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The Wrestling Fun Home Page

The Wrestling Fun Home Page

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This is a subset of book I have produced called Wrestling Fun, concerning mixed wrestling for erotic enjoyment. It is a compendium of a newsletter I produced over the space of about a year, five years ago. In order to comply with GeoCities' non-commercial requirements, I have deleted all reviews and commercial advertisements, which has reduced the contents by about a third.

There is a contacts list, which again has been reduced to remove all commercial advertisements. It consists of a few women seeking men, and many men seeking women! It was my original intention to try and match men and women who got erotic enjoyment from the sport of wrestling, but regretfully I eventually discovered that although many men seek women who will wrestle them there are very few women who get enjoyment from this activity.

I have yet to discover an academic reason why evolution has produced this asymmetrical result.

Much of the book concerns female vs female wrestling, as there is much of this material about, although there are some articles on mixed wrestling. There is also advice on relationships and many related topics.

There is a letters page - if you wish to add to it, then please email and make it clear that your letter is for web publication.

If you wish to add to the contacts list, then you may do so provided that you give an email address instead of a box number. I cannot issue snail box numbers to people who have joined free!

If you wish to reply to one of the box numbers, then you can send me your reply by email, make it clear who it is for, and I will snail mail it. Please be sensible - do not send hundreds of frivolous letters and bear in mind where people live. I may end this service without warning if it is costing me too much, and reserve the right to refuse any particular letter if I feel it is unlikely to get a reply.

This web site is for men and women - so if you are under age, please do not enter.

I am over 18, please let me in.

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