With two weeks left until their SummerSlam match, the legendary Hulk Hogan and 'The Icon' Shawn Michaels went face to face in a confrontation at the end of Monday's WWE RAW.

Michaels declared that none of The Hulkster's personality or showmanship will matter SummerSlam, while Hogan called HBK the king of cheap shots and backstabbing and even evoking memories of the infamous Montreal Incident by saying, "As far as casting stones, all I'd have to do is call up Bret Hart!"

Michaels ended the show by KO'ing moderator Jerry Lawler with Sweet Chin Music, and Hogan hit the big boot and put Michaels over the top rope.

Meanwhile, hometown Hero Kurt Angle will get a match against Eugene at SummerSlam.

After Eugene won this week's Invitational by disqualification over Angle, Angle got Bischoff to make the pay-per-view match.

Meanwhile, Y2J's guest on the Highlight Reel was Eric Bischoff, who wanted to make an example out of referee Chad Patton. He made a match between Y2J and Patton with Bischoff himself serving as referee.

During the bout, he allowed Jericho to repeatedly choke Patton and Carlito the deliver cheap shots from ringside. Y2J finally applied the Walls of Jericho and Patton promptly tapped, but Bischoff refused to end the match. WWE Champion John Cena couldn't take any more, rushing to Patton's aid.

Also, Edge took issue with security guards being posted at his and Lita's door, declaring that he shouldn't have to be sequestered from a regular RAW locker room just because Matt Hardy is re-hired.

He made that clear by assaulting Hardy right after his RAW match. Hardy dropped Gene Snitsky with a modified Diamond Cutter, but he was then immediately attacked by Edge. Security separated the two.

Finally, Chris Masters' impressive RAW record got even better on Monday, as he beat Shelton Benjamin with the devastating Master Lock.
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