chokeslammed off the stage from the Undertaker
8. SD Nov. 23 Angle promo
9. Nov. 27 WWF Title: Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. Steve Austin
10. SD Nov. 30 Angle w/ E&C vs. The Rock & The Undertaker
11. Dec. 4 WWF Title: Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. Chris Jericho
12. Dec. 7 WWF Fatal 4-way: Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin
13. Armageddon: Hell In a Cell: WWF Title- Kurt Angle (Champ) vs. Rikishi vs. Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Steve Austin.

2 disks
1. Dec. 11 2000 4T Match- Kurt Angle w/ E&C vs. The Rock w/ The Dudley Boyz
2. SD Dec. 14 Angle Promo, Angle & William Regal vs. Steve Austin & The Rock
3. RAW 12/18/00-Angle Promo, Angle VS. McMahon
4. RAW Dec. 25, 2000- Promo w/ Kurt & Family, Kurt Angle w/ Edge & Christian VS. Chris Jericho & The Dudley Boyz
5. SD. Dec. 28, 2000- WWF Title: Kurt Angle vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
6. RAW Jan. 1, 2001- Kurt Angle VS. The Rock
7. S.D. Jan 4, Non-Title: Kurt Angle VS. The Rock
8. RAW Jan 8, 2001 Promo: Vince/Austin/Kurt; WWF Title: Austin VS. Kurt Angle
9. SD. Jan 11, 2001 Promo w/ Trish Stratus
10. RAW Jan 15, 2001 Promo w/ Triple H; 6-man Tag: Kurt w/ Edge & Christian vs. Steve Austin & The APA.
11. SD Jan.18, 2001 Kurt/Rikishi/KANE vs. The Rock/Undertaker/Steve Austin

By Kliq Video
3 disks
This tape follows his career from 1/18/01-3/22/01 There are lots of additional interviews and promos that aren’t included.
1. Angle, Kane & Rikishi v. Austin, Undertaker & The Rock (HHH is the guest referee. Smackdown 1/18/01 )
2. Angle in Washington DC with the “Smackdown Your Vote” campaign
3. Angle prematch interview (Royal Rumble)
4. Angle v. HHH (With Austin ’s help, Angle retains the WWF Title Royal Rumble 2001)
5. Angle & HHH argue about the previous night’s match (RAW 1/22/01 )
6. Angle & Trish Stratus v. HHH & Stephanie McMahon (some tracking problems with this match RAW 1/22/01 )
7. Angle and Vince promo. Vince makes Angle defend the WWF Title against Kane.(SD 1/25/01 )
8. Angle v. Kane (Rikishi & Haku run in and take out Kane, helping Angle get the win. Smackdown 1/25/01 )
9. Kurt Angle Promo (RAW 1/29/01 )
10. The Rock v. Chris Jericho v. Chris Benoit v. Big Show (Fatal 4 way match with Angle doing guest commentary RAW 1/29/01 )
11. Angle v. HHH v. The Rock (Smackdown 2/1/01 )
12. Vince McMahon orders a tag match between Angle & the Rock v. Austin & HHH (RAW 2/5/01 )
13. Angle & the Rock v. Austin & HHH (RAW 2/5/01 )
14. Rock v. The Big Show (Angle does guest commentary. Smackdown 2/8/01 )
15. Angle v. Essa Rios (Heat 2/11/01 )
16. Angle & Raven v. Essa Rios & The Big Show (RAW 2/12/01 )
17. Kevin Kelly interviews Kurt Angle re: his upcoming title match at No Way Out 2001
18. Angle & Benoit v. Rock & Austin (RAW 2/19/01 )
19. Angle promo – Kurt rips on the Rock and his new music single with Slick Rick – “Pie” (Smackdown 2/22/01 )
20. Angle, Edge & Christian v. Rock, Undertaker & Kane (Smackdown 2/22/01 )
21. Angle v. The Rock (The Rock regains the WWF Title! No Way Out 2001 – Funny moment here, as the referee
Blew the count, and mistakenly stopped at 2 when he was supposed to hit the 3 count. The Rock had to finish Angle
Again so the ref could count to 3.)
22. Angle v. Big Show v. The Rock (For the Hardcore Title. And of course, in true Hardcore fashion, at least a half dozen
additional wrestlers get involved trying to win the title. RAW 2/26/01 )
23. Confrontation: Austin , Angle & The Rock. Vince orders a match between Austin & Angle, and Austin immediately attacks Angle (Smackdown 3/1/01 )
24. Rock v. William Regal (ending, as Angle runs in and attacks the Rock. Smackdown 3/1/01 )
25. Angle v. Austin (Smackdown 3/1/01 )
26. Vince welcomes back Debra to the role of manager and orders her to manage The Rock (who is supposed to be fighting
Austin at Wrestlemania 17).
27. Angle & HHH v. Rock & Austin ( Austin is none too happy that his wife is now managing his Wrestlemania opponent
RAW 3/5/01 )
28. Test challenges Angle to a match (Smackdown 3/8/01 )
29. Angle v. Test (Grandmaster Sexay runs in after the match and attacks Angle for putting the Ankle lock on his partner
Scotty Too Hotty earlier. The Grand Master winds up taking an ankle lock of his own though. Smackdown 3/8/01 )
30. Angle v. The Rock ( Austin runs in and attacks everyone. RAW 3/12/01 )
31. Angle v. Austin (No DQ. The Rock does color commentary, so you just know that he’ll get involved. Smackdown 3/15/01 )
32. Angle & Benoit discuss strategy for their tag match tonight against Rock & Jericho. (RAW 3/19/01 )
33. Angle, Regal & Benoit v. Jericho & The Rock (RAW 3/19/01 )
34. Angle & Benoit discuss some more strategy for their handicap match against the Rock (Smackdown 3/22/01 )

3 disks
By Kliq Video
This tape follows Kurt from 3/22/01-6/14/01
1. Angle & Benoit v. The Rock (Smackdown 3/22/010
2. Angle promo – Angle proclaims himself the best technical wrestler in the WWF. This of course, brings out Chris Benoit.
who challenges Angle to a match at Wrestlemania.
3. Angle, Edge & Christian v. Benoit & The Hardy Boys
4. Angle & Eddy Guerrero v. Benoit & Test
5. Angle v. Chris Benoit (FANTASTIC MATCH! Angle wins, but pays for it in the back as Benoit attacks him during a post
match interview. Wrestlemania 17)
6. Angle v. Chris Jericho v. William Regal
7. Angle & Regal v. Benoit (Benoit is forced to tap when Angle applies the Ankle Lock, while Regal applies the Regal
Stretch! Angle refuses to break the hold, and Chris Jericho runs in to make the save.)
8. Angle v. Kane
9. Angle, Regal, Edge & Christian v. Benoit & Jericho
10. Angle v. Jericho (GREAT MATCH! Regal runs in, but Benoit evens the odds. This leads immediately to…)
11. Chris Benoit v. William Regal (VERY GOOD MATCH. Jericho is in Benoit’s corner, while Angle is in Regal’s corner)
12. William Regal announces that at the Backlash PPV, Angle and Benoit will face each other in an ULTIMATE
SUBMISSIONS match, where the winner after 30 minutes is the man that has the must submissions on his
13. Benoit & Jericho v. The Dudleys (ending, as Angle interferes and costs Benoit & Jericho the match.)
14. Angle brings out several local wrestlers for a submission exhbition. Angle has his way with all 3 wreslters, making them
tap out at will, but fails to see CHRIS BENOIT enter the ring. Benoit immediately slaps on the Crippler Crossface,
making Angle tap like a maniac!
15. Angle & Regal v. Benoit & Jericho (No DQ submission match.)
16. Angle & Regal v. Benoit & Jericho (Dutchess of Queensbury rules match. Don’t worry if you don’t know what
this match is. Regal doesn’t explain the rules until after the match is over! GREAT MATCH!)
17. Angle v. Chris Benoit (30 minute Ultimate Submissions match. FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC MATCH! Easily their
best match up to this point!!! WWF Backlash 2001)
18. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit argue about last night’s match and wind up brawling some more. Benoit gets the
best of Angle, and then STEALS ANGLE’S GOLD MEDALS! (RAW)
19. Angle is in the back searching for Benoit and his Gold Medals. (Smackdown)
20. Angle v. Hardcore Holly (During the match, Benoit comes out and constantly taunts Angle with his medals. Angle is
so preoccupied with Benoit, that Holly manages to sneak in the upset victory!)
21. Angle v. Bradshaw (Benoit appears on the Titan Tron from WWF New York during the match and again taunts
22. Angle with his medals. Angle leaves the ring, steals a car and drives to WWF NY to find Benoit. When he gets there,
23. Benoit is back at the arena with Angle’s medals. And wait until you find out where Benoit put them!)
24. Benoit v. Edge (ending, as Angle interferes and costs Benoit the match.)
25. Commissioner William Regal signs a steel cage match between Angle & Benoit for Angles Gold Medals at Judgment Day.
26. Angle v. Rikishi
27. Angle & Regal v. Benoit & Rikishi
28. Angle v. Benoit (INCREDIBLE 3 FALLS MATCH! 1st Fall – Pinfall only, 2nd Fall – Submission only –
3rd Fall – Ladder Match! Judgment Day 2001)
29. In celebration of his victory at Judgment Day, Kurt Angle decides to re-create the ceremony when he was presented
with his Olympic Gold medals. Lots of American Flags, confetti, and the interference of SHANE MCMAHON! (RAW) 30. Angle v. Kane (Shane runs in and attacks Angle in retaliation for the beating he took in the previous segment.)
31. Angle is in the back ordering everyone he sees to find Shane McMahon. But after ordering around Molly Holly, Spike Dudley
demands a match with Kurt. (Smackdown)
32. Angle confronts Spike and Molly again in the back. This time, Spike doesn’t wait for a match to be assigned, and attacks
Kurt right then and there!(RAW)
33. Angle v. Jericho (Shane attempts to run in, but is stopped by security. Unfortunately, security didn’t stop
SPIKE DUDLEY, who runs in and costs Angle the match. Smackdown)
34. Angle attacks Tajiri in Commissioner Regal’s office.
35. Angle is interviewed in the back of a limo while arriving at WWF NY . (Heat)
36. Angle entertains the audience at WWF NY prior to his match at King of the Ring. (Heat)
37. Angle is interviewed at WWF NY by Tazz and Kevin Kelly. Footage of Angle being inducted into the National
Wrestling Hall of Fame. (Heat)
38. Kurt Angle guest commentates the match between Steve Blackman & Perry Saturn (heat)
39. Angle cuts another promo at WWF NY (Heat)
40. Angle & Regal discuss Shane McMahon and Spike Dudley (Raw)
41. Angle, Hardcore & Crash Holly v. Bubba Ray, Dvon & Spike Dudley (RAW)
42. Angle v. Hardcore Holly (Smackdown)
43. Angle challenges Chris Benoit to a Steel Cage match, and then calls out Shane McMahon. But it’s the UNDERTAKER
that comes out to ask Kurt if he’s been stalking his wife. Angle’s response is HILARIOUS! RAW
45. Angle v. Undertaker

3 disks
By Kliq Video
Angle’s career from 6/14/01 -Mid August 2001. There are LOTS of promos not listed, including lots of FANTASTIC
Stuff with Angle and his new best friends Edge & Christian.
1. Big Show v. Christian (King of the Ring quarter final match. Kurt Angle does guest commentary – RAW)
2. Kurt Angle along with Edge & Christian cuts a great promo. Rhyno gets involved as well. (Smackdown)
3. Edge & Christian v. Rhyno & Angle (After the match, Shane McMahon runs in and attacks Angle with a kendo stick)
4. Angle v. Christian (KOTR 2001 semi-final match – Christian has the match won, but Shane helps Angle get the win.)
5. Angle v. Edge (KOTR Finals – Shane interferes again, but this time, it’s Angle that winds up on the receiving end.)
6. Angle v. Shane McMahon (GREAT, GREAT AND BLOODY STREET FIGHT!! KOTR 2001) The rest of the tape covers the failed Invasion storyline. The Best part about this though, is the pairing up of Austin
and Angle as the funniest “odd couple” since the Rock & Sock Connection. The backstage skits between Austin, Angle
and Vince McMahon are some of the funniest stuff that the WWF has ever produced.
7. Kurt Angle talks with Vince in the back. Austin, who is also there (and is now a heel), isn’t impressed. RAW
8. Austin & Angle go to WWF NY in Times Square to confront Booker T. (RAW)
9. Some great backstage antics between Angle, Austin and McMahon. Angle shakes Vince’s hand. Austin gives Vince a hug.
10. Austin is playing the paranoid heel here and is very wary of Angle being around him and his new best friend Vince. (RAW)
11. Angle, Austin & Vince are looking all over the arena for Booker T. The interactions between Austin and Angle are
PRICELESS! (Smackdown)
12. Angle is in the ring talking to Vince McMahon about Booker T, so you know that Austin can’t be too far behind to remind
13. Angle that he doesn’t want Angle taking up anymore of his and Vince’s time. HILARIOUS STUFF! (RAW)
14. More backstage heat between the uneasy allies, Austin & Angle (RAW)
15. Austin & Angle finally get a hold of Booker T, and beat the hell out of him.
16. Hilarious segment, as Austin gives presents to McMahon and Kurt Angle. Vince’s present is bigger though. (Smackdown)
17. Austin & Angle give the WWF wrestlers a pep talk with regards to the current WCW invasion.(SD)
18. Austin and Angle talk about what they’re going to do to Booker T. But it’s Austin that makes Angle go out there and
do it. Angle immediately runs in on Booker T’s match, and gets the tar beat out of him.(SD)
19. Kurt returns the favor from last week, and buys presents for Austin & McMahon. (RAW)
20. Kurt confronts Booker T in the back and challenges him to a match. (RAW)
21. Vince & Austin give Kurt a pep talk and wind up arguing about Gilligan’s island.(RAW)
22. Angle v. Booker T (RAW)
23. Angle argues with Vince & Austin in the back after the match. (RAW)
24. Austin tries to cheer up Vince with a guitar solo in the back. Angle comes in and Austin accuses Angle of being jealous
of Vince and Austin’s relationship. Angle tries to sing to Vince as well, but runs him out of the room. More arguing by
Wrestling’s funniest odd couple. (RAW)
25. Vince gives Team WWF a pep talk (Smackdown)
26. Angle talks to Undertaker, Kane & Jericho and tries to take on the roll of team leader in Austin ’s absence.. The other 3
guys aren’t impressed. (Smackdown)
27. Angle & Undertaker v. Shane McMahon & DDP (All the WCW/ECW Allicnce wrestlers run in and destroy Taker and
Angle. SD) 28. Kurt tries to convince Vince that he and not Austin is the best choice to lead Team WWF. (RAW)
29. Angle v. Raven (Angle beats 6 kinds of hell out of Raven, and then runs off several Alliance wrestlers that try to make the
save. RAW)
30. Vince, The Acolytes, the Undedrtaker and “CLASSY” FRED BLASSIE give the entire WWF roster a pep talk (RAW)
31. Kane & The Undertaker are attacked by the WCW roster. The WWF wrestlers run in to even the score, and it becomes a
32. HUGE brawl with the WWF wrestlers still taking a beating. That is, until STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN comes in and
singlehandedly beats up the ENTIRE WCW/ECW ROSTER leaving Austin , Jericho , Kane & The Undertaker in the ring
33. Angle & Austin v. Booker T & Rhyno (SD)
34. Angle, Austin , Jericho , Kane & The Undertaker v. DDP, Booker T, Rhyno & The Dudley Boys (INVASION PPV)
35. A newly heel turned Austin is celebrating in the ring with Shane & Stephanie McMahon celebrating the events of the
preious night (I won’t spoil it for you). Angle runs to and brawls with Austin to the delight of the fans. (RAW)
36. The Acolytes celebrate with Kurt Angle, congratulating him on beating up Austin, and giving Angle his first beer!
37. Angle, Edge & Christian v. Booker T & The Dudley Boys (6-man tables match. RAW)
38. The WWF’s newest babyface Kurt Angle confronts Austin and the rest of the Alliance in his home town of Pittsburgh
PA and challenges Steve Austin to a title match. Austin doesn’t seem to eager to accept though. (SD)
39. Angle v. Booker T. (Kurt Angle wins the WCW World Title! SD)
40. Angle v. Booker T (Booker T regains the WCW Title in a no DQ match. RAW)
41. Angle v. Lance Storm ( GOOD MATCH! SD)
42. Angle & Jericho v. The Dudley Boys (RAW)
43. Angle talks to the Rock who has just returned to the WWF. Very funny segment, as Angle shows Rock his
“Secret Weapon”. (RAW)
44. Angle & The Hardy Boys v. Austin & The Dudley Boys (Angle gets stretchered out. SD)
45. Kurt is attacked in the back by Hugh Morrus (Bill Demott) (RAW)
46. Kurt tries to convince Commissioner Regal not to cancel his upcoming match with Steve Austin. Very Funny stuff.
47. Kurt is talking with Matt Hardy and Lita when Gregory Helms comes up and spills Kurt’s milk. BIG MISTAKE! (RAW) 48. Angle v. RVD (RAW)
49. Angle attacks Austin in the ring, but Tazz slaps the Tazzmission on Angle in response. Several other wrestlers run in and
drive off Tazz and Austin. (SD)
50. Angle v. Tazz (SD)
51. Angle v. Austin (Summerslam 2001cut off)

3 disks
By Kliq Video
Angle’s career from August 2001-November 8, 2001
1. Angle v. Austin (GREAT MATCH! Summerslam 2001)
2. One of the greatest skits I’ve ever seen. Remember Austin driving the beer truck to the ring several years ago and
spraying Vince and co. with bud lite? Well, Kurt goes one better and drives A MILK TRUCK to the ring while
3. Austin and the WCW/ECW Alliance is celebrating. What happens next is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! (RAW)
4. Austin v. Kanyon (SD)
5. Angle & Jericho v. RVD & Steve Austin (Actually, it was SUPPOSED to be Austin , but Austin has Tazz fill in
for him. After the match, Austin steals Austins medals! RAW)
6. Angle calls out Austin for taking his medals, but it’s Booker T that comes out instead. After Angle runs them off,
Steve Austin taunts Angle with his medals. Angle looks increasingly like he’s losing it, attacking several people
in the back. (SD)
7. Angle v. Booker T (After the match, Austin appears on the screen and we see one of the first appearances of Austin ’s
“WHAT” lines, as Austin is standing on a bridge AND THROW KURT’S MEDALS OVER THE EDGE! (SD)
Austin taunts Angle from the back of his truck, and doesn’t’ see Angle come up from behind and nail him with
a bat. Angle then drives off in Austin ’s truck with Austin in the back! (RAW)
8. Angle stops the truck on a bridge with Austin blindfolded and chained. What happens next, as Angle threatens to
throw Austin over a bridge (like Austin did to Angle’s medals last week) is some of the best stuff I’ve seen in
YEARS! Does Angle make Austin beg? Does Angle make Austin CRY? Let’s just say that Kurt gets some
revenge, and a guaranteed title shot at the next PPV in his hometown of Pittsburgh PA. (RAW)
9. Austin is in the ring, but is interrupted by Angle who shows footage of Austin begging for his life. Kurt has somr fun here further humiliating Austin . (SD)
10. Austin v. RVD (ending only. Angle’s music plays, and Austin is so distracted, RVD manages to roll him up for
the pin! SD)
11. Angle v. RVD ( Austin gets a measure of revenge on Angle, causing him to be stretchered out of the arena. (SD)
12. Angle gives an candid interview praising the brave men and women who gave their lives in the aftermath of
the 9-11-01 terror attacks.(RAW)
13. Angle v. Rhyno (After the match, Angle leads the crowd in a chant of “ USA USA USA !” RAW)
14. Angle & Jericho v. Austin & RVD (RAW)
15. Austin attacks Angle and has him taken away in an ambulance with a neck brace on. (SD)
16. Angle v. Austin (Angle finally wins the WWF Title from Steve Austin in front of his home town crowd!
GREAT MATCH, and a fantastic scene as Angle’s family comes in the ring and celebrates with Kurt,
17. Angle v. Booker T (RAW)
18. WWF Champ Kurt Angle, and WCW Champ The Rock discuss their upcoming team up tonight. GREAT STUFF
as they talk about Streudel, Pie & great big JUGGS of milk. The Rock even gets Angle to sing!.(SD)
19. Angle & Rock v. The Dudley Boys (The WWF and WCW Champs v. the WWF Tag Team Champions SD)
20. Angle v. RVD (SD)
21. Angle v. Austin ( Austin regains the WWF Title. RAW)
22. Angle & Undertaker v. Booker T & Austin (RAW)
23. Footage of Kurt Angle on a publicity tour hyping his new book.
24. Angle v. RVD (SD)
25. Angle v. RVD v. Austin (No DQ match for the WWF Title (No Mercy)
26. Angle v. Rhyno (GOOD MATCH! Angle wins the US Title RAW)
27. Angle v. Christian (SD)
28. Vince McMahon introduces team WWF for the upcoming 10 man elimination match at the Survivor Series
Shane and Steph interrupt and inform Vince that one of his men will defect to the Alliance . (RAW)
29. Austin asks Angle to join the Alliance (RAW)
30. Angle questions the Rock if he’s the one joining the Alliance . The Rock wasn’t too happy about that (RAW)
31. Angle v. William Regal (RAW)
32. Kurt Angle Promo – SD
33. Shane McMahon v. Vince McMahon (ending, as The Rock is beating up William Regal in the ring, and Austin
comes in to help Regal. After stunning the Rock, Angle and Jericho runs in and Angle NAILS JERICHO
34. Angle explains his actions (SD)
35. Angle v. Kane (Angle makes the Big Red Machine tap! Afterward, Austin and Angle are celebrating in the back
and in addition to a new Stone Cold baseball cap, Austin gives Angle his Olympic Gold Medals back! Austin
tells Kurt that he loves him, but is Austin truly sincere?SD)
36. Angle & Austin berate RVD before his match. Pretty funny as both Austin and Angle pepper RVD with “Whats”
while yelling at him. (SD)
37. Austin v. Undertaker (ending, as Angle runs in to deliver a 2 on 1 attack on Undertaker SD)
38. Angle v. The Undertaker (RAW)
39. Angle, Austin & Shane talk strategy before Angle’s match. In addition to there being speculation as to whether or not an
40. alliance member is going to defect to the WWF, Austin isn’t too happy that Angle isn’t wearing his hat SD
41. Angle v. Undertaker (RAW)
42. Austin suspects Angle of defecting back to the WWF (SD)
43. Angle & Austin v. Undertaker (Well it SHOULD have been Austin and Angle, but Austin tricks Angle into getting
in the ring by himself and after taking an initial beating by the Undertaker, Angle & Austin argue outside. Cut off,
but the next volume will have the match in it’s entirety. SD)

3 disks
By Kliq Video
Angle’s career from November 8, 2001-1/14/02 .
1. Angle & Austin v. Undertaker (Well it SHOULD have been Austin and Angle, but Austin tricks Angle into getting
in the ring by himself and after taking an initial beating by the Undertaker, Angle & Austin argue outside.
After the match, AUSTIN STUNS ANGLE! Is Austin the defector? SD)
2. Angle & Edge argue argue in the ring. (RAW)
3. Angle v. Edge (Edge wins the US Title! RAW)
4. Stephanie berates the Alliance members in the back– RAW)
5. Angle & Austin argue in the back as they’re set to team up with Jericho & The Rock (SD)
6. Angle & Austin v. The Rock & Jericho (The match eventually degenerates with both team WWF and Team Alliance
brawling in the ring. SD)
7. Pre-match promos with the Alliance members making sure that no one will defect to the WWF tonight. Survivor Series)
8. Angle, Austin, RVD, Booker T & Shane McMahon [Team Alliance ] v. The Rock, Big Show, Jericho , Kane &
The Undertaker [Team WWF] (10 Man elimination match with the winner taking total control. The ending is cut off
Unfortunately, before we could find out who the Alliance defector was. It was Kurt. Survivor Series 2001)
9. Kurt Angle and several other WWF Superstars compete on “The Weakest Link”
10. Angle v. The Rock (The Rock wasn’t too happy that Angle [who is still a heel] had deceived everyone by going
undercover against the Alliance . RAW)
11. Angle & Edge argue in the back. (RAW)
12. Angle sulks in the back because no one will thank him for saving the WWF at the Survivor Series. Vince comes
in to cheer up Angle, and is interrupted by the returning RIC FLAIR! Austin comes out and immediately becomes
a babyface again by attacking both Angle & McMahon. RAW)
13. Angle v. The Undertaker (SD)
14. Angle & Jericho v. The Rock & Kane (RAW)
15. Angle and the former Alliance wrestlers beat the hell out of Steve Austin after Austin refuses to join Vince’s “Kiss
My Ass” club. (RAW)
16. With Angle as Vince’s enforcer, and the freshly heel turned Undertaker, Vince forces Jim Ross to join Vince’s
“Kiss My Ass” club! (RAW)
17. Angle v. Edge (VERY GOOD MATCH! SD)
18. Angle & Vince argue with the Rock (RAW)
19. Angle & Vince McMahon v. The Rock & Trish Stratus (If Vince & Angle lose, Vince has to kiss the Rock’s ass! RAW)
20. Angle tries to console Vince, who wound up kissing not the ass of the Rock, but of RIKISHI! (SD)
21. Angle & Jericho v. Austin & The Rock (SD)
22. Angle v. Austin (Vengeance)
23. Angle v. Rikishi (Angle tries to get some revenge for Vince McMahon. RAW)
24. Angle & Regal v. Rikishi & Edge (SD)
25. Angle & Test v. Rikishi & Edge (RAW)
26. Angle v. Edge (SD)
27. Angle v. Rock v. Jericho (3 way match for Jericho ’s Unified World Title. The match is mostly a 2 on 1 match, as
Angle & Jericho double team the Rock the entire time. RAW)
28. Angle & Lance Storm v. The Rock & RVD (SD)
29. Angle & Jericho v. RVD & Edge (SD)
30. Angle argues with HHH, who has just returned to the WWF as a babyface after an injury (RAW)
31. Angle v. Austin (SD)
32. Angle v. Kane (RAW)

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle v. Kane (RAW)
2. Kurt Angle & Booker T v. Steve Austin & HHH (SD)
3. Kurt Angle in the Royal Rumble (until he is eliminated.) Royal Rumble
4. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho v. HHH & The Rock (RAW)
5. Kurt Angle v. The Rock (SD)
6. Kurt Angle v. Steve Austin (RAW)
7. Kurt Angle & Undertaker v. The Rock & HHH (SD)

Disk 2
8. Kurt Angle v. HHH v. Chris Jericho (SD)
9. Kurt Angle v. The Godfather (RAW)
10. Kurt Angle & Undertaker v. Maven & HHH (SD)
11. Kurt Angle v. HHH (No Way Out)
12. Kurt Angle v. HHH (RAW)
13. Kurt Angle v. Kane (SD)
14. Kurt Angle v. Chris Jericho (RAW)

Disk 3
15. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho v. Kane & HHH (SD)
16. Kurt Angle v. HHH (Cage Match, RAW)
17. Kurt Angle & Booker T v. Edge & The Big Show (RAW)
18. Kurt Angle v. RVD (SD)
19. Kurt Angle v. Kane (Wrestlemania 1"TYPE=PICT;ALT="
20. Kurt Angle & Booker T v. Kane & Edge (RAW)
21. Edge v. Booker T (Angle is doing guest commentary at ringside. SD)
22. Kurt Angle v. RVD (RAW)
23. Kurt Angle & Vince McMahon v. Ric Flair & HHH (cut off. SD)

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle & Vince McMahon v. Ric Flair & HHH (complete match. SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. Edge (SD)
3. Kurt Angle v. HHH (SD)
4. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho v. HHH & Hulk Hogan
5. Kurt Angle v. Edge (Backlash 2002)
6. Kurt Angle & Albert v. Edge & Rikishi (SD)

Disk 2 1. Kurt Angle & Lance Storm v. Edge & Val Venis (SD)
2. Kurt Angle & Chris Jerichov. Hulk Hogan & Edge (SD)
3. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho v. Edge & HHH (SD)
4. Kurt Angle v. Edge (Hair v. Hair match. Angle loses the match, but runs off, refusing to honor his end of the
stipulation. Edge chases Angle down in the back, and they wind up brawling all the way back out into the arena
where in true Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake fashion, Edge puts Angle out with a sleeper hold. Edge then puts the
unconscious Angle in a barbers chair and shaves his head! Judgement Day)
5. Angle comes out to the ring wearing a hair piece, held on by some wrestling head gear to cover up the fact that he’s bald.
Maven (who is also bald) interrupts Angle’s speech to make fun of him for getting his head shaved last night. Angle beats
Maven to within an inch of his life before Edge runs in to make the save. (SD)
6. Kurt Angle & Chriseian v. Edge & Maven (Angle is still wearing that ridiculous toupee. SD)
7. Kurt Angle v. Edge (Cage match. Angle escapes the cage, and tries to runa away, but is immediately attacked by
Hulk Hogan, who then throws Angle back in the ring to continue the match. SD)
8. Kurt Angle v. Bob Holly (SD)

Disk 3
1. HHH and Hulk Hogan are celebrating a hard won victory, when they’re attacked by both Kurt Angle and the Undertaker (SD)
2. Kurt Angle & Undertaker v. HHH (HHH loses, but Hulk Hogan runs in after the match to attack Angle. During the melee,
HHH pulls down Angle’s pants, exposing his butt on national TV, and Hogan yanks off Angles wig, finally revealing
Angle to be completely bald! SD)
3. Kurt Angle v. Bob Holly (Angle has gone back to wearing his wig again. (SD)
4. Kurt Angle v. Undertaker (SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Hulk Hogan (Hogan strips Angle of his wig again, but Angle gets the last laugh when he forces Hogan
to tap out to the ankle lock. Angle puts his wig back on before leaving the ring. King of the Ring 2002)
6. Kurt Angle cuts an in-ring promo and finally takes his wig off for good. (SD)
7. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (VERY GOOD MATCH! This is one of Cena’s first matches in the WWF.)
8. Int – Shane McMahon talks about his experience wrestling Kurt Angle in a street fight at the 2001King of the Ring
9. Kurt Angle v. Undertaker (SD)

1. Kurt Angle & John Cena v. Undertaker & Chris Jericho (SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. The Rock
3. Kurt Angle v. Rock v. Undertaker (Vengeance)
4. Kurt Angle v. Mark Henry (SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Hulk Hogan (The greatest wrestler in the history of the WWE takes on the greatest performer in the history
of the WWE. SD)
6. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (SD)
7. Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero v. Edge, Rey Misterio & John Cena (SD)

Disk 2
8. Kurt Angle v. Mark Henry (SD)
9. Kurt Angle v. Billy Kidman (SD)
10. Kurt Angle v. Rey Misterio (FANTASTIC MATCH! Summeslam)
11. Kurt Angle v. Undertaker v. Chris Benoit (3 wat #1 Contender match. SD)
12. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit nearly get into it in the back room. Eddie Guerrero convinces them to calm down and work together.
13. Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero v. Edge, Undertaker & Rikishi (Kurt Angle takes the Stinkface from Rikishi
And Benoit is laughing histerically at his partner. SD)
14. Kurt Angle v. Rey Misterio (GREAT REMATCH! SD)
15. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Billy & Chuck (Benoit and Angle are still not happy to be working together, but form an
uneasy alliance for the match. During the match, Angle seems to have the match won with the Ankle lock on Chuck, when Benoit attacks Angle and slaps Chuck in the Crossface. In the end, Benoit and Angle;s rivalry backfires on them, and Billy and Chuck win the match. Both men brawl with each other afterward. SD)
16. Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit (PHENOMENAL MATCH! Unforgiven)

Disk 2
1. Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit v. Rey Misterio (SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. Edge (Benoit comes out and helps Edge get the win. SD)
3. In order to beef up the Smackdown tag team division, Stephanie McMahon puts Angle and Benoit together as a tag team against
their wishes. She also lets them know that if they wind up fighting each other for any reason, they will be suspended. Neither
man is happy with this development, but vow to wrestle as a team. (SD)
4. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Kidman & John Cena (Tag Team Tournament Quarter Finals. SD)
5. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero (Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals. SD)
6. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Edge & Rey Misterio (Tag Tournament Finals. Despite their differences, Angle & Benoit
win the Tag Team Titles. No Mercy) 7. Angle & Benoit argue over a trophy that Stephanie McMahon presented to them for winning the Tag Titles, and in the
accidentally hit Stephanie, knocking her silly! Steph slaps both Benoit and Angle and order the two tag championsto wrestle
each other with the winner getting to keep the trophy. (SD)
8. Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit (Eddie & Chavo Guerrero interfere and Benoit wins the match. Angle destroys the trophy. SD)
9. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero (Angle and Benoit win a 20 minute match to retain the WWE
Tag Titles, but are still no closer to getting along with each other than before. Rebellion 2002)
2. Chris Benoit v. Edge (ending, as Kurt Angle distracted Benoit, leading to Edge scoring the win. Angle gets in a few
well placed taunts at Benoit’s expense afterward. SD)
3. Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero (Not to be outdone, Benoit comes out and helps Eddie pin Angle! Eddie attempts to
thank Benoit for his help and Benoit blasts him with one of the Tag Belts. Benoit nails Chavo too for good measure. SD)
4. Kurt Angle interrupts a Halloween party, in search of Chris Benoit. Benoit finds him first, and the destroy the room brawling
with each other.
5. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Edge & Rey Misterio (Benoit & Angle’s constant feuding finally costs them the Tag
Team Titles, as Edge & Rey win the belts. SD)
6. Chris Benoit v. Kurt Angle (Rey Misterio, Edge and the Guerreros are all at ringside for the match. Eventually,
everyone gets involved, and Angle and Benoit run both of the other teams out of the ring before realizing
despite their dislike for each other, they are unbeatable as a team. They then shake hands in the ring and
apparently make up.SD)
7. WWE Confidential story on Kurt Angle
8. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Los Guerreros v. Edge & Rey Misterio (elimination match. Unfortunately, it cuts off
after Benoit is eliminated. The rest of the match isn’t shown. Survivor Series 2002)

Disk 2
1. Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero (Chavo repeatedly interferes in the match, and Benoit [who thought Angle hit him last
night at the Survivor Series, leading to his getting pinned by Edge] doesn’t lend a finger to help his partner out. SD)
2. WWE Confidential – Another story on Kurt Angle
3. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Los Guerreros (SD)
4. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Eddie Guerrero & Edge (SD)
5. Kurt Angle & Edge v. A Train and Big Show (bad video quality SD)
6. Kurt Angle v. Big Show (Kurt Angle wins his third WWE Title. bad quality Armageddon) By the time I release this disk
this match will be replaced with one in better quality

Disk 3
1. Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit (Big Show runs in to attack Benoit and Brock Lesnar runs in to make the save and
attack Kurt Angle as the show goes off the air. SD)
2. Footage is shown of Lesnar continung to beat on Kurt Angle after Smackdown went off the air. Lesnar injures Angle’s
leg when he F5s him into the ring post.
3. Angle and Paul Heyman come down to ringside, and Heyman introduces Angle to Charlie Haas and
Shelton Benjamin and dubs them “TEAM ANGLE!”. Angle is currently on crutches, but is still holding the WWE
Title. (SD)
4. Team Angle v. Chris Benoit & Edge (SD)
5. Charlie Haas v. Edge (Haas wins the match, and afterward Team Angle beats the hell out of Chris Benoit. SD)

Disk 1
1. Team Angle [Haas, Benjamin & Kurt Angle] v. Chris Benoit & Edge (SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble)
3. Kurt Angle v. Rey Misterio (Angle injures Misterio’s neck during what Misterio was respecting to be a release
German Suplex, but Angle held onto him, causing Rey to his head on the mat in a awkward position. SD)
4. Team Angle v. Chris Benoit & Edge (SD)
5. Team Angle v. Los Guerreros (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin win the Tag Titles. SD)
6. Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit (WWE Champion Kurt Angle beat Benoit cleanly in a non-title match. Benoit is a bloody
mess. Angle & Benoit shake hands and Angle congratulates Benoit after ward. But only for the purpose of suckering
Benoit into a vicious 3 on 1 attack by Angle, Haas & Benjamin. Edge & Brock Lesnar run in to make the save.SD)

Disk 2
1. Kurt Angle tells Brock Lesnar that he won’t get a match with him until Lesnar goes through both Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in a gauntlet match. (SD)
2. Brock Lesnar v. Charlie Haas (Lesnar puts Haas away in the first leg of his gauntlet to reach Kurt Angle.SD)
3. Brock Lesnar v. Shelton Benjamin (Lesnar beats Benjamin and gets Angle in the ring, leading to…)
4. Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar (short match, as Lesnar attacks his former manager Paul Heyman, but is then triple teamed
by Team Angle. Edge & Chris Benoit run in to make the save. SD)
5. Team Angle v. Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit & Edge (No Way Out)
6. Kurt Angle v. Brian Kendrick (5 minute challenge. In order for Kendrick to get a job with the WWE, Kendrick must last
5 minutes in the ring with Angle. Kendrick loses with 2 seconds left. SD)
7. Team Angle v. Brock Lesnar (If Lesnar wins, he gets Paul Heyman in a steel cage match. SD)
8. Paul Heyman v. Brock Lesnar ( Steel Cage. It winds up being Lesnar against Kurt Angle Shelton Benjamin & Charlie
Haas, as they work over Lesnar until he’s sufficiently weakened enough for Heyman to some in the ring.
It doesn’t help Heyman any, as Lesnar eventually destroys everyone and pins Heyman, securing himself a
WWE Title Shot next week! SD)
9. Brock Lesnar v. Kurt Angle (Brock attacks Angle right away and F5s him in under a minute, but stops short of pinning
him because…..Well, let’s just say that Angle wasn’t who we all thought he was. I won’t spoil it for you, but it was a
FANTASTIC storyline that nobody was expecting. SD 3/24/03)
10. Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar (Wresltemania 19. Match cuts off just before the finish. The match is shown in it’s entirety on disk 3.)

Disk 3
1. Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar (GREAT MATCH! The only low point was Lesnar nearly killing himself in what should
have been the highlight of the match when he blew a Shooting Star Press. Angle was too far away, and in
the process of trying to reach him nearly 3 quarters of the way across the ring, Lesnar fell short of Angle, hitting his head
on the mat and jamming his neck in the process in a SICK spot that was painful to watch. Lesnar stuck it out though
and recovered with an F5 to pin Angle and regain the WWE title! Both Angle and a very dazed Lesnar hug and
congratulate each other in the ring afterward. Angle would take some time off to heal his nagging neck and back
injuries. Wresltemania 19 – March 30, 2003)
2. WWE confidential story on Kurt Angle
3. Kurt Angle returns to Smackdown after Neck surgery and 2 months of rehab to a hero’s welcome (SD 6/5/03) 4. Kurt Angle FIRES TEAM ANGLE! Needless to say, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin aren’t too happy and attack him.
5. Kurt Angle v. Charlie Haas (Shelton Benjamin isn’t far behind, and when he interferes, Brock Lesnar runs in to help Kurt. SD)
6. Brock Lesnar v. Big Show (The team formerly known as Team Angle runs in to attack Lesnar. Kurt Angle runs in and
makes the save, wiping out Haas & Benjamin in the process. Big Show manages to choke slam Angle, causing Mr.
America to run in and attack the Big Show. SD)
7. Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar & Mr. America v. Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin & Big Show (SD)
8. Kurt Angle v. Big Show, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (SD)
9. Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar & Zach Gowan v. Big Show, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (Angle & Lesnar get into an
argument, and begin fighting each other! SD)

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar v. Big Show (Angle regains the WWE Title in a triple threat match. Vengeance)
2. Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar v. Big Show and A Train (SD)
3. Brock Lesnar v. Vince McMahon (Steel Cage. Kurt Angle is the referee. Lesnar turns on Angle and with Vince’s blessing,
destroys Angle. SD)
4. Kurt Angle v. Big Show (SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar (Summerslam)

Disk 2
1. Brock Lesnar v. Big Show v. Undertaker (Kurt Angle is at ringside doing guest commentary. SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. Undertaker (SD)
3. Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar (Brock Lesnar wins the WWE Title in a 1 hour Iron Man Match! SD)

Disk 3
1. Kurt Angle & Undertaker v. Brock Lesnar & John Cena (SD)
2. WWE Confidential story on Kurt Angle and his trip to Finland with the WWE.
3. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (No Mercy)
4. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. A Train & John Cena (SD)
5. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit v. Nathan Jones, A Train & Matt Morgan (SD)
6. Kurt Angle v. Nathan Jones (SD)
7. Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly, Bradshaw & John Cena v. Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Nathan Jones, A Train & Matt Morgan (Survivor Series. Match cuts off after Angle is elimninated.)

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero v. Chavo Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero “Classic” (Chavo Sr.)
2. Kurt Angle in the Royal Rumble (Until Kurt is eliminated. Royal Rumble 2004)
3. Kurt Angle in the Smackdown Royal Rumble (SD)

Disk 2
1. Kurt Angle v. Hardcore Holly (SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. John Cena v. The Big Show (No Way Out)
3. Kurt Angle & John Cena v. The Basham Brothers (SD)
4. Eddie Guerrero v. Chavo Guerrero (Kurt Angle is the referee. After the match, Angle turns heel, brutally attacking
Eddie. SD)
5. Eddie Guerrero has just finished beating Paul Heyman with both hands tied behind his back, when Kurt Angle shows up.
Eddie’s hands are still tied. Needless to say, Eddie is in trouble. SD
6. WWE Confidential piece on Kurt Angle.

Disk 3
1. WWE Confidential piece on Kurt Angle continued. Lots of footage is shown of the aftermath of Angle v. Brock Lesnar
at Wrestlemania 19. Good backstage footage and interviews of both men getting checked out by the medics. Angle would need
neck surgery and be out of action for 2 months.
2. Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero (FANTASTIC MATCH! Great finish, as Eddie lies, cheats and steals his way to a successful
WWE Title defense at Wrestlemania 20. For Eddie, winning the Belt at No Way Out and defending it at Wrestlemania
was the culmination of a career long dream. It was only made better by his best friend Chris Benoit winning the World
Title from HHH later on in the card.)

This disk covers Kurt Angle as he becomes the new General Manager of Smackdown and sets his sights on both US Champ
John Cena and WWE Champ Eddie Guerrero. I’ve only listed the highlights. There are a lot more interviews and segments
on here that weren’t listed.
Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle is introduced as the new General Manager for Smackdown.(SD)
2. Kurt Angle announces the Kurt Angle “Great American” Award. Angle immediately singles out WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero as not being worthy of the award and indicates that the winner of the Great American Tournament will become the
#1 Contender for Guerrero’s WWE Title.
3. The Great American Award match between Charlie Haas & RVD ends in a draw, and Smackdown GM Kurt Angle declares
Haas the winner of the match on points! SD
4. WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero and JBL argue about Angle’s Great American Award. Eddie gets the last laugh. SD
5. Charlie Haas, Big Show, RVD and Eddie Guerrero talk with Angle in the back. SD
6. Angle introduces John Cena, Charlie Haas, Booker T, Big Show and JBL as the 5 finalists in the Great American Award
tournament. Angle chooses JBL as the winner of the award, but when Angle unveils what he thought was the trophy, he
finds that Eddie Guerrero has stolen it! Guerrero shows up in a low rider with the trophy on the hood. And then to the
crowd’s delight, DETROYS IT! SD
7. Big Show is upset that he didn’t win the Great American award and choked slams Angle off of a scaffold. SD
8. Angle appears with his leg in a cast, accompanied by his new body guard, Luther Reigns. SD
9. Eddie Guerrero v. The Dudley Boys (Angle specifically ordered this match and is at ringside doing commentary.
RVD runs in to help Eddie. SD)

Disk 2
Kurt Angle’s reign as Smackdown GM continues as he continues to make life hell for Eddie Guerrero and John Cena.
Again, there’s a lot more segments here than what’s listed.
1. John Cena v. Renee Dupree (Lumberjack Match. GM Kurt Angle, who ordered the match is also at ringside. Cena
still manages to successfully defend the US Title.)
2. John Cena v. Booker T, RVD & Renee Dupree (ending of a 5 minute time limit match, with the man who beats Cena getting a title shot at the Great American Bash. Cena lasts the entire 5 minutes for the draw, and Kurt Angle orders that Cena
defend the US Title in a 4-way match against the other 3 men. SD)
3. Luther Reigns v. Eddie Guerrero (SD)
4. Luther Reigns v. Charlie Haas (SD)
5. Eddie Guerrero v. JBL (Bullrope Match. Ending only, as Kurt Angle rules that JBL has won the match and therefore the
WWE Title. Great American Bash)
6. As punishment for his officiating at the Great American Bash, Kurt Angle orders referee Charles Robinson to wrestle Luther Reigns. SD
7. John Cena v. Booker T. (Angle is still in a wheelchair, attacks Cena and when Cena defends himself, Angle strips him of
the US Title! SD) 8. Eddie Guerrero v. JBL(Steel Cage match. Ending only, as a masked Luchador interferes and in the match and allows JBL
to escape the cage and retain the WWE Title. Eddie unmasks the Luchador though to reveal him to be KURT ANGLE HIMSELF! Angle is no longer injured, and has once again screwed Eddie Guerrero. SD

Disk 3
1. Vince McMahon has had enough of Angle’s tyrannical reign as Smackdown GM and fires him! Vince orders Angle back
on the Smackdown roster as a wrestler. And orders that Angle wrestle Guerrero at Summerslam. Guerrero comes out in
a low rider and drives off with Vince. (cut off. SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. Charlie Haas (SD)
3. Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero (Summerslam)
4. Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns v. Eddie Guerrero & Rey Misterio (SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Rey Misterio (SD)
6. Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero (SD)
7. Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero (Lumberjack match. SD)

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (No Way Out)
2. Shawn Michaels runs in to attack Kurt Angle during an Angle promo. (SD)
3. Kurt Angle v. Mike Haywood (Ladder match for Angle’s medals. Angle of course wrestles a complete unknown, but does
it as a way of taking a shot at Shawn Michaels who excelled at Ladder matches in years past. Angle and Michaels are
set to meet at Wrestlemania 21)
4. Kurt Angle v. Marty Jannetty (Fresh off of a Rockers reunion last week on RAW, Jannetty comes out to get some revenge
for his buddy Shawn Michaels. SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels (FANTASTIC MATCH! Wrestlemania 21. This one stole the entire show!)

Disk 2
1. Kurt Angle v. Eddie Guerrero (SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. JBL v. Big Show v. Booker T. (SD)
3. Kurt Angle yells at Booker T’s wife Sharmell after a match and challenges her husband to a match at Judgment day. (SD)
4. Kurt Angle v. jobber (Kurt Angle invitational match. Angle completely demolishes the kid. After the match Booker
T comes out and accepts Angles challenge. He then insults his wife, which of course results in a big brawl between
Angle and Booker T. Angle takes care of Booker and then goes after Sharmell! SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Booker T (Judgment Day – cut off)
Disk 3
6. Kurt Angle v. Booker T (complete match. Judgment Day – after the match, Angle attacks Sharmell and attempts to
handcuff her to the ropes, but Booker T cuffs Angle instead!)
7. Kurt Angle v. jobber (Kurt Angle invitational match. Before the match, Angle has some harsh words for Tazz and ECW.
8. “Winners Choice” Battle Royal (SD)
9. Kurt Angle v. Booker T. & Sharmell (During the match, Angle assauts Sharmell again. This time he kisses her, and then
goes for the ankle lock! Booker T makes the save, but Angle still wins when he pins Sharmell.)
10. Kurt Angle v. Booker T. (After the match, Angle attacks Tazz at the announcer’s table. SD)
11. Huge brawl, as the ECW wrestlers run in and attack the Smackdown stars. ECW is in a bit of trouble, until Tazz runs in, turning
the tide in favor of ECW. Kurt Angle comes down to ringside, but refuses to get in the ring with Tazz and the ECW stars. (SD)
12. Kurt Angle in the WWE section at ECW One Night Stand. Joel Gertner goes to talk to Angle and JBL and is quite thoroughly
kicked out of the area by JBL. (ECW One Night Stand)
13. JBL cuts a great promo on the ECW wrestlers and their fans. But it’s topped by RVD who comes out and cuts the best promo
of the night. (ECW One Night Stand)
14. Huge ECW v. WWE brawl at the end of the One Night Stand PPV. Tazz finally gets a hold of Kurt Angle and chokes him out!
In the background, you can see JBL give the Blue Meanie a legit ass kicking that the Meanie will never forget!

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle & Batista v. Shawn Michaels & HHH (RAW)
2. Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels (Vengeance)
3. Kurt Angle v. Ric Flair (RAW)
4. Kurt Angle and Carlito attacks Hulk Hogan on the set of Carlito’s Cabana. Shawn Michaels makes the save. (RAW)
5. Kurt Angle & Carlito v. Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan
6. Kurt Angle v. Matt Striker (Kurt Angle invitational match. Striker had wrestled Angle more than once, and Striker nearly
survives the 3 minute challenge, but taps with only 1 second remaining. RAW)
7. Kurt Angle v. Matt Striker (Striker comes back for another shot at the Kurt Angle invitational challenge. RAW)

Disk 2
1. John Cena v. Snitsky (Lumberjack Match. Once again stacked against Cena, as all of the Lumberjacks are heels. - RAW) 2. Kurt Angle v. Eugene (Kurt Angle invitational match. Eugene lasts the 3 minute time limit and WINS KURT ANGLE’S
3. Eugene v. Tatanka (Yes, you read that right. He’s showing a bit more flab around the middle, but this is indeed the same
Tatanka who wrestled in the WWE 10 years ago. This is a EUGENE invitational match, with Eugene putting Kurt
Angle’s medals up in a 3 minute challenge. Kurt Angle is at ringside for the match, and finally loses it and runs in when
Eugene finishes off Tatanka with an Angle Slam and the Ankle lock. Eugene and Tatanka run Angle off. RAW)
4. Kurt Angle v. Eugene (Eugene Invitational. Angle accidentally hits the referee and is immediately disqualified! Eugene
still gets to keep Angle’s medals! Angle attacks Eugene, but none other than Hulk Hogan comes out and makes the
save. RAW)
5. Kurt Angle v. Hulk Hogan (Hogan is ready to put Angle away, but is attacked by Shawn Michaels. RAW)
6. Kurt Angle v. Eugene (Angle regains his Gold Medals from Eugene in good match. Summerslam 2004.)
7. Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin (RAW)
8. Kurt Angle beats the living hell out of WWE Champion, John Cena
9. Kurt Angle v. Eugene (Angle continues the punishment on Eugene after the match, but John Cena runs in to break it
up. Tomko runs in to attack Cena. RAW)
10. Kurt Angle & Tomko v. John Cena (RAW)

Disk 3
1. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (Unforgiven)
2. due to the controversial finish of the Unforgiven match, but really because he hates Cena’s guts, RAW GM Eric Bischoff strips
Cena of the title AWARDS THE WWE TITLE TO KURT ANGLE! That is, until Mr. McMahon interrupts the ceremony and
has his say. Unfortunately for Angle, Cena gets to keep the WWE Title. (RAW)
3. Kurt Angle, Edge, Snitsky &Chris Masters v. Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Matt Hardy & John Cena (RAW)
4. Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels (30 minute Iron Man Match. RAW)
5. John Cena v. Eric Bischoff (Angle is at ringside, but Cena still easily defeats him to retain the WWE Title. Angle runs in
afterward and attacks Cena. Smackdown GM Teddy Long then sends the entire Smackdown lockerroom into the ring to
attack both Cena, Angle AND Bischoff. The entire RAW lockerrom then runs in for a massive brawl. RAW)
6. Kurt Angle, Carlito & Edge v. Shawn Michaels, Big Show & John Cena (RAW)

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle, Edge & Carlito v. Shawn Michaels, Big Show & John Cena (RAW)
2. Kurt Angle v. Hurricane (RAW)
3. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (Mick Foley is the guest referee. He’s soon replaced by Eric Bischoff though.. RAW)
4. Kurt Angle v. Tajiri (RAW)
5. John Cena v. Shawn Michaels (Angle runs in and attacks both men. RAW)
6. Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels v. John Cena (3 way match for the WWE Title. Taboo Tuesday)
7. Kurt Angle & Chris Masters v. Shawn Michaels & John Cena (Daivari is the referee. RAW)
8. Very Tearful tribute to Eddie Guerrero, who had passed away just a day earlier. (RAW. )
9. Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin (RAW)
10. Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin (Daivari is once again the referee for Angle’s match. RAW

Disk 2
1. Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin (Daivari is once again the referee for Angle’s match and blatantly interferes
on behalf of Angle, helping him win the match.. Meanwhile, the words “You Suck” is bleeped out every time
the fans chant it during Angles music. Very annoying. RAW)
2. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (Daivari is again, Angle’s hand picked referee. Cena quickly has enough of Daivari’s mess and
slaps the piss out of him. Daivari is about to DQ Cena, but Angle stops him [as a DQ would mean that Angle couldn’t
win the WWE title]. In the end, Daivari and at least 3 other RAW referees get wiped out before a Smackdown referee
makes it to the ring to finish the match. Survivor Series)
3. John Cena v. Chris Masters (Angle interferes, but Cena still manages to get the win, making Masters tap out to the STF
in the process, further enraging Angle. RAW)
4. Kurt Angle & Carlito v. Shawn Michaels & Shelton Benjamin (Daivari is now accompanying Angle to the ring as a
manager. RAW. )
5. Daivari v. John Cena (Cena is blindfolded for this match. RAW)
6. Kurt Angle v. Daivari (In a match where he Angle will wrestle a randomly picked opponent in a 5 minute challenge, he
winds up facing his manager Daivari! Daivari attempts to lie down for Angle, but the referee refuses to make the count.
Angle then chases the referee and winds up losing by countout! Cena runs in and brawls with Angle afterward. RAW)
7. Kurt Angle v. John Cena (RAW)
8. Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels v. Carliuto v. Kane v. Chris Masters v. John Cena (Elimination Chamber match.. Match
cuts off after Angle is eliminated. New Years Revolution.)
9. Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels v. Chris Masters & Carlito (RAW) 10. Smackdown Battle Royal with the winner becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. In a surprise move, Daivari
brings KURT ANGLE to Smackdown for the match! Angle is a man on a mission and doesn’t seem to care whether or not
he’s attacking heels or babyfaces. The end sees Angle eliminate the much hated Mark Henry to win the World Title to the
cheers of the Smackdown crowd!
11. Kurt Angle v. Shawn Michaels (Non-title match. And it’s a good thing too, as due to Daivari’s interference, Michaels
pins Angle! An irate Angle beats the hell out of Daivari and leaves RAW as a babyface. RAW)
12. Angle confronts Mark Henry and lets him know that from now on (or at least as long as Angles a babyface), when the crowd
chant “YOU SUCK” during his music, they’re referring to his opponent. Amazingly enough, it works, as the crowd now chants
“You Suck” at all of Angle’s opponents now. SD
13. Kurt Angle v. Daivari (Mark Henry brutally attacks Angle after the match, and leaves with Daivari as his new manager. SD)

Disk 3
1. Listings to come.

Disk 1
1. Kurt Angle v. M&M (SD)
2. Kurt Angle v. Mark Henry (The Undertaker comes out afterward and DESTROYS THE RING! Royal Rumble)
3. Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio v. Randy Orton & Mark Henry (SD)
4. Kurt Anle & Undertaker v. M&M & Mark Henry (SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Undertaker (No Way Out)

Disk 2
1. Kurt Angle v. Undertaker (SD)
2. Kurt Angle, Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio v. M&M and Mark Henry (SD)
3. Kurt Angle, Rey Misterio & Randy Orton v. HHH & John Cena (Saturday Night’s Main Event)
4. Kurt Angle v. Mark Henry (SD)
5. Kurt Angle v. Rey Misterio (SD)

Disk 3
1. Kurt Angle v. Randy Orton v. Rey Misterio (Misterio wins the World Title in honor of his deceased friend Eddie Guerrero.
Wrestlemania 22)
2. Kurt Angle v. Randy Orton (SD)
3. Kurt Angle v. Mark Henry (Judgment Day)
4. Kurt Angle v. Rey Misterio (SD) 5. Kurt Angle is drafted to ECW
6. RAW/Smackdown/ECW battle royal (RAW)
7. Kurt Angle v. Randy Orton (ECW One Night Stand)

Vol. 27 is only one disk and covers Angles final matches with the WWE.
1. Kurt Angle & RVD v. Edge & Randy Orton (ECW)
2. Kurt Angle v. Randy Orton (Vengeance)
3. Kurt Angle v. RVD (ECW)
4. Kurt Angle v. The Brooklyn Brawler (No, I’m not kidding! Steve “Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi! ECW)
5. Kurt Angle v. Sabu (ECW. This would turn out to be Angle’s final televised WWE/ECW match. Following an attack by the Big Show, Angle would be released from his WWE contract and be allowed to leave the
company for personal reasons. Angle would in fact soon show up in TNA.)
6. Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler talk about Kurt Angle’s recent release from the WWE on RAW.
7. Tazz & Joey Styles talk about Kurt Angle’s release from the WWE on ECW TV